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What Wholeness means to me?
How can it be best imparted to others?

Being and Feeling
Part of Life and Nature

in a Panorama for helping to find and share
Orientation and Understanding

by Heiner Benking


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Academic background: engineer, planner, studies ranging from geophysics to philosophy focus in engineering exams 1973 focus: modeling, geoecology and geomorphology, raster and matrices operations, computer graphics programming, later marketing and sales worldwide in all application areas mid-life education: organisation, law, marketing and business

Professional epochs:


1969-76 technician and engineer

1977-81 facilities- town-, and state planning coordinator and expert for ministry in Saudi Arabia


1980-81 applications consultant, marketing and sales management Europe for mother/father of interactive CG (Auto-trol founded 1964)

1972- work for mother/father of color raster CG (UNIRAS founded 1979) 1986- 87 focus on environmental edp, scientific visualization, market development


1981-93 pdv-Mamagement Consulting and EXPER CONSULT,

1989-92 Market & Technology Trends, Automation market research & Newsletters International Organizations, e.g. UNEP Harmonization Project

1993- Applied Knowledge Processing (FAW, Ulm) and International Projects

1995- Communication Coordinator and Editor, The Club of Budapest,

1995- Terminology Research, Infoterm, co-founder, multi-lingual applications

Computer Graphics

1985 WCGA-CAMP main theme and keynote: World Computer Graphic Association, Computer Applications for Management and Productivity - Computer Graphics for Management, Sales, Marketing, and Market Research

1986-87 IBM SEARS Oldest IBM User Conference Papers on Graphics; Lectures in IBM ESRI Executive Briefing Center Brussels on Scientific Computer Graphics; IBM UNIVERSITY AND RESEARCH Congress, Lectures and Exhibitions

Environmental Research and Management

1988 Moeglichkeiten und Grenzen der Datenpraesentation im Umweltbereich, Informatik Fachberichte 170, GI - Deutsche Gesellschaft f ue r Informatik, Symposium, Karlsruhe, Springer Verlag

1989 Large Scale Biomonitoring for Renaturation, 1. Intern. Geoecological & Geomorphological Conf., Frankfurt

1989 Umweltschutz mit Adlerblick, Die fliegende Lupe, Bild der Wissenschaft, No.6, dva, for Braun/Vieser.

1990/91 Information about Environmental Information: Discussion Paper and Proposals for the first UNEP-HEM International Expert Group meeting in combination with the feasibility studies and various proposals.

1991 Geo-/Object-Coding for Local Change Assessment, Planning, Execution, Accounting, and Research Demand Repeatability and Validity of Geotope/Biotope Information, GLOBAL CHANGE 89 Moscow Conference Volume, GeoJournal 20.2, 167-173, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht/Boston/London

1990 GLOBAL CHANGE exhibition, contributions for AGF in German Chancellery, Bonn

1991 Harmonization of Environmental Measurement, GeoJournal 23.3 249-255, Kluwer

1991 LOCAL AND GLOBAL CHANGE exhibition Research and Co-ordination Tasks of International Organizations, geotechnica, Cologne

1990-92 Image poster for and about past present, futures and potentials of the Alfred-Wegener-Foundation - AWS an association of geo-scientific and resource, production and energy related unions, exhibitions & projects like the preparation of the geotechnica - the Marketplace of the Earth in cooperation with the President of the AWS, Prof. F. Strauch, Bonn-Muenster

1992 Access and Assimilatiand on: Pivotal Environmental Information Challenges, Linking, Archiving, and Exploiting Multi-Lingual Multi-Scale Environmental Information Repositories, Geojornal 26.3 323-334, Kluwer Academic Publishers

1992 Bridges and a Masterplan for Islands of Data in a Labyrinth of Economic Environmental Information, - The HEMIS Design Proposal as a Subset and Extention of Retrieval and Informa tion Management Systems, Workshop M and Systems Presentations, 13th ICSU-CODATA, Beijing

1992 Harmonization of Environmental Meta-Information with a Thesaurus-based multi-lingual and multi-medial Information System, ISY - ESSIS International Space Year Conference on Earth and Space Science Information Systems, Pasadena

Governance, Policy Assistance, and Decision Support

1978-81 Technical and Administrative Reports for Minitry Municipal and Rural Affairs and High Executive Commities in Saudi Arabia

1990 GLOBAL CHANGE exhibition on behalf of the WHITE HOUSE Conference on Global Change. Presenting the challenges to Science and Policy in the FEDERAL CHANCELLERY, Bonn. Beside contributions of text and graphics for some posters, a physical model, the BLACKBOX Nature was build to present scales, proportions, and consequnces in one exhibt with the objective to adress politicians, academia, industry, and primarily the public! - Proposal to built sub-model for climate research, communication and education.

