Activity Center

These are some of the projects that NCN members are engaged in. The focus here is on taking specific cooperative action and achieving tangible results. - We are seeking volunteers and professionals to visit nursing homes, shelters, day care, senior centers, health clinics and other resources to introduce our 15-Minute StressOut Program. We offer "Best Practice Research" methods and "Guidelines for the Safe Use of Touch."
"Absolut-Version" of New Civilization - Carried out author's project directed on creation by 2015 of the base of the Absolut-Civilization, formed as a result of harmonium-synthesis of the new economy, a new society and new spiritual culture
"Implementation of Futurological Centers" - IMPLEMENTATION OF FUTUROLOGICAL CENTERS A memorandum from the peace research center Tamera in Portugal The globalisation of peace is not realized through mega-systems but through new life models. Humanity is situated in an inferno of fear and violence. We are experiencing the culmination of a historical dead end with disastrous consequences for an increasing number of populations, human and animal. Consequences of a historical ‘fall of mankind’: the separation of the human from the One, which connects all and which is the same in all. Through that a collective loss of trust and home. Facing the immeasurable suffering of human and animal, of lovers, children and peoples, we discern: Evolution needs a new direction. ....
"Un Protest" a short satire/movie production - An independent film, by an authentic auteur - Mr. E of Silver Spring Studios, est. 2002 D.C. It shows the humour in the activism movement when it has no unity. The prophet, Felice Falafefull arrives and declares "Protest Whatefer!"
'Knowing & Growing' Show - This inspirational on-line TV Show features a weekly exploration into important aspects of self-growth, with a focus on what we know and how we know it . . . beyond rational thought. Topics include evolutionary consciousness, Aspects of Love . .
2nd Anual Medical Intuition Conference/Summit - An annual summit of professional medical intuitives, with a panel discussion, workshops, lectures and fair.
A Healing - Living Community - To create an environment that is focused on honoring spirit (not only thru God, but also the spirit that lives within each of us) thru prayer, meditation and planned daily actives such as Reiki sessions, hypnotherapy, massage therapy, yoga, crystal healing, and most importantly LOVE. Also to teach how to honor ALL life including gardening and how to communicate to the plant and animal kingdom in co-operation with our own well being. A place to teach each person how to be responsible for their own well being and good health and how they affect the whole of creation.
A Worthy Cause - Some of you might know Rick Cameron of Island Aide. I've been trying to help him solicit funds in the US. Island Aide is helping Tsunami victims. I'd love it if everyone could pitch in, and make his organization known. Perhaps press releases could be done to make everyone aware of the good work. Here are links that show what they've done, and their goals.
Agriculture Study Circle - Study group of biodynamic farmers and gardeners producing foods for themselves and their local community. Semi-weekly meetings to discuss R. Steiner's lectures, exchange results, and practice techniques.
All for one. One for all. - A movement that brings humans together as unique individuals bound together as a whole, creating magnificent testimonies to human greatness!
Aluna Aotearoa Eco-Community - "Aluna Aoteroa" is an Eco-Community to be set up in Aotearoa/NZ - as a living model of the "New Partnership Era" (NPE) where human beings live in harmonious and sustainable partnership with the Earth and in respectful loving relationships with one another.
Anam Cara for TARA arts action campaign - We call on the Irish Government to review their decision to build the M3 freeway through the Hill of Tara/Skryne Vallley. There are other options available. These include: improving the existing N3; re-opening the Navan-Dublin railway line; or moving the M3 away from this delicate archaeological landscape.
Ancestral Rites & Family Constellations - 1. To bring deep emotional healing to those who seek to get to the bottom of one,s life troubles and suffering. 2. To assist in disentangling ourselves from the tragedies and pain we connected to by being born into our particular family, society and culture. 3. To facilitate healing backwards, towards our ancestors and forward, towards us and our children. 4. To release suffering that has been perpetuated within our family from generation to generation, allowing for life to go on in new ways for us, our children, and all future generations.
Annual Rainforest World Music Festival, Sarawak - Documentary project (started July 2005, completed February 2006). DVD released in May 2006.
ApprenticeMaster Alliance - Linking small and craft businesses anywhere in the world to school-leavers, young graduates and all ages wanting to learn a useful skill long-term as apprentices for expenses/accommodation/low wages, sometimes leading to a job.
Art for children of New Age - I think we are blessed with the special souls that come to Earth at this period. I always thought that the next generation will be able to change things for better. To fill the world with LOVE and lots of light, to bring a new wave of compassion, to be closer to Nature and Earth itself. In the project that we are trying to accomplish, we want to show the gentle and colorful side of nature-spirits through art to children of the next generation. Sometimes big things come in small packages...

