RITE SYTE reorienting in COUPLER

+ MITE ( B+, A+, A-)_______- MITE( B-, A-, A+)

The tetrahedral RITE is unique among the SYTES in that its' four triangular faces are congruent. This means that it can be oriented to show any one of its four faces on the octant surface of a coupler. The animation above oscillates between octant-packed and crossoctant-packed COUPLER. I think this is the SYTE Fuller refers to in section 973.00-.25:

"Basic Tetrahedron: Each Basic Tetrahedron (Syte) is semisymmetric, four of its six edges consisting always of two pairs of equal-length edges and only two being of odd lengths. The Syte itself consists of six entirely asymmetric Modules, four of which are dissimilar to the other two:
2 A ( + ) positive Modules
2 A ( - ) negative Modules
1 B ( + ) positive Module
1 B ( - ) negative Module
This brings us to consider the only superficially irregular, only semiasymmetric Syte as possibly being the most separately universal structural-system entity. The Syte, consisting of only six modules and filling allspace in a threefold intertransformable manner, is found to be far more universal and "primitive" than the regular tetrahedron.
953.25 The allspace-filling functions of the (+) or (-) AAB three-module Mite combines can operate either positively or negatively. We can take a collection of the positives or a collection of the negatives. If there were only positive outside-out Universe, it would require only one of the three alternate six-module, allspace-filling tetrahedra (see Sec. 953.40) combined of two A (+), two A (-), one B (+), and one B (-) to fill allspace symmetrically and complementarily. But with both inside-out and outside-out worlds, we can fill all the outside-out world's space positively and all the inside-out world's space negatively, accommodating the inherent complementarity symmetry requirements of the macro-micro cosmic law of convex world and concave world, while remembering all the time that among all polyhedra only the tetrahedron can turn itself inside out" -R. Buckminster Fuller