Heiner agrees with Adam and Eve: there are no flaws in the "Grand Design", only in our view of it. Photo taken in front of the FAW at the sculpture 'Adam and Eve' from Nicki de Saint Phalle.

Creative Member's Profile

Heiner Benking (born 1951) is a technician, engineer, planner, consultant, communicator and facilitator. He set out to explore the "arts of the arts" - conversation - how we can invite and share our voices and views. Central activities under this headline include: roundtable facilitation, collaboratories (local and distributed), research on metaphoric cross cultural exchange and conceptualisation, and the provision of context and frames of reference facilitates and eases discussion about the same situations and issues. Heiner's cross-domain education and experience has earned him degrees ranging from science, economics, philosophy, technology, computing and modelling & visualisation. The list of employers and clients includes governments, national and international organisations, foundations and companies from many industries. Some friends called him a go-getter, facilitator, catalyst, in-betweener, bridge-builder, ... better friends called him even a nomad, free-wheeler and hasardeur (risk-taker) - No comments...

He was invited to be a Creative Member of The Club of Budapest in acknowledgement of his work on the "Blackbox Nature" and the "Panorama of what we know where". He volunteered as its Communications Co-ordinator and Editor of the VIEWSLETTER and serves in its International Secretariat.

Based on his work on context sharing and embodying thought, which has broad implication to knowledge organisation, information management, harmonisation, communication and education/understanding, he dedicated most of his time during the last seven years issues on conversation and exchange. Most fruitful was his work with children - sharing their way of thinking and learning from it.

As common frames of understanding are essential for conversation across boundaries and domains, to help orientation (world-view sharing), and ease understanding which possibly leads to orchestrated action. Heiner focus on higher harmonious ways of ordering which has helped him identify image schemes, as a metaphor is such a scheme allowing to embody meaning and context. He feels that in this regard the artist and the scientist work with the same basis. Heiner wants to apply such knowledge not to repetitious fragmented collections in repositories, but to structure in amore meaningful way knowledge-, function-, symbol-, and pattern bases. One result of looking for the "whole" picture is that we see how little we know and how our perspectives are blinkered through competing tunnel realities. Viewing abstract concepts with "awe as we gaze" might help humankind to see actions, scales, and proportions and find agreement on what to do and avoid.

Heiner sees the arts and poetry as the basis for co-creation, as it signifies a higher order and organisation. Such creation is needed for integrated thinking which in turn leads towards integral consciousness. His approach is based on space and optics/ethics to help sharing, communication and compassion and through mutual experience of embodies and real, abstract and imagined situations, their scale, situation, proportion and consequence. Such joint contemplation and image schemas are seen by him as a building block towards phylogentic human development.

Heiner has worked on numerous reports and articles and recently started to prepare his first book, due late autumn 1996, with the working title: "Between & Beyond Boxes, Cells, and Domains" - Integral conversations - Consensus through concept sharing in embodied, spacial, and cognitive spaces of meaning.

Heiner Benking, PoBox 2260, D- 89010 Ulm, Germany, +49 731 501 910, FAX -929, benking@faw. uni-ulm.de

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