If you would like to support our project, or you want to participate, or simply want to give us your feedback or suggestions - please email us at Elfies Mail
Bioprogramacion - El poder de la mente humana es Ilimitado.El 99% de nuestras Capacidades, Talentos y Poder está Oculto , y sólo un mísero 1% es utilizado en la vida diaria, quizás menos. Te gustaría aprender a Controlar tu Mente y tener Poderes. ¿Verdad que si? Es Fácil y Efectivo. Todo gratis!! Yo gracias a ese Poder a hora tengo más Dinero,más Salud, más Amor!! Por eso es que lo quiero compartir contigo . Mejoraras tu vida ! ! Ganarás $10.000 Dólares Americano. Preubalo.” Solo envíame un e-mail AHORA, Rotulado con tu Nombre Completo a y recibirás toda la información.. INFORMATE como haciendo CLICK AQUÍ
Blue Book - Named as a reverse analog of the infamous conspiracy to invalidate the existence of UFO's. This message challenges all who read it to: "explore who/what You are/can be", as a daily contemplation to be persued. That the answers, beyond the doctrines, the philosophies, the misconceptions, the innuendos, the facades; are inherently oblivious to our consciousness but can be unraveled by a purposeful journey of individual discovery. It proposes the premise that: our miseries and suffering have their source, for the most part, in our limited level of self-awareness:- a lack understanding of our relationship with one another and with our environment. That we can further realize our true potential and create a common reality, that is a worthy expression of our existence, as cosmic beings.
Body,Mind,Spirit Holistic Fair - A twice a year event, offering lectures, vendors of holistic practitioners, metaphysical practitioners,and green business owners.
Break the Spell Lecture Events - To organize, produce and promote live events in lecture, workshops and seminar formats with the intent of asking the right questions about our lives and our world; to get to the truth at all times; and to awaken and heighten public consciousness and support for direct change through the powerful catalyzing vibratory energy of well-planned live events.
Bridgemakers - Connecting people across communities. Voluntary coordinators from different communities find 5 or 6 families/couples to share a simple meal together within 4 months, then begin again.
C4C Initiative - The initiative is linked to (what was) my C4C department at (C4C is short for Catalysts 4 Change, and until immediately following 9/11 is an online magazine for visionary entrepreneurs) The objective of this initiative is to articles about the Breakpoint/Tipping Point, cultural creatives, champions of change and new breed leaders of the impending 21st Century socioeconomies. The articles located at Quick Topic, easily enable readers to add their comments and subscribe to spin-off discussions that may evolve from any of the article's paragraphs makered by a blue dot. Further understanding for the C4C Initiative can be found at
Citizen's WAN - Bringing broadband digital WAN communications to 27mhz. so far just an idea. lets build a user-owned wireless digital infrastructure!
Civilizational Transformation and Conscious Evolution - The human perceptual apparatus is currently locked into the dualistic mode of perception. We may choose to shift out of this Dominant Dualistic Perceptual Paradigm and enter into the emerging Non Dual Perceptual Paradigm . There have always, from the very emergence of the human species, been individuals who have been able to make this shift. Some of them set up systems of teaching and training that they hoped would help others who wished to make this shift to do so too. The number of individuals making this shift is increasing. Those who have made this shift are beginning to link up with each other to form a global network. This global network has the potential to function as a global perceptual mechanism and as a global strategic guidance system that can facilitate Civilizational Transformation and Conscious Evolution.
Community Innovation Models (CIM) Program - A program designed to create community development models in selected communities in five agro-ecological resource zones of the Philippines: small islands, coastal, lowland, upland and highland areas with the following proposed project sites which have been visited/studied or presently undergoing desk studies, planning and research
Connetted Charter - a declaration of a worldwide charter of very elementary principles for a permanent and peaceful human living together.
CONSCIOUS LIFE FILM FESTIVAL FEB 8 - 10, 2008 LAX HILTON - The Conscious Life Film Festival runs from February 8 – 10, 2008, at the LAX Hilton, 5711 West Century Boulevard, Los Angeles. The films are metaphysical, socially conscious, and oriented towards health and healing. They offer a mystical appreciation of the universe, contemplate the latest themes in new science and physics, and communicate profound messages from indigenous peoples and visionary thinkers. SUNDAY, Feb. 10 at 2:30 PM - Panel on "The Future of Conscious FIlmmaking," moderated by Celeste Allegrea Adams. Followed by Reception.
