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A Special Integration Group (SIG) of the
International Society for the Systems Sciences (ISSS)
originally SGSR, Society for General Systems Research.








Following is a list of papers arranged chronologically. What is NEW can be found at the end of the list.

Opening comments by Anna Lemkow adapted from "The Wholeness Principle"

An Evolution of Systems Inquiry Submitted by Bela Banathy

Organized Developments of Systems InquirySubmitted by Bela Banathy

Cybernetics and Wholeness Submitted by Gary Boyd

Comments by Andreas Goppold Discussion

Systems and Cybernetics, definition of systems, Cambridge University Press,

History and Systems, Ancient Systems Theory by Tom Mandel

A Starting Place Submitted by by Gary Boyd

Management and the Systems Approach Submitted by Markus Schwaninger

How Big is our Umbrella? adapted fm Ken Wilber

No Boundary Excerptation of Ken WIlber

Aphorisms a collection

Stereo Icon test your perception, may not be what you would predict.

J.B.Rhine Lecture QVI as a basis for non-local experience, by Ervin Laszlo

General Semantics Submitted by Milton Dawes.

The Seventh Letter by Plato

Toward a General Theory of Consciousness Submitted by James Newman

Synchronicity, an Excerptation of. by F David Peat

Wholeness and Enlightenment Submitted by Terry Murphy

Systemic Principles of Education Compiled by Tom Mandel

Panorama of Understanding Part 1 Submitted by Heiner Benking

Panorama of Understanding Part 2 Submitted by Heiner Benking

Down To Earth Epistemology Submitted by Milton Dawes

Theories of Everything Excerpts of J.D. Barrow

A Whole Systems Approach Submitted by Zhichang Zhu

A State of the Word Message Submitted by John McConnell

The Language of Integration Submitted Joe Engleberg

Michelle's First Day at School Submtted Tom Mandel

The Way Geese Fly by Tony Rizzo

1996 ISSS Keynote Address by Willis Harman

Is Virtual Reality Really Virtual? ISSS Procceedings by Eric Schwartz

A Skeleton from the Closet by Bela Banathy

Synergy: an Introduction by Eric Sommer

Synergy and the Systems Sciences by Peter Corning.

The Synergy Principle by Yongming Tang

Liaisons et Systemes by Henry Cohen

System vs Programs by Bill Shireman

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Who knows what a General System is? by Charles Francois

The Tao of Systems by Yi Lin

Synergy and the Systems Sciences by Peter Corning

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A Taste of Systemics by Bela Banathy

A Longing for Unified Knowledgeby Ivan Havel

Foundational Holismby Jan C. Smuts

New Concept of Matter Mind and Society by Ervin Laszlo

General Systematics by John Bennett

Thinking the World Back Together Again by Noel Fredricks McKinnis

1996 ISSS Presidential Address by Ervin Laszlo

For Kids Only, the beginning of the next seminar

The Tao of Science Comments on Ralph Siu by Heiner Benking

Richard Tarnas Excerpted

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The Whorfian Hypothesis

QIMASS by Ralph Sui