Technical Commentary

Here we have totally transparent Faces, ie: showing only the 6 Edge colors of the Prime ChromoTet above as it successively introverts its 4 Vertexes through its 4 opposite Faces. The right-handed D-form is shown as the base-Tet below, from which the D-ChromHeliTet is generated by succesive Vertex-thru-Face introvertings (inside -outings), starting with the Red-AmberOrange-Purple (R-A-P) yang Vertex plunging thru the opposite Yin Green-Blue-Yellow (GBY) Face.

This 1st introversion forms the 2nd Tet, now an oppositely left-handed S-form of the ChromoTet. The process then proceeds to introverting of the RBY Vertex to form a 3rd Tet (D-form again), then the YOG Vertex introverts to form a 4th Tet (and thus are formed the minimum 4-Tets requisite for determining the handedness of any tetrahelix). It next introverts that 4th and last GBP Vertex to form the 5th (D-form) Tet which begins the 4-Tet sequence again, and thence through further repetition to the full length of the D-ChromHeliTet, whence it repeats the entire cycle again.

Note that the overall D-ChromHeliTet has 3 outer long smoothly coiling clockwise spirals made of only 4 successively repeating colors (PGYR) on each spiral. These same 4 colors form 4 inherent intertwining individual uniformly colored stretched-out jagged-Edge spirals made up of both outside-and-inside Edges.

In a subsequent movie we will show another ChromHeliTet that has been generated the same way, but by eliminating all 4 of those colors that appear both on the 3 long smooth externally coiling spirals and the 4 inner-outer stretched-out jagged spirals, and showing only the other pair of 2 colors (the Yin and yang 'spiritual' acting colors Blue and Orange in this case) that are missing from the outer coils, we see clearly that they appear only as a pair of 2 complementary opposing inner more tightly coiled intertwining inner spirals.

Even though both the 6-color and such a 2-color helitet will be constructed exactly the same way (except for omitting 4 of the colors of the corresponding Edges on the 2nd one), and both are therefor 'right handed' with dextrorse threading of the outer coils wrapping clockwise up the helitet, yet the inner pair of Blue and Orange 'cross-connecting-Edge' spirals (which exactly correspond to the similarly colored Edges of the 1st helitet) will *actually be threading in the _opposite direction_ to the other 2 pair of spirals on the same ChromHeliTet,* ie: counterclockwise and therefor will appear to move the other way when the Helitet spins, ie: upwards and out, as opposed to the other 2 pairs appearing to move downwards and in (the ChromHeliTets in the subsequent movie will be actually spinning clockwise).

This is an immediate demonstration of the claim that ChromoSynergetics can incidentally more easily make structural discoveries by utilizing non-arbitrary significantly assigned colors to structural parts such as the Edges, rather than just using the generic interchangeable and equally illustrated Edges of traditional Synergetics.

BF uses colors in Syn2, but the colors are usually more arbitrarily assigned on an ad hoc basis to simply make the particular points more clearly in the specific context. They are used for illustrative purposes to show certain relations only; the same colors are used differently in different contexts. There is no overall inherent systemic and essential significant correlation that is used consistently throughout, as is the intent of ChromoSynergetics, where colors are always used consistently, thus leading frequently to otherwise unnoticed features. We shall see more of these significances and discoveries in future demonstrations.

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