CONVERSATions - dialogue “CONVERSAtions” Compilation CD Summer 2007 WORLD MUSIC Issue dialogue a journal for cultural literacy is working on organizing our first compilation CD that will be primarily focused on world music. Titled “CONVERSAtions” this compilation will feature all genres of music by at least fifteen [15] artistes/musicians/groups. The cost of producing the CDs will be borne by dialogue and the finished CDs will be distributed free of charge in response to email requests to the Publisher from readers of the Summer Issue of dialogue in August 2007. These finished CDs will reach a wide audience or readers across the planet. dialogue will take care of designing all artwork, mastering of the compilation, printing of the inserts, and pressing of the discs, This CD compilation will be limited to no more than five hundred copies and will only be distributed until December 2007. Additional information will be published on each artiste/musician/ band within the Summer Issue of the journal-including band name, promotional photography, song title, band website, release information, and copyright info. If you the musician/artist or band has a recording contract of any kind, please make sure that your participation in this compilation is permitted by your contract. Bands featured on the compilation will retain all rights to their music. dialogue will not have bands sign contracts in order to be a part of the compilation. If any band would be interested in entering into a written agreement, we are willing to sign one. No royalties of any kind will be paid for featuring your music. By being a part of this compilation, you are issuing dialogue permission to feature your music on one pressing of this collection equal to about 500 CDs (+/- 10% overrun). If any additional pressings are desired, all the artistes/musicians or bands involved must approve it. This release will be only be distributed in response to email requests from readers of dialogue. Musicians/artistes or Bands are encouraged to submit their best available song and/or to contribute previously unreleased material making the compilation more appealing to your fans. We recommend that which ever song you choose to submit not be downloadable for free from your various websites, in order to encourage fans to purchase the CD. In order to fit at least 15 bands on the disc, the time limit for each song is 5 minutes. If you or band is interested in being considered for the compilation, please send mp3 submissions to Mp3's must be at least five[5] minutes long or less When submitting your mp3 please be sure to indicate your band name, the song title, promotional image [jpeg format B&W or colour acceptable] website, release information, copyright info, release info, your name, shipping address, and sponsoring business name and website (if applicable). Once your song is accepted for the compilation, you will be notified and entitled to a complimentary copy of the journal and CD. RAKA BOOKS & dialogue looks forward to hearing from you. Roi Ankhkara Kwabena Editor Publisher RAKA BOOKS RAKA PUBLICATIONS Editor: Roi Kwabena TEL/FAX: +44(0)7092091861
COSMOLOGICAL INDEX- KNOWLEDGE BASE-VEDAS INTERLINKS-AGNIRMUKHAM-Vidyardhi Nandur - COSMOLOGICAL INDEX- KNOWLEDGE BASE-VEDAS INTERLINKS-SPACE CONFIRMATORY DATA -AGNIRMUKHAM 1. Science in Philosophy -Direction beyond Minds 2. Philosophy of Science-Comprehension-DVA SUPARNA-Visible-Invisible Matrix Modes 3. Cosmology- World Peace- Homam- HAVA MAHEEM- AGNI-mUKHAM-ANILA-ANALA 3. Unity of Consciousness-Enlightened spirit 4. KNOWLEDGE BASE EXPANSION Divine Nature blesses for World Peace-Cosmology World Peace.Our duty: Reduce Conflict modes to live in Harmony. OM SHANTIH, OM SHANTIH, OM SHANTIH- threeTier Mode Meditation DR Vidyardhi Nanduri, Independant Research,Sree Sai Nilayam, 3, Vikaspuri, Hyderabad-500038-INDIA Ph 91-40-23811216
COSMOLOGY-EAST-WEST INTERACTION - COSMOS PRIMER- PRIME DRIVE Cosmos primer lists out the Prime drive functions in COSMOLOGY FROM PHILOSOPHY TO VEDAS 1. Cosmology in Vedas 2.Cosmology in Philosophy 3. Science of Philosophy 4. Basic Philosophy FROM SCIENCE TO COSMOLOGY 1. Basic Science 2. Philosophy of Science 3.Cosmogony-Astrophysics 4. Cosmology -Present Day under Revision NATURE TO COSMIC DIVINE 1. Nature 2.Divine Function in Nature 3. Divine Universe 4. Cosmos Divine (Reproducedfrom :HEART OF UNIVERSE-author Vidyardhi Nanduri-2006 SPONSORS ARE WELCOME CONTACT
Country Walks for Londoners and visitors - The Time Out Saturday Walkers Club has about 4 walks each Saturday, no charge, leaving a London railway station, approx one hour's journey, then walk to a puib, wallk to a cream tea, about 8 miles in all, then back by train to London. A very convivial all-day outing and a good way to meet people, see some fine English pubs and get to know the beautiful countryside around London.
Couvreur 91 - This is a project to help people to find a roofer at Essonne in France.
Creative Alternatives Center - The Center will illustrate working models of what can be done in alternative energy, organic agriculture, holistic health and accelerated learning to provide people with saner options than what is currently being offered.
Creative Works That Promote Diversity - Seeking to collaborate on and feature the creative works (videography, ebooks/books, photography, digital works, art and other creatives) of others that promote diversity among individuals, families and society in general.
Dances of Universal Peace - Leading monthly Dances of Universal Peace where we sing the names of the One and sacred phrases from the world's spiritual traditions while doing simple folk dance movements.
Design Earth Synergy - Sustainable Communities Vision Center.
Disclosure Project - Releasing suppressed technology. Banning space based weapons. Developing peaceful relations with other civilizations. Pressuring the shadow government to disclose the advanced technologies they've been keeping from the world at large. - offers free calendar listings for real-world participatory groups, meetings and events from all over the world. Associated with the Global Ideas Bank.
Empowerment Seminar - Consider the possibility that your constant searching is a result of social conditioning. The life patterns you have established may be preventing you from achieving success or from appreciating the successes you do have. Beginning in early childhood, we create an identity that we perceive to be who we are. This limited, often false, perception causes us to live unconsciously, run by our fears and expectations. L.E.T. is a life training that gives you the tools needed to lead a conscious, empowered lifeone of passion, excitement, and clarity. L.E.T. is not another self-help seminar; L.E.T. is training for life. All seminars, trainings and courses are held in intimate group settings (10 to 20 people). With your fellow participants, you will be building an amazing community of conscious, empowered people. The support of this community and the continuation of your transformation will last long after your training. Contact: Amber lemon
ENDespair: Hope and Healing to Transform the World of Work - A coalition concerned about the despair, stress, powerlessness about work many experience, who pledge to continue a dialogue for awareness, connection, social responsibility, hope, healing, change.
