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THE DECLARATION OF HUMAN RESPONSIBILITIES FOR PEACE AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT as presented to the United Nations by President Oscar Arias of Costa Rica.

PREAMBLE Considering that the report of the world commission on environment and development and the United Nations environmental perspective of the year 2000 and beyond have recognized the immanent peril posed to the existence of the earth by war and environmental destruction; recognizing that the human world is rapidly moving from a loose aggregate of separate communities towards interdependence and the beginnings of a world community which demonstrates global concerns, common goals and shared ideals; Remembering that, according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, freedom, justice and peace in the world are based on the recognition of the intrinsic dignity and the equal and inalienable rights of the human family; Considering the aspirations of all the members of the human family to achieve their full potentials through the cultural, social, political and economic development of individuals and communities, recognized in the Declaration on the Right to Development to be an inherent human right; Bearing in mind that the International community has proclaimed that the peoples of the Earth have a sacred right to peace, which national and international organizations have been called upon to promote;

Article 1 Everything that exists is part of an unfolding interdependent universe. All beings belonging to to the universe have a common origin and are pursuing concurrent evolutionary paths. Therefore the evolution and development of all humanity, and each human being is an integral part of the evolution of the universe. Article 2 All human beings belong inseparably to nature, in which human culture and civilization are rooted.

Article 3 Life on earth is abundant and diverse, it is sustained by the uninterrupted functioning of natural systems which ensure the supply of energy, air, water and nutrients for all living beings. All living beings depend upon one another and the rest of nature for their existence, well-being and development. Every expression of life on Earth is unique and inherently warrants respect and care regardless of its apparent value to human beings. Article 4 All human beings belong inseparably to the human family and depend upon one another for existence, well-being and development. Each human being is a unique expression and manifestation of life and has a unique contribution to make to the development of life on Earth, irrespective of differences in race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property or other status, each individual member of the human family is the beneficiary of equal and inalienable human rights.

Article 7 Humans have the unique ability of conscious choice either to further or to harm the quality and conditions of life on Earth. By reflecting on their membership in the natural world and their special status as co-creators of the unfolding natural processes, human beings can develop an altruistic sense of universal responsibility to the world as a whole for the protection of nature, the promotion of life's higher evolutionary potential, and the creation of those conditions which will enable all human beings to achieve happiness and develop their unique potential.

from Tony Gwilliam of Ojai