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 fbi hacks my NEWCIV Site. 0 comments
picture23 Sep 2010 @ 18:13, by gsosbee. Ideas, Creativity
My material at NEWCIV is now visible to the public. Thanks to NEWCIV for allowing me to post. The fbi has proven that by hacking my NEWCIV data, this government is out of control.

Here is a post, for example, that worries the assassins:

*Must prosecute fbi/cia Assassins For Clandestine Murders.


*[Because otherwise,wholesale extermination of dissidents becomes public policy.]

The central question of our time is to determine how many people globally have been murdered by fbi/cia operatives in covert, illegal, counterintelligence programs, etc., by methods (among others) described in the links below.As the crime of murder has no time limits for court prosecutions, we must prosecute the criminals in the fbi/cia who are responsible for the crimes suggested herein.

[La question centrale de notre époque est de déterminer combien de personnes dans le monde ont été assassinés par le FBI / CIA operatives dans clandestines, illégales programmes de contre-espionnage, etc, par des méthodes (entre autres) décrit dans les liens ci-dessous.Comme le crime de assassiner ne pas a des délais pour les poursuites judiciaires, nous devons poursuivre les criminels au sein du FBI / CIA qui sont responsables des crimes suggérés.]

(obscure methods to torture & kill):


an hysterical fbi operative engaged in criminal stalking):


Kidney stone assault:


My personal reports:


Summary of intel community global crimes:


My suggestion on what we must do to survive:


Infection placed in tooth #14:


Death messages:


Horrendus program designed to force suicide:




Painful directed energy assaults 24/7 for the life of the Target:


Tracking device that itself causes life threatening risks:


Cointel program:


My Note:

The president 'presides' over fbi/cia sponsored chaos, murder and global
terror. The world's population must focus on the real problem: the fbi/cia cointelpro which in one form or another threatens all peoples:

For the layman, 'cointelpro' may be loosely defined as information and technology systematically used by government agents and operatives (particularly fbi/cia) who, while asserting powerful influence over all branches of government at all levels (including the judiciary), engage in torture, imprisonment or murder of an expanding number of Targets.

A form of genocide is apparently in the making whereby a massive program (sometimes referred to as 'cointelpro') is now underway to remove/kill/control large numbers of people. Only a few Targets have credibility because an integral part of the deadly operation is to discredit people who try to report the crimes associated with such operations.

Efforts by the fbi operatives to unlawfully assault and try to arrest me:


Medical authorities including doctors help the fbi assassins:


False medical report by apparent fbi operative /medical doctor:


My sworn affidavit:


Finally prisoners are largely innocent on a relative basis:


New Hacking by fbi at different forum:

The fbi hacks my post at:


Then, I try to correct the typos, but again I notice the following fbi dirty work on line; note that fbi operative Upton is probably the fbi operative who hacks the report;the first entry is the typo, followed by my correction:

link deleted by fbi:

I tried...
fbi deletes this link:

August 31, 2013
From Harlingen, Texas

The same fbi criminal cyberstalker, torturer and assassin who calls himself j. robert upton, aka paint me doubtful, etc., is now very busy trying to frighten the public against Geral Sosbee:

The fbi in efforts to cover up their own crimes as documented by ex fbi agent Geral Sosbee (US Army combat veteran) publicly portrays him as a potential mass murderer:

fbi operative assassin ‘Paint Me Doubtful’ publicly announces that he (Geral Sosbee)

"…is planning an act of terrorism, or maybe he is getting ready to shoot up a school or theater. I think it is time to find out what the fbi knows about geral, and why he is such a danger to the public. He is obviously mentally incompetent, so maybe, just maybe another mass murder will be prevented by this surveillance."


My report of fbi's inhumane efforts to silence me (alt links):


August 27,2015
Fbi resumes hacking my NewCiv site and hides two of my reports.  More >

 Who Wins?331 comments
picture22 Sep 2010 @ 02:15, by koravya. Ideas, Creativity
Picked this guy up from the middle of a strip of Two Lane asphalt.
I was out on a little drive around through the Mojave Desert Preserve.
Looking for Tomorrow.  More >

 Our StressOut Program for Suicide Prevention with Mindfulness660 comments
picture21 Sep 2010 @ 23:48, by jerryvest. Ideas, Creativity
Our international health promotion team is a modest effort, but hopefully an expanding opportunity, to awaken individuals, couples, families, groups, organizations and communities to an awareness that touch or physical interaction with mindfulness, respect and love are basic human need requirements for safety, survival, resiliency, and for the wellbeing of humanity and all that exists. Our 15-Minute StressOut Program is a great model of Quality Care and Best Practice Research for bringing about change and improvement for the quality of lives, health and relationship throughout our society and beyond.