Establishing a branch of a Mystery Church - We are local (St. Louis) initiates of a mystical Amazonian religion, endeavoring to establish a community center for this religion (Santo Daime), which fosters Divine Consciousness and brotherly love.
Evolution Forum & Game Project -
Forum objective: Building of a global understading on the perception on life and human role. Project objective: Building a game for enhancement and expansion of the knowlege of life and human mind.
Experiences That Matter - Have you ever had an experience, perhaps only fleeting, that left you feeling . .. well, different? if so, you are by no means alone! Take this short survey to join this project to share our experiences and find out how to benefit from them
Falcon Blanco Ecovillage - Intentional Spiritual Community: A pilot project offering an alternative lifestyle where meditation is an integral part of our daily lives. Here we relate to what shows up in our daily life, doing what seems necessary and makes sense, coming out of our responsibility and awareness to transform ourselves and our planet.
FLATWORLDS - DEEPWORLDS - A project of the in-betweener to look into maps and models, worldmaps and world views and how map and boundaries can be misused when we are not Literate, (are of Sign, Map, Model, Earth Literacy)
For Legacies' Sake - Issues - I'm finally getting down to compiling many of my literary musings into a book to be entitled, "For Legacies' Sake: Contemplating Inspiring Visions and Purposes for a Change". The focus of the book-my contemplations-are on how we need societal change to address the hollow legacies we are leaving to future generations, but at the same time, addressing the social and economic imperatives of our existing generations.
Foundations of a Holistic Science - The identification and elimination of unquestioned false beliefs and the unification of the best of modern science and ancient wisdom to derive a firm foundation for a holistic science upon which the new cycle of civilisation can make its stand.
Friendly Favors - Web tool to Connect with good people, to Access their resources and to meaningfully Acknowledge their generosity.
Gaia Peace Festival - A conscience collection of events, activities and groups that work together on specific days with a specific intentions to raise the consciousness in the earth's many grids of energy and to build happiness in our world.
galactik trading cards - Ritual divinatory tools featuring metapoetiks and amazing visionary art. These can be collected as single cards or got as a full set to make an oracle deck. Examples can be seen at
Gather the Men / Men in Balance - 1. To teach men to be quiet, to feel, to connect, to get out of their heads, to become whole, to be real and to be true, in order that we may bring peace, safety and right living to ourselves, our women and children, and our world. 2. To take our proper place as able guides, caretakers, protectors and providers to our women and children, and to our Earth.
Gathering of All Nations for 2000 Years - Multi Faith, Multi Cultural, Multi National, Multi Nations, Multi Lingual... "World Peace 2000 Australia" March 2002 event with 100,000 participants in Australia !
Global Creativity Network - Toward a more creativity-friendly world society: more creativity-friendly families, schools, institutions, and organizations.
Global Genius - A DNA research facility within a modern, ecological and peaceful utopian village. the latest in technology and research harmoniously balanced with the latest in conservation and healing arts.
Global healing New Moon 12-27-2008 - Global healing this New Moon 12-27-2008 This last solar year, my cyber magick group have been doing rituals each New Moon for various zones of the Earth, using Bucky Fuller's Dymaxion Map. Now for our 13th ritual this next New Moon, December 27th, we are capping it off with a focus on the whole globe. I'd like to invite others into our sacred circle and ask that people participate in which-ever way feels appropriate, from meditation, to saying a prayer or affirmation, to dreaming and ritual. Our main focus and purpose have been calling upon the harmonious forces from a future timeline of Earth, where humanity has transformed alot of our major global concerns and political, racism, and warring nature, and live in peace and a greater ethics of honoring one another's individual path as scared and as a contribution to the whole. (whew, never thought I could get all that into one sentence!). So please call in your guides, protectors and spiritual assistance to send the Earth some positive vibes and healing energy. Its definitely something that is needed and can only benefit us as a species and planetary family. Bucky Fuller's Dymaxion Map Peace, Ron Adams Sunwolf Frater Sabaechit
Global Love Day - Global Love Day Love Begins With Me May 1, 2009 Join people around the world in Celebrating and Expanding LOVE We are one humanity on this planet. All life is interconnected and interdependent. All share in the Universal bond of love. Love begins with self acceptance and forgiveness. With tolerance and compassion we embrace diversity. Together we make a difference through love. BE A PART OF IT. SPREAD THE WORD. globalloveday The Love Foundation, Inc., P.O. Box 10114, Tampa, FL 33679-0114 USA a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization
Global Resource Bank - A direct democratic institution where the creation of money is subject to the production of ecosystems. You own a share in the Bank as your birthright.
GoGuides.Org directory - Free Internet search directory from a virtual global community with a goal, to build and maintain a search directory in a democratic fashion.
Guardians of the Forest - 52-minute documentary on the impact of the cash economy on an indigenous rainforest tribe. The narration was co-scripted by me.
GURU - Global United Resources Unlimited GURU is a networking team dedicated to making things happen for the greater good of the whole. GURU has a team of professionals experienced in grant writing, project management and networking. GURU is dedicated to moving your projects rapidly forward. It is our intention to align and connect all altruistic people with projects and the recources to accomplish our aligned mutual goals. Contact mathuesiam at NCN ( to participate in our 'gold medal' networking effort.
