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 How dare you! NASA8 comments
7 Feb 2004 @ 09:17, by bushman. Extraterrestrials
If this info is true, it's enough reason to revolt.
In re: the rabbit eared looking object that seems to have been removed from the 360 pic by the Opertunity rover on Mars. The cover up has to stop.

Latest Update link to this story: Shows that the Oppertunity rover delibritly ran over the rabbit eared object, you can see it crushed into the rover track. But, I guess it proves that it was just an odd shaped chunk of c02 snow, like all those sphericals you can see all over the soil.

Here is an updated link so you wont have to scroll to the bottom to find it, if you allready read the original post.

Links from original post.



Even more.

Then someone noticed this object.

In this link, the person obviously forgot the rover lander has airbags, and they left bounce marks, so the link below shows an airbag bounce mark, and the lander rolled down hill before they deflated the bags. As well a comment asks why theres no tracks behind the rover, but there are tracks right there in the pic, lol, so this commenter obviously didnt have his glasses on nor did he read any of the press releases about it.
Sorry, it appears the link below was removed, or the info was moved to one of the other links above.

Still there is enough info to say NASA is covering up what they are finding on Mars. I do agree that the object could be a fulgerite, still the object warrents investigation, and in the newest pics you can see they drove right by it, as well you can see the rover tracks where it kicked its back half over to the right about 8 inches, now do the math, how much range of motion does that translate into at the arm? I'd say 6 feet, so they did look at the object and then dug a trench with the wheel and burried it. The trench digging move was the next thing on the list, they didnt show pics of spirits trench either, because they found that the surface soil is dry, but under it is semi frozen permafrost, Mars is wet, real wet. NASA had a press release up explaining the trench diging thing, and now thats gone too. How dare them!

Some updated comments to the original post.

Also I found this animation of the microscopic imager, smashing or pressing the soil down to test compaction tendecies of the soil. What you see is very intresting as to the small white spherical objects on the soil. Notice you see them then you see the press mark and all the white things seem to of disappered, or got pressed into the soil. This is not the case, those white spherical objects are basicly balls of dry ice crystals, micro c02 balls, the arm is heated so when it pressed down on the soil, poof, gone, turned to c02 gas. Also notice that 2 of the ice chunks stuck to the plate that pressed the soil, the arm is heated but the chunks stuck to the coldest part of the plate the left edge.

The larger annimation is at the bottom of this link.

Here see if this works so you don't have to download a large file. :}

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 Inter-Galactic and Inter-Dimensional Forces have established a field of Great Pr0 comments
20 Jan 2004 @ 14:13, by adi. Extraterrestrials
Inter-Galactic and Inter-Dimensional Forces have established a field of Great Protection throughout this planet which is eliminating ALL of the negative forces throughout this planet's system of Being!

* * *

JL Rpt Jan 13 - "VERY SERIOUS ACTIONS were taken today that put a 'VERY BIG DENT' in the armour of the dark side! He said these 'actions' were SO STRONG the dark side WILL NEVER RECOVER FROM IT!
He would not give me any further details--only saying we are on the ROAD TO PEACE...

This quote is from the Jennifer Lee Report for Tuesday, January 13th, 2004

She is quoting a Mr.X......

It was post #20915 on the The Multi-Dimensional News Portal

I had been receiving a telepathic hint for the previous three days, and I began experiencing it happening on the morning of the 14th......

Here is the telepathic information that I received on Jan. 14th:

Since early yesterday, the Inter-Galactic and Inter-Dimensional Forces have established a field of Great Protection throughout this planet which is eliminating ALL of the negative forces throughout this planet's system of Being!

This is the result of the requests by so many for Higher Intervention to provide us with the Protection needed from
these negativities.

Here's another person's post re their experience ...

"Spiritus Sanctus" wrote:
I have been experiencing it too Adi...I could hardly sleep last consciousness was expanding so effortlessly and comfortably into so many things. Healing and insight, timelessness and unity. I felt the negative as becoming a vague forgotten memory lost in the mists of time, like a dream.



