COUPLERS are comprised of 8 + and/or - MITES. This coupler is built from 4 + MITES and 4 - MITES (red and green are BMods , blue and orange are AMods). However, in this construction each MITE packs across two of the octant domains of the COUPLER creating a coupler with all AMods on one side of the square equator and Bmods on the other side.

In a CUBIC packing with the Amod side of the square equator outward, it would pack into RD1:
whereas, in a CUBIC packing, with the Amod side of the coupler inward in the cubic voids, it would pack into RD2:


This coupler in a KITE packing (split along either of the 2 rhombic equators) would result in this RD :