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As of January 2002 I am focusing my energies as a New Society Strategist on the Region of Niagara and Canada. Explore Sustainable Niagara's Sustainability Resource Portal and Statistics & Information Portal, dedicated to developing sustainability.

New Society Strategist Article Title Misc Versions
Harnessing Chaos & Stewarding Change:
Becoming an Inclusively Transformative Society
Click Here
Inspiring Vision and Purpose for Regional Change - Part I Click Here
Inspiring Vision and Purpose for Regional Change - Part II Click Here


C4C Article Title Link
Integrity By Example Click Here
Against All Odds: Redefining Socioeconomic Trends Click Here
Serendipity: A Catalyst For Change Birthright Click Here
An Evolution of Human Convergences Click Here
Vocation: Your Life's Autopilot Click Here
Growth: Overriding The Autopilot Click Here
Cultural Creativity and Social Innovation Click Here
Sometimes You Lead and Sometimes You Follow Click Here
Megatrends 2000 and Powershift Click Here
Competing Against Time and Obsolescence Click Here
Risking Our Future Click Here
Thought Provoking Action Click Here


Interviewee Link
Dwayne Cox: Synergy Central/Coach Universe Click Here
Flemming Funch: New Civilization Network Click Here
Jonathan Reams of the Institute for Transformative Learning Click Here
Timothy Wilken of Synearth Net Click Here


Author Link
Jonathan Reams reaction to An Evolution of Human Convergence Click Here
Timothy Wilken's reaction to Your Life's Autopilot Click Here


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