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 First Contact and 'Popular Mechanics'6 comments
18 Jan 2004 @ 14:38, by craiglang. Extraterrestrials
An interesting article appears in the upcoming February 2004 issue of Popular Mechanics, entitled "When UFOs Arrive". In it, they talk about the possibility of First Contact (which they state is in the future), and what human reaction will be.

It is interesting to note two main classes of reactions considered by the article. One from the scientific community, and the other from the US Government/Military.

The article initially describes how there will be "obvious signs of their approach", presumably radar or radio contact. Then it goes on to describe the SETI Declaration of Principles regarding first contact, which could roughly be described as "be absolutely sure, then tell everybody".

The most interesting thing in this reaction-scenario is the assumption that the scientific (e.g. SETI) community would somehow be the leaders in a contact scenario. The article then goes on to demolish this assumption, describing what would probably ACTUALLY happen - government/military takeover of the contact scenario, and a heavy handed treatment of the Visitors.

A hint of this can be gleaned from the Brookings Report of 1960 - which describes many of the implications of open first contact, as envisioned at that time. It suggests government responses to contact, and suggests that contact would be harmful to humanity. The resultant government policy appears to be one of heavy-handed hostility towards any E.T. Visitors that are unlucky enough to fall into the hands of human (at least U.S.) officialdom.

On page 57, The PopMech article section entitled "State of Emergency" reads as follows: "If ET Turns up at NASA's doorstep, bearing that invitation [CL Note: from Pioneer 11], it is in for a surprise. Instead of getting a handshake from the head of NASA, it will be handcuffed by an FBI agent dressed in a Biosafety Level 4 suit. Instead of sleeping in the Lincoln Bedroom at the WHite House, the alien will be whisked away to the Depertment of Agriculture's Animal Disease center..."

This appears to be the description - probably accurate - of what US policy would actually be in the event of open contact with ETI. This appears to have been the case during the recovery of whatever came down in the 1965 UFO Crash at Kecksburg PA. According to descriptions, in a very short time, the military had thoroughly secured the scene, and had recovered the object, which was never again to be seen by anyone without a (very, very) high security clearance.

This suggests that the mainstream scientific community would probably be in about the same boat as the UFO community - locked out by the military powers-that-be, and subject to the same apparent coverup which has bedeviled UFO research for the last 50-plus years.

So what does this suggest would be the most likely contact scenario. Would E.T. simply walk into a situation such as this? Presumably, they would be well aware of the situation on the world they were contacting (e.g. us). And therefore, presumably they would not walk into the ugly situation described in the PopMech article. We can assume that, being at least as smart as we are, they would instead choose some means of contact that would be under their control, and on their terms. And this leads us to the question - is this not already occurring?

The primary assumption that the article, and presumably the scientific community also makes, is that contact hasn't happened yet. But given the massive amount of evidence, and reports such as the Sturrock Report, and the Cometa Report, I think we can pretty much conclude that some form of contact has already occurred. This very conservative conclusion does not even begin to include the vast number of people (including several on NCN) who have described close encounter experiences. So, from that point of view alone, I think it is safe to say that the "long-awaited" first contact has already begun. (for a good report on Alien Abduction read the book "Alien Discussions, an account of the M.I.T Abduction Study", in which there was a very credible study of the abduction phenomenon led by David and Andrea Pritchard)

James Deardorff in his article "Possible ExtraTerrestrial Strategy for Earth" (included in the book "Alien Update" by Timothy Good), describes how there would probably be a gradual process of acclimation by the more advanced E.T. society. This would probably include contact at the individual, grass-roots level, long before any kind of open, official contact was made.

So in the end, the one scenario that is most likely - and indeed, is probably occurring at the present time (See the posting "The Day the Earth Stood Still: Thoughts on Why They're Here"), seems to be the one which is completely overlooked by the PopMech article. One wonders, is this due to oversight or denial? Is it simply arrogance? Or is there some other reson that we haven't - or perhaps don't want to talk about?

Whatever the answer, the complete lack of the present-contact scenario in the article speaks volumes about the authors, and in all probability about human officialdom, as well.  More >

 Who's We?3 comments
13 Apr 2003 @ 20:32, by craiglang. Extraterrestrials
A few years ago, as several friends and I were talking about going to a rather popular restaurant, one friend quipped "Oh, nobody goes there anymore. It's too crowded...". I smiled yesterday afternoon, as I was reminded of this remark during a discussion we had at the most recent Minnesota MUFON meeting.