Healing the Collective Shadow..Reclaiming our Planetary Soul - We are living in critical times... some would even say the "End Times". As a response to the heart felt prayer "What can I do to to help?" this Meetup group has been formed, and is a call out to all those who hope and believe that "Together, We Can Make a Difference!". In these gatherings, I shall facilitate and hold a sacred spiritual energetic space that will - with everyone's participation, powerfully shine a transformational healing light upon aspects of our individual and collective "Planetary Shadow". All those who show up for these meetup events are agreeing to be acted upon as conduits for this unique spiritual energetic work. Everyone - no matter what your belief system or spiritual accomplishment - is encouraged to attend (all brave hearts and open minds are welcome). As a service to Planet Earth and ALL upon her, Group Healings and/or Transmissions of these "particular" energies are freely offered to everyone. This meetup group promises to be Enlightening, Empowering, Provocative and Profound. If you truly want to "make a difference", this is the group for you! More info on David and his work may be found at First Group Healing is Saturday, Oct 27, 2007 at 7:00PM in Canoga Park, california (San Fernando Valley). See full event details, including location, at web link
Healing the Hearts Project - A collective multi-faith all-embracing prayer effort to send healing love/light/energy into the hearts of those involved in terrorist activity. Offers the participant the opportunity to heal own heart of fear.
Heart Rhythm Practices - Classes and workshops working with the Heart Rhythm Meditation and other practices developed by Puran and Susanna Bair from the teachings of the Sufi teacher Hazrat Inayat Khan.
Hemp Building - A project to use and promote Hemp builders and hemp houses
hivsnp listserv - Yahoo Group providing information on HIV Special Needs Plans.
IAPSR - Einstein@Home is a World Year of Physics 2005 project supported by the American Physical Society (APS) and by a number of international organizations including IAPSR. National Science Foundation (NSF) under Grant NSF-0200852 and by the Max Planck Gesellschaft (MPG). The Carl Sagan Center for the Study of Life in the Universe brings together leading researchers in a field often called "astrobiology." Our team focuses on a wide set of disciplines ranging from observing and modeling the precursors of life in the depths of outer space to studies of Earth, where we are attempting to learn more about how life began and how its many diverse forms have survived and evolved. Appropriate to the sweeping scope of this research, we have many partners in our work including NASA, the National Science Foundation, and major universities. Parapsychology - Research at the University of Mississippi on the evaluation of personality and scores on items such as life after death, OBE and spiritualism. IAPSR research in stress and pain elimination through magnetism, electromagnetic energy, plant research, Reiki, hypnosis, Qi-Gongfu, acupuncture, EFT, Sedona Method, Buddhist Meditation, etc.
Ideal Network Members Internet Site - Building replicated Internet site for Ideal Network Members... suggestions and help are appreciated.
Illuminati Society - A Society centered around a vast Library of rare information
InterMix - open source software project to create a collective voice for humanity on the web
Internet-Free Day - The slogan for this day is 'Log Out, Get Out, Get a Life! The real world needs you!' It's a day for turning off the computer and doing things together with friends in the real world. The virtual world is not enough. It's on the last Sunday in January each year.
Liberating the Hemp plant - My personal goal, and project in life, is the liberation of the Hemp (cannabis) plant. For centuries this herb has provided clothes, food, medicine and even joy to humans. Only since the industrial revolution and political corruption in the 1930's the competition this plant is to the chemical multinationals was eliminated with laws to prevent the use and distribution as much as possible. Cannabis is also a Sacrament and can be of many other uses for the people on our planet.
Liberty Dollar - Inflation-proof REAL money alternative to central bank paper fiat currency, 100% backed by gold and silver ith many Regional Currency Offices in the US and Canada.
Life Bank - a proposed human-needs based alternative economy.
Living Universe Foundation - Many sub-projects and related projects to LUF, which is an ambitious organization that seeks to preserve the ecology of the Earth while colonizing the oceans and outer space, all as part of humanity's attaining its highest possible scientific, humanitarian, and aesthetic development.
Locate Drum Jam gathering building in Austin - We are currently seeking a building in Austin, a warehouse, a club, or private residence, where we can host semi-monthly drum jams, rituals and gatherings. If you know of place, please vist our website and contact D'lana
Masculist Literature - Yahoo club to promote and encourage writers of male-positive literary works, with emphasis on helping new writers.
Medissage Centers for World Peace - The Medissage Centers For World Peace is a new branch of Medissage Centers specifically created to respond to human and environmental crises, disasters, emergencies, and development needs.
Motherland Project - The Motherland Project in North America: creating a Space of Love (a Kin's Domain) on our Motherland; so that within our selves we will define the essence of the Earth, and become aware of our destined purpose; so that the thought of each one of us will be brought into contact with the thought of God; in order that all human thought will merge into one. In doing so, we will be able to feel and understand the aspirations of the Divine dream and the gates of Paradise will open.
My Space -- New Civilization - Develop a forum to publicly pose the problem of civilization.
National At-Risk Education Network - The National At-Risk Education Network exists to facilitate the dissemination of information, support, and networking opportunities for educators dedicated to increasing the success and well-being of at-risk youth.
