Heiner Benking's personal "ad-hoc homepage" leading to some "places" 

Let me just give me as a "starer" some "categories" which I feel cover my work and concerns as an:
"in-betweener", "catalyst/ferment", "facilitator", "go-getter", "borderlander", or "integrator/synthesiser" or "map/modelmaker" or  "bridge-builder"

what is hot:

to update you on what I do around Order and Chaos, Dialogue and Monologue, People and the Universe, Subjects and Objects, Cultures and Civilisations,...
(we will soon show here some portals or entry doors into my work between the subjects and the disciplines or domaisn/mandats in form of wholistic schemas, pie-diagramms, matrixes, vortexes,... to help us jointly explore the patterns between the issues and situations, the frontiers and borderlands of what is known and ready for shared explorations.

A an alien or one of the "others" I do not often find the right words.  I therefore prefer to preesnt here first some citations I resonante with and invite you do go to our selection in the wholeness seminar -  and wait for more as such selections of words form other places are very dear to me and will be continued.

"We cannot departmentalize our thinking...
We cannot think of economic
principles and ethical principles
Underneath all our thinking, there are certain fundamental principles
to be applied to all our problems."
Mary Parker Follett
Realise my friend what pictures are: 
Arriving at another place. 
Franz Marc

 Two roads diverged in a wood, and I --
I took the road less traveled by.
And that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost
" You can only safe the whole "
    Margaret Mead
The real act of discovery consits not in finding new lands but seeing with new eyes. 
Marcel Proust

The most productive and yielding research 
is that which pleases the thinker 
and supports mankind at the same time. 

C. Doppler

A century simply concerned with analysis
and which is at the same time afraid of synthesis is not on the right path
for only both together like breathing in and out comprise the life of science. 

J.W. v. Goethe
"The organismic view is at the same time perspective -- that is, 
aware of its limitations, not a nothing but philosophy believing to know and to have told everything,
but tolerant of other philosophies and other experiences -- 
in arts, morals, religion --
which may mirror other facets of an unfathomable reality."
                              L. von Bertalanffy

The beginning of knowledge is not experiment but rather the observation and design of a complete picture
on which all knowledge and all observation are integrated. 

K. R. Popper
The greatest single achievement of science 
in this most scientifically productive of centuries 
is the discovery that we are profoundly ignorant; 
we know very little about nature and understand even less. 
Lewis Thomas 

If you are ready for more, please go to my "master" or "home"-homepages in GERMANY,  the CEPTUAL INSTITUTE "genre" which for the "records" has a good synopsis of my work about: SHARING VOICES; SPACES and FUTURES from 1997-2000

AND PLEASE VISIT on this site my NCN homepage from 1995-98
which I feel has already at that time coveredd all I do: SHARE VOICES; SHARE SPACES and SHARE FUTURES.

Heiner Benking

To solve a puzzle, you have to use all parts,...

Thomas S. Kuhn