On the second Saturday of each Minnesota MUFON holds our regular meeting, which is open to the public. During the last half-hour-or-so, of each meeting, we often have an open mike session - discussions where anyone can make comments. I had just given a talk on the topic of ET contact, and so, the general discussion centered around possible open ET contact at some time in the near future. I indicated that I didn't feel that this was likely. I suggested that humanity is not ready for contact, simply because it's single biggest endeavor is war (see the article "The Day the Earth Stood Still: Thoughts on Why They're Here" for some thoughts on this topic).

I indicated that at the present time "We" (meaning humanity) are very much dis-united. Individual humans give their allegiance to smaller units within our overall world civilization - nations, religions, individual leaders, etc. As long as we generally think in terms of "I", or a smaller-scoped "we" [and at times this author is certainly not immune to this thinking, either], then humanity will probably not be a very good neighbor.

As I was referring to "humanity", I casually used the term "We". And that's when the fun began...

As soon as I had made my comment, a person sitting in the back row jumped up and shouted angrily, "Who's this 'We'? Don't count me as part of this 'disunity' you're talking about!" At this point the person sitting in front of him replied that the responder had just proved my point. Like my friend's remark of a few years ago, this was one of those delghtful paradoxes in logic. And it just made me smile...

To me, it is plausible that humanity is not yet ready for membership in what I imagine is a "Galactic Club" out there. This will be the case until there is a deep, underlying shift in the global human consciousness. As a species, and for each human as an individual, there must come this shift in focus from I and small-we, to Global-WE [and just like this author, most of us probably still have alot to learn]. Until that time, very little overt contact will likely take place - and humanity will remain isolated from the rest of those "out there".

I offer the guess that if our civilization can survive the coming generation or two without destroying itself, we may well accomplish the needed shift in consciousness. And networks such as NCN, and other similar efforts pave the way to this paradigm shift - bringing us into coming Awakening.

In the mean time, while I suspect that there are many members of the "Club" out there, perhaps watching us closely - I would bet that few of them actually visit Earth. As long as we make comments such as "Who's WE? - Don't include ME in that!" - I suspect that the Visitors will probably limit their involvement to observation, abduction and other such covertness. There will be minimal contact with our overcrowded and dangerous world.

And so, maybe, my friend's comment takes on new meaning. Perhaps, indeed, almost nobody goes to Earth because it's too crowded...  More >

 Worldwide Contact with Extra-Terrestrials ONLINE PETITION to the UN1 comment
15 Jul 2002 @ 17:35, by adi. Extraterrestrials
With good faith in peace and equality we ask that a forum and a United Nations Body be set up to handle Worldwide Contact with Extra Terrestrials. Also that a landing place for initial contact be made available on United Nations Soil. That all information and such contact be bro adcast live Worldwide, using every available media. The belief that anything that effects the World as a whole should be dealt with the World as a whole. In the fact that we are all equal citizens of the earth with rights inherent to all life. It is these rights we draw upon as citizens of the earth universally. As it is The United Nations mandate to deal with issues and rights of the peoples of the world It is within the powers of the United Nations to deal with such an issue and phenomenon.  More >

 Recent UFO Sightings8 comments
picture1 Dec 2001 @ 06:19, by sea. Extraterrestrials
The recent increase in ufo sightings, especially in the U.S. have me wondering. Are occurences really increasing? Are we just watching the skys more after the events of Sept. 11, 2001? Or are we just seeing things out of paranoia due to the recent events? Just another 'point to ponder'.

Check out the following reports:  More >

 Sightings, Reports & Articles:
picture20 Oct 2001 @ 13:51, by sindy. Extraterrestrials
NOTE: Some of the following events are purely anecdotal and may not have been investigated. Many are simply the witness's initial report. They are included here exactly as they were received and should be considered for information purposes only. With careful investigation, the majority of sightings ultimately turn up a natural or prosaic explanation... but a small number do remain mysterious, highly strange and 'unidentified' in spite of our best efforts.  More >

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