Introverting ChromoHeliTet Inside-outing tetra form helix

Danu's The Three Helitets

Gerald DeJong's StruckJava



Manipulate 5 Platonics in 5-window VRML model
Fuller's Isotropic Vector Matrix (IVM)

George W. Hart's

Virtual Polyhedra library

Scott L. Childs at Emory University has applied Synergetic Geometry in the science of crystallography:

Craig Faulkner has written a very interesting essay which contemplates a cosmology based on an oscillating (jitterbugging) IVM :

Robert W. Gray, in collaboration with Ed Applewhite, has undertaken the monumental task of scanning and uploading Fuller's magnum opus to the web:

SYNERGETICS volumes 1 & 2

Other Synergetics resources on the Web

Kirby Urner'sSynergetics Home Page
and also links to Design Science resources on his links page
Joe Moore's R.Buckminster Fuller Virtual Institute
Buckminster Fuller Institute (BFI) Website
Gerald de Jong's Elastic Interval Geometry & Struck site
Karl Erickson's Springspace Gallery
Rick Bono's Applied Synergetics
Danu's Orbital C^3 VE
Mark Burginger's Modular Form Building Element (VRML model)
Robert Gray's Notes to R. Buckminster Fuller's Work

Galaxy's GEOMETRY page

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