4.1 The New Civilization Foundation has a Board of Directors who will set the overall direction of the foundation's activities and organize the implementation of its aims. This is a working board, consisting of individuals of high integrity and with a comprehensive whole systems overview of many fields. NCF also has an Advisory Council of qualified experts in different fields who will advise the Board of Directors.

4.2 The first task of the Board of Directors, Advisory Council, and support teams is to establish an infra-structure for the foundation that draws on the intelligence, creativity, and specific knowledge of a widely distributed network of participants. That is, it is the aim that decisions on local activities are, as much as possible, taken locally by those who are closest to the actual situation. When the Board of Directors needs to make decisions they will, whenever possible, do this in concert and consensus with representatives of local operations.

4.3 The body of the organization is formed out of an inter-connected network of teams. A team is a group of 3-12 individuals, acting as a unit or a cell. Each team has its own area of focus, defined by geography, subject or activity. A team can and does operate independently, and interfaces with other teams and with the overall network. Groups of 3-12 teams form bigger units. This can be repeated to any number of levels.

4.4 Teams interface with other teams as necessary, by providing information, cooperation or resources. Each team is responsible for summarizing its work regularly for the sake of other teams and for the benefit of higher-order team groupings. Teams send representatives to meetings of team groupings, which meet less regularly than the teams themselves.

4.5 The participants of the NCF can be found in different categories:
4.5.1 Full-time salaried staff members.
4.5.2 Individuals in an advisory capacity, meeting occasionally.
4.5.3 Community members or employees of sub-organizations or communities of the overall network.
4.5.4 Independent hired contractors
4.5.5 Collaborators and allies of various kinds