Neighborcare - An all-volunteer, joyful band of caregivers offering free-of-charge, health-related assistance to neighbors in thirteen towns on the Blue Hill, Maine peninsula and beyond who fall between the cracks of the healthcare system.(Click on link to read the Neighborcare Story.) "We are the angels we've been waiting for." - A collaborative project of community Web sites in eastern Massachusetts.
New Civilization Encino - Designing and operating models for a new civilization, since 1994. Time-money system, building designs for piece of land in Ojai, etc. Started as a many-to-many snail mail discussion in the 80s.
New Improve Empowerment Training Website - Level 1 The Foundation for Conscious Empowered Living Hello world, here is a website that my good friend Peter Lotterhos has been putting on for years. I personally known him and the actual experience doing the basic course was truly amazing experience for me and others who I met during and after the course. The course allows you to open your mind in a different perceptive to explore things that you know you didn't know or did know. Does that kind of sound strange? Yes, I think that if I were some one else reading this, I would say that sounds crazy and yet that is my interpretation of things and may not be yours. However, on the website the terminology may seem a bit confusing, but you will understand them once you have completed the course. Wow, I will tell you from my experience it was one of the best things' I have yet done. It does not tell you what to do, how to change your life, how to be, or etc. It clearly opens your eyes to new possibilities in life. The first level teaches you a lot about conscious living and how you will know if you are truly being conscious or not. I have to admit this though, a lot of people who are reading this may not either (like my self)like admitting to the truth. So be aware that if you do not like admitting about the truth, then this course might scare you away. Simple why the reason people (like myself) are scared to admit they truth because we feel that we are wrong or worried about what something or someone else may think of us (me); whither or not if we admit it. Those same thoughts are created by are fears that runs are minds on autopilot. Ultimately, it is not about being right or wrong, who is right or wrong, and in fact if there is a right or wrong. It is only are interpretations on what we might think what is (right) or (wrong). Honestly, if I were to ask you to literally point out to (right) or (wrong), could you touch it? If you can not touch it does it exist? Let me give you another example; If I were to ask you to point out to human hair, could you touch it? Ummm, do you see the difference in what is and what isn't? I can, and I can see why we think certain things to be true. On the same note, I am not making this particularly point wrong either. I am stating what is and also it is called sharing (the bottom line truth). I have realize that we create the feeling inside that merely manifest your outcome in life. Have you ever herd the saying you are what you eat, or read. The same thing is true about what you see and hear is what your brain records. So be careful of what you take in because there are times when you will not notice that your brain is recording. Shifting gears, the basic course is the ultimate experience and everyone would benefit from it. It does not matter how much you already know, because knowing can lead to the end of learning new things. When life throws you opportunities most of us miss out because we think we already know the answer. When we have answers we unconsciously stop thinking at the moment and do not realize that we had stop and miss out an opportunity. I been there and done that (in fact still do it, I am human). So, do not miss this life thrilling experience. You get to met new people who are friendly, down to earth people, who are extremely nice and easy to relate too. I love meeting new people in all types and forms of ways. You never know what or who you might come across when experiencing life. Life is an experience and your outcomes are not from your achievement but are from you participating along the way. So be involve and participate, you will love it. If you are more interested about the course clink on this link or type in this web address. or if you would like to learn more about who I am you can contact me through my personal e-mail at I have enjoyed sharing with you about my new transformation and I hope to meet you soon. Have a great day.
Niai Voyages - Dolphin Wellness Retreat to Kona Hawaii. Learn to connect and appreciate the beauty of nature in the playful sprit of Aloha . Discover the sacred sites of the Big Island of Hawaii, while developing your HSP with the Mastery of Awareness™ class. Receive and give Hydropathic Healing... Change your awareness -- change your life. Next 2013 voyages April 13 to the 19 and April 20 to the 26. Space is limited - reserve by April 1st.
NY-NJ-DrumCircles - The NY-NJ DrumCircles mailing list is a webbased resource for anyone in New York and New Jersey who loves spiritual drumming. Other modalities of sound and vibration as expressed through sacred instruments, crystal and/or tibetan singing bowls, voice and more are welcome as well. This project is designed to develop the practice of community drumming as a way of inner connecting with spirit, one's higher self, and with each other. Visit the links page (bookmarks) of our site to go to drum circle finders to find drum circles in the US and anywhere around the world.
Open World - Network of Travellers promoting Cultures of Initiative and Empowerment, Facilitating and Opening Up Spaces for Dialogue, Critical Thinking, Understanding, Cooperation, Knowledge Building , Sharing of Information, Project Development, and Alternative Lifestyles.
Oral Traditions - Oral Traditions are the stories of primal peoples passed on from generation to generation: we are seeking oral traditions of those who would like to share in front of a group. We would like to invite healers who work with Light Beings: we are holding space for speakers. We especially would like to hear from Near Death Experiencers for our San Francisco Bay Area IANDS meetings in Belmont, south of San Francisco, CA.
Organelle - Organelle is a growing team of people committed to the realization of our cognitive potentials and birthrights. It is sourced in a simple set of toys and stories that result in direct and unique contact with sentient hyperstructures (gods, animals, etc).
Paulo Freire Freedom School - A small public middle school (grades 6-8) in Tucson, AZ. Paulo Freire provides powerful, transformative teaching and learning within appropriately structured learning environments dedicated to the integral development of individuals and communities for a more just and sustainable world.