1991-95 CONSULTATIVE - member of steering committee to develop mediation guidelines cookbook

1994 Proposing a Conceptual Superstructure - A Work Report and a Vision toexplore issue-scapes as virtual landscapes, FIG XX, Melbourne, this paper was a key-note on behalf of the Director Noel BROWN of UNEP in New York, to review the Callenges in Search for Policy with special emphasis on the AGENDA 21 and possible contributions of SCIENCE. The objectives to which the presented paper was to give a perspective, were to highlighted as an alternative path towards the Objectives and Challenges after the Earth Summit, or more to the point: ? establish common frames of reference, ? develop common understanding, ? common levels of co-operation and common strategies, ? mobilise best and brightest, ? harness capabilities, ? initiate more solid foundations for policies and strategies, gauge the human prospectus, .....

1995 Club of Rome report on capacity to govern : applied to Climate Issues, with Dror, Y.: UN- Climate Conference, March, Berlin, in combiantion with the climate summit paprers for the ASCE Academy for the Security and co-operation in Europe and exhibition of 15 Organisations in the International Corner .

1995 A Robust Path to Global Stability: Touch but Feasible, with: Brauer, G.W., Fliedner, T.M., Greiner, C., Malaska, P., Morath, K., Pestel, R., Radermacher, F.J.: Group IV: Futures and Economy, and: Scales, Horizons, Proportions, and Consequences in Perspective, Group III: Eco-Philsophy/Environmental Ethics, World Futures Studies Federation Conference Futures Beyond Poverty, Nairobi

1996 Tansparent and Visible Transcultural Discourse Mapping - Anschauliche transkulturelle Diskurse, Umweltschutz und Krisenmanagement, Deutsch-Japanische Akademische Burse, University Ulm Awareness, Environmental Mangement, and Knowledge Organisation

1990 INFORMATION ABOUT ENVIRONMENTAL INFORMATION, Preparation, Discussion Paper and Proposal for the first UNEP-HEM Intern.Expert Group Meeting, EARTHWATCH REPORT 1991, UNEP- HEM, Munich and Nairobi

1991 Harmonization of Environmental Measurement, with: Keune, H. et al. , GeoJournal, 23.3, KLUWER ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS

1992 Acess and Assimilation: Pivotal Environmental Information Challenges, Linking, Archiving, and Exploiting Multi-Lingual Multi-Scale Environmental Information Repositories, with Kampffmeyer, U. , GeoJournal 26.3, KLUWER, Bridges and a Masterplan for Islands of Data in a Labyrinth of Economic and Environmental Information, - The HEMIS Design Proposal as a Subset and Extention of Retrieval and Information Management Systems, Workshop M and Systems Presentations, 13th ICSU-CODATA, Beijing

Harmonization of Environmental Meta-Information with a Thesaurus-based multi-lingual and multi-medial Information System, with Kampffmeyer, U.: ISY - ESSIS, International Space Year (ISY) onference on Earth and SpaceScience Information Systems (ESSIS), Pasadena

1993 A CONCEPTUAL SUPERSTRUCTURE, with: Judge, A.J.N., UIA; Uhlir, P., NAS/NRC Washington

1994 Visual Access and Assimilation Strategies to prestructure Bodies of Environmental Knowledge: Proposals and Lessons Learned, with Brauer, G., International Society for Knowledge Organisation, Bratislava

1994 A Conceptual Superstructure of Knowledge - Quality and Content in Organisation, Management, and Awareness, with Brauer G.W., Grossmann W.D.: (1994) Information for Global Understanding of Environmental Problems: A proposal for visually displaying a knowledge meta-base, ICSU-CODATA Chambery

1996 CONCEPT and CONTEXT Mapping - Towards common frames of reference, In: Trialogues at the Edge of Terms and Pictures, Section 1 Terminology and Philosophy of Science (planned with: Budin, Galinski, Oeser), TKE 96 - Terminology and Knowledge Engineering, Association for Terminology and Knowledge Transfer, International Centre for Terminology (termnet) , TU Vienna, 26.- 28. August 1996. Conceptual topologies and macro-structures: Possible future contributions from the Exact and Fine Arts towards terminology and context mapping, Multilingual Information Society and Terminology Standardization, on the occation of 25th anniversary of INFOTERM and 60th anniversary of ISO/TC 37, Budapest August 24th 1996 Conceptual Meeting Spaces: A Presentation of Scales, Models, Functions, and Issues; In: General Systems Thinking, Intern. Society for Systems Sciences, 40th Anniv. Congress, Budapest, September 17.-20.,

