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The world will be operating within new models as change occurs in the evolution of the planet. Mankind is becoming aware of how it relates to all other things and that our current beliefs that we are here to dominate and rule the planet are changing. Mankind is now ready to begin learning how we can continue to evolve and not have negative environmental effects on our earth.

The new civilization will operate in new ways. Having the right individual get the right access to the right information at the right place and the right time will cause knowledge to be applied in dramatic events. The right person is the person looking for the information. The right information is that information that will be applied as knowledge and contribute to the overall wisdom of the individual. The right access is the access in the way the person in looking for that information. The right place is that place where the person happens to be when it is needed and the right time is any time that information is needed.

If holders of knowledge are able to deliver knowledge as information in these ways, then we have a chance of altering our current civilization toward a wiser more tolerant civilization. We will be able to learn more and apply that knowledge as we improve our way of life.

It is with this vision in mind that the World Knowledge Network begins.

W*Knet will be when it becomes.

It is the becoming that is important. W*Knet will be a result of the becoming. There is no single force or thought that controls the W*Knet. It is evolving as it is. When a single person attempts to connect to a knowledge source, the source is changed and added to by the individual. That individual's knowledge then is a part of the network. As a part of the network, the person begins contributing as they begin learning. Each connection adds knowledge even though the intentions of connecting was to draw knowledge.

The evolutionary creation of W*Knet continues, it will change to whatever make sense at that time. Some aspects of the network will become strong and then later may die off or simply be the dominant form. What is important to remember is that this network is not controlled by anything expect the highest laws of nature. That the laws of ecosystems and relationships will last and that the network is subject to those laws at all times.

Planting the seeds

Several people have contributed to the origination of the W*Knet vision. We are collaborating using a listserver. Everyone is welcome to join the list and contribute. To begin the evolution of the network, we are individually creating a short yet information filled document about a subject that where each of us feel we have some knowledge. We each will add our knowledge page to the collection maintained in the NCN server. As we all learn and build more knowledge links and content pages, we will no doubt find new ways of sharing and finding knowledge. Anyone and everyone is invited to place a piece of knowledge in the net and let the seeds germinate. This work will result in what ever the net contributes.

To see what is available now, read The World Knowledge Network - Knowledge Pages.


If you would like to contribute why not join the mail list?
All you need to do is to send a mail message to: with the message body:

subscribe wknet-l

The last letter is an L for List.

and one unsubscribes with:

unsubscribe wknet-l

The address to send messages to

If you have problems or need additional help, contact Joachim H. Steingrubner, PhD
To comment on this document contact Del Wilson

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Prognostications, Pontifications and Theories

If you have some thoughts and a predilection to share them with us, do so by sending what you have written to me (Del Wilson) and I will add them here.

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