Peace Travelers Network - A developing do-it-yourself global network of bed & breakfast Centers modeled on San Franciscos beloved Red Victorian Bed, Breakfast & Art, each Center reflecting and supporting its local culture. "Linking travelers and locals who are changing the world"
Peace Travelers Network - Part cultural and community centers, part international rest stops PEACE TRAVELERS CENTERS will form a network of self-supported, linked hubs dedicated to affirming the Earth Charter and a culture of peace.
Perisanna - The focus of Perisanna is the linkage of like minds and kindred spirits towards the goal of world prosperity, peace, health and happiness. Perisanna is a bridge to these areas of interest that are funding global housing, health, education and communication.
Poetry Challenge - Challenging youth at schools, all ages, and their parents and teachers, to learn a poem by heart, sponsored by friends for a non-profit cause of their choice
Procivilization - Project Procivilization contains the "antidote" to the Anticivilization. Now you've gotta click here, right? :o)
Project Idenics - To understand Creative Processes and John Galusha's research line which culminated in Idenics.
Psychomagick - A system of psychospiritual development using both personal and transpersonal techniques, exercises and disciplines to demonstrate and practice the truth of the synergetic relationship between MAGICK (imagination directing the soul towards the Cosmos) and PSYCHOTHERAPY - experiencing repressed childhood feelings of sadness, aloneness and the like (feelings directing the soul towards the Self) - between the personal and the transpersonal. Synergetic in that each triggers and augments the other by each facilitating an open throughput for personal and cosmic energy. Opening Our Imagination to the Cosmos - Our Feelings to the Self.
Reconnection Magazine Online - Re:connection A grassroots mindset magazine is a seasonal earth based publication linking local grassroots communities from across British Columbia. Re:connection endeavors to facilitate the growth and prosperity of our collective visions and local economies.
Shamans Summit - A gathering of shamanic leaders providing workshops on various shamanic practices to help heal the Earth, and ourselves. Sponsored by the Metis Medicine Society, the Family of Light Healing Centre,Inland Northwest Holistic Chamber of Commerce, the Buffalo Trace Society.
SNM Integrative Health Alliance for Injured Warriors, Vets & Families - SNM Alliance Meetings ( Co-Team Leadership Meeting - 1st. Wednesday every month & General Meeting - 3rd Wednesday every month); Branigan Library, Las Cruces, NM
Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs - Member projects of SEE, which is a resource center for non-profits. SEE has assisted these projects and organizations in operating as non-profits.
Southern Latitudes - family oriented community in Panama.
Spectrum Academy Youth Village - We live what we learn. We present this concept as a way to change what children, especially those at risk, learn about life. It is based on a simple act of kindness, offering them a new experience to shape their understanding of life. We suggest that changing the way we address these youth will ultimately change our world. Using a village environment specifically designed for empowering youth may be the answer. Our concept includes a master-planned development with business partnerships, collaborative alliances, and child/family team decision-making in a peer community. It is conscientiously designed to support itself financially within five years of opening. Beginning as a non profit endeavor, built-in features will empower and propel youth and adults into productive community involvement, greatly reducing the current trend.
Staring Homelessness In The Eye - A more aggressive, pro-active take on easing the pain of community homelessness. I'm gathering personal essentials to hand out to those in our county that call the outdoors their living room.
Stop State Terror - The combination of desire, sharp mind, kind soul and tolerance is a key to the decision almost all problems in the peace way. Just there, where does not get one of elements of this combination it is equilvalent to manufacturing of a key which does not approach to the problem lock.
Structural Deep Democracy(SD2) - Structural Deep Democracy(SD2) is a non-ideological approach to organizing collective action and solving world problems. SD2 uses PageRank as a centrality algorithm to analyze votes to determine the center of TRUST and CONSENT in a human trust network. The top three or five lead such an organization with one of them as the executive. This creates a small and efficient locus of trust and accountability to lead the organization. Frequent rank recalulations are used to keep the leadership accountable to the group as a whole.
Sufi workshops - Organizing and participating in workshops and retreats in the tradition of Universal Sufism as taught by Hazrat Inayat Khan who came to the west from India in 1910.
TANAH TUJUH: Close Encounters with the Temuan Mythos - Cosmomythological overview of Temuan folklore and essays on my life amongst an indigenous rainforest tribe of Peninsular Malaysia. With Temuan Glossary. Published in March 2007 by Silverfish Books, Kuala Lumpur.
Tetworld Center for Peace and Global Gaming - The center is dedicated to achieving Peace Through Development by designing, building and deploying a global strategic "game" as proposed by Buckminster Fuller, to "make the world work for everyone".
Tetworld Global Game - The Tetworld Game is based on Buckminster Fuller's concept for a computer, global data, and internet based global game to "make the world work for everyone".
The Al-Lail playground project - The project entitles making a playground for the Kids of Afghanistan out of donated and discarded materials such as used tires and wood posts etc. The main component of such a playground design is that it fits in to local culture and gives them a project to work together with and feel a sense of acomplishment through. These projects serve to stimulate social interaction and creative play, with the objective to stimulate post-war healing by fostering creativity and cooperative play among the deprived youth.
