576 (192 A+, 192 A-,96 B+ ,96 B-) mods

John Mac Cosham (sw dharmraj) pointed out to me the following about the 2F cube:
"From his modelling kit and book (Tell Andersson) I picked up the concept of a hypercube. It is 8 cubes made of quanta modules stacked together in a 2 frequency cube. Another cube is formed inside with corners at the centers of each of the 8 cubes. This 2frequency cube has a quanta module VE inside. The reason I am going into this is that a conceptual building system is discovered. All the pieces are inside the 2 frequency cube. The pieces include, quarter tets, eighth octahedra, octets, and half-couplers. And the VE of the hypercube may have several different cores, for instance the different types of rhombic dodecahedrons. Each of those rhombic dodecahedrons has a special core."