1996 Concept and Context Mapping: Towards Common Frames of Reference, Seminar in Knowledge Organization: Towards the 21st Century organized by the Commitee on Classification for Knowledge Organization (FID/CR), 1. Contribution representing Germany in the session of the Ranganathan Award Celebrations, International Federation for Information and Documentation (FID), 48th Conference & Congress, Graz Media Communication, Session II workshop, Communication for Planetary Consciousness, Fifth International Dialogue on Transition to Global Society, Landegg Academy, University of Maryland, The Club of Budapest

Philosophy and Ethics

1993 Leitziel: Interdisziplinaere Umweltwissenschaft, Prinzip Verantwortung - Wege zu einer integralen Umweltwissenschaft; Symposium in memoriam Hans Jonas, with: Schwitte, J.: Evangelische Akademie Hofgeismar und Fachbereich Evangelische Theologie der Philipps Universitaet Marburg, Hofgeismar 1993

1995 Scales, Horizons, Proportions, and Consequences in Perspective, Group III: Eco Philsophy/Environmental Ethics, World Futures Studies Federation Conference, WFSF; Futures Beyond Poverty, Nairobi

1996 Nature as a Blackbox: Towards a Panorama of Understanding - A Broader Spectrum for Floating Between and Beyond What we Know and Miss , Research Notes in WORLD FUTURES, Vol. 47

1996 SPACES OF MEANING - Reflections on Wholeness, Interconnectedness, and Consciousness. First World Member s Meeting of THE CLUB OF BUDAPEST, to appear in INTUITIVO, VIEWSLETTER, and homepage, Budapest Education, Creativity, and Mental Mobility

1992 Our View of Life is too flat, workshop and poster, coverage in Finsih media and Knowledge Spiral Children Newsletter zur World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF), Turku 1994 The Hyperlink ECO-CUBE: Proposing a Knowledge Panorama for Clearinghouse Organisation & (Environmental) Education, Computer-based Environmental Education, IFIP - GI Hamburg

1994 Design Considerations for Spatial Metaphors - Reflections on Viewpoint Transportation Systems, with: - Judge, A.J.N.: acm- ECHT, Edinburgh - with focus on merging and morphing views and metaphors,

1995 Kreatives Problemloesen durch Querdenken, ThueringenOlympiade Technik im Rahmen von Jugend forscht , Rede vor der Preisverleihung; Paedagogische Hochschule Erfurt/Muehlhausen

1996 Generation, Transportation and Composition of Viewpoints and Perspectives; In: Creativity and Cognition 2, Intersections between Art, Technology & Science, Loughborough College of Art and Design

1996 Mental Models, Metaphors, and the Mind s Eye - Orientation and Mapping in Spaces of Meaning, VISION Plus 2; SEHEN, FUEHLEN, VERSTEHEN:Kontroversielle Ansichten ueber Entwicklungen auf dem Gebiet der Kommunikation, IIID Internationales Institut fuer Informations Design.

1996 Schwarzenberg, 11-13. July 1996 Neue Horizonte und Orientierungen dank einer Architektur fuerDenkraeume. In: MENSCH - MASSE - MEDIEN, Interaktion oder Manipulation, IFG Ulm School of Design Foundation

1996 Be and Feel Part of Life and Nature, Invited Workshop for Children, Session I, Education for Planetary Consciousness, Fifth International Dialogue on Transition to Global Society, Landegg Academy

1996 A Paradigm-Shift? Orchestrating Representations Like Knowledge Trees and Knowledge Spaces, COUNCEIL de l EUROPE, Conference on a NEW SPACE FOR CULTURE AND SOCIETY - New Ideas in Science and Art, Prague Castle, Czech Republic, Nov. 19-23, 1996

Heiner BENKING * Creative Member, The Club of Budapest * ZSI - Center for Social Innovations and G.I.V.E., Jedleseerstr. 75, A-1210 Wien, AUSTRIA, Tel. +43 1 272 5615, Fax +43 1 2787801-8, * FAW - Research Center for Applied Knowledge Processing, PoBox 2060, D-89010 ULM, GERMANY, Tel +49 731 501 -910 Fax -929,

SHARING FUTURES times, spaces, voices, views, values,... in shared perspective Voice: +49 731 501 -910 FAX -929 Heiner BENKING, PoBox 2060, D- 89010 Ulm, GERMANY For another beautiful view look here.

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