The Al-Lail playground project - The project entitles making a playground for the Kids of Afghanistan out of donated and discarded materials such as used tires and wood posts etc. The main component of such a playground design is that it fits in to local culture and gives them a project to work together with and feel a sense of acomplishment through. These projects serve to stimulate social interaction and creative play, with the objective to stimulate post-war healing by fostering creativity and cooperative play among the deprived youth.
The Ark - A proposed community based grassroots economic network.
The Book of Storms - IO is an online school for the training of Empaths and Intuitives of all types. It is the world's first school of Implicate (empath) Psychology. Empath Psychology is a branc of transpersonal psychology. It is the only official source for the Book of Storms Series, a unique training approach for developing ultimate states of consciousness and being. IO offers personal programs for transformation and growth as well as certification programs for Empaths who wish to practice professionally. We have a great support system and three online training campus' where you can study or get assistance and support as an Empath.
The C.O.U.N.C.I.L. - The C.O.U.N.C.I.L. stands for Consortium Of Universal Networkers Creating Illumination and Love. It is a mailing list of people from all over the world. Our main objective is to increase world enlightenment, we host many Global Meditations and organize Super-Global-Meditations
The Circle of People Project - Based on an original sculptural model which is being enlarged to monumental size for placement in different world locations. Represents the nine founding peoples of the world in ancient mythology.
The Global Ideas Bank - Gathering socially innovative ideas. Awards are given out to the best ideas every year. The ideas are published in yearly books and on the website. All ideas can be rated on the site.
The International Journal of Humanities and Peace - In its 17th year of publication, IJHP is dedicated to achieving Peace Through Development--and each issues presents articles and ideas by leading thinkers and academics from around the world.
The InventSchool Program - An educational program on inventive creativity and development of technical inventions and social innovations. Government and private/non-government organizations in developing and less-developed countries may set-up their respective country-based InventSchools. Contact The Likhaan Group, Inc. in the Philippines at, or
The Mayan Childrens' Dance School - The Temple of the Deer initiated the support of the Mayan Childrens' Dance School founded by Elder Rigoberto Itzep Chanchavac of the Kiche tradition. Children are taught the symbolisim and correct interpretation of their Mayan Language. Children are taught the Mayan Ritual Dances. This will preserve the ancient wisdom of the Maya from generation to generation. This is an ongoing project. We are grateful to Aluna Joy Yaktin for the beautiful Web Page she has created. To find out how you may participate go to web link. Thank you. In La'kech
The Millionaire Action Plan - A year long educational and practical application process designed to create 100 new millionaires.
the Nu-Zhen Temple - a massive undertaking, a temple built and designed for self-sufficiency and energy provision, built with limestone and solar panels, lightning conduits and a capacitation grid, crystallized supercomputers, housing over 60 levels of dancefloors, meditation complexes, data networks, classrooms, and living quarters.
The Omniverse Project - The Omniverse Project aims to make the world a better place by promoting an integrated world view; holistic and systemic thinking; quality of life and self-sufficiency in terms of community, finances, health, and harmony with nature; environmental issues.
The Peace Room - a social function supporting the emergence of a conscious planetary culture. By Barbara Marx Hubbard and the Foundation for Conscious Evolution.
The Popol Valley Retreat Center - Member of the Mayan Ceremonial Center founded by Elder Hunbatz-men, of the Maya Itza Tradition, for studies and cultural dissemination. "The Center will integrate ecological systems-both indigenous and contemporary- throughout its domain, and its inhabitants will attempt to live according to natural law, in order to demonstrate that economic depressions are due largely to the fact that people have became estranged from the ecological laws of nature." Elder Hunbatz Men. Temple of the Deer Wisdom School is working to establish a Spiritual Retreat Center where Initiates of the various schools may come to rest in quietness and peace. There will be a Temple, Fountain of Wisdom, Garden,7 Cabins (See Sample), 1 Classroom and Media Center, among other necessary facilities. Please contact for further informaiton.
The Rainbow Bridge - The Rainbow Bridge is an exciting global project whose goal is to facilitate the emergence of a global wisdom-based culture of peace. The Rainbow Bridge: Universal Book of Living, Dying and Dreaming is a book that illuminates the common ground in all of the world's major religions in less than 150 pages. It distills the heart essence of all religions into an easy to read, simple book that is now being translated by volunteers into thirty two languages in addition to English.
The Seedling Project - an outreach project for prisoners across the U.S. Monthly newsletter, radio broadcasts and more.
The Spiritual - A unique resource of spirituality, presenting rare texts and insights on the subjects of mind-brain duality, thoughtlessness, Pragnya (prajna) and mediation
The Venus Project - The redesign of a culture. Designs and experimental contruction works by Jacques Fresco in Venus, Florida. - A coming together of several teachers, metaphysicians, and healers who are sharing their experience (along with those who are our members). Meant to be a social network of like minds to assist in sharing information and experiences.

Understanding creation - Researching the starting point and current status of creation interdimensionally to promote equality in all existence
united states presidential 2008 candidate republican stephen d macmillan - presidential candidate 2008 republican former gubernatorial massachusetts 2006 helped invent the internet microcom 1980's first public company navy vet michigan
World Peace 2000 - One day in peace, January 1st 2000.

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