This past week I was invited to present our safe,skillful and nourishing touch program for soldiers, families and health care professionals at White Sands Missile Range as part of their Suicide Prevention Awareness Program. As we know, physical interaction or touch is one of our basic human need requirements for learning, relating and for experiencing health and wellbeing. Our soldiers were very brave to partner up and give each other one of our "StressOuts" as described in our 15 minute stressout website-- [link]

I also introduced some mindful exercises, breathing, and meditations to support their daily health. There is a lot of evidence that these long and multiple tours produce an injury in the body, mind, emotions, spirit and social relations that is commonly referred to as PTSD. Unfortunately, most mental/behavioral health systems don't include integrative health practices, especially massage & meditation. These methods reduce the agitation, anger, isolation, fear and lonliness, while promoting circulation, healing, and interaction with all of the organs, nervous, muscular-skeleton, skin-protective, digestive and cardia-vascular systems. The brain and other systems are also energized and support the healing processes.

Everyone in this massage forum knows the benefits of massage and integrative health practices, but our conventional mental health and academic therapeutic programs are still mostly skeptical and fearful of touch. I introduce many research programs and guidelines for the safe and skillful use of touch on our forum as well. I recommend that all of our team members and students, visit Dr. Zur's website for the most thorough understanding of the myth of the use of touch by all professionals, health and human service programs.

Anyway, it is good that our program is being used in many military programs and we will continue to advance our safe, skillful, ethical and nourishing touch program in all human and social service programs.

Note: Picture is clinic staff and soldiers in medical clinic learning to give and receive our Stressout Program during Suicide Prevention Week.  More >

 Quote for today...
20 Sep 2010 @ 21:24, by susannahbe. Ideas, Creativity
You wander from room to room
Hunting for the diamond necklace
That is already around your neck!

— Rumi


 From "Max Sandor's Tales to his grandson"439 comments
picture16 Sep 2010 @ 19:00, by jhs. Ideas, Creativity
Chapter 55
Learning how to subtract

Max: "Anthony, look at that tree!"
(Anthony looks)
Max: "Thank you! How many monkeys do you see in that tree?"
Anthony: "Three."
Max: "That's right. Now, if one of the monkeys would fall from the tree, how many monkeys would there be left?"
Anthony: "Monkeys don't fall from trees. Leaves, dead branches, Abacates (1), Açai. Goioba, Maracuja, and Carambola, all these can fall from trees. But monkeys don't. But Cajá-manga and Guabiroba and Jatobá and..."
Max: "Ok, Ok, thank you! Let's just say one of the monkeys would come down to get a banana or something. How many monkeys would there be left in the tree?"
Anthony: "They ate the last of our bananas yesterday, don't you remember, you said /(%"£..."
Max: "Ok, ok, ok, you're right again. So let's assume one of the tree monkeys would come down from the tree to play with you, How many monkeys would there be left in the tree?"
Anthony: "No monkey would come down there. Our Rottweilers are sitting in front of that tree."
Max: "Very well so, Let's say I would call now the Rotties to come over here to play with us and then...
Anthony: "...they wouldn't come if you would call them. They listen only to me."
Max: "Ok, ok, ok, ok. Then let's say YOU would call them, and then one of the monkeys could come down, and then, please tell me, how many monkeys are there in that tree?"
Anthony: "Look, there are now four of them. They got something to play with!"
Max: "Fine. Do you see what they're playing with? Let's see how many monkeys would there be left if two of them would escape with the thing they're playing with? What is that thing?"
Anthony: "It's your wallet. Look they play with your credit cards! Now, let's say you had 5 credit cards and the monkeys took away two of them. Tell me, how many cards do you have left, Max? Max?? Maaax?????"
Max (running&screaming): "&()/&%$$$£)..."

(1) Brazilian fruits native to the Sandorian Grove, such as Mutamba, Pequi, Taperebá, Cupuaçu, Mangaba, Siriguela, Pinha, Pitanga, Sapotí. Umbú, just to name a few more..  More >

 Germany, Uruquay, and Applied Quantum Theory29 comments
picture11 Jul 2010 @ 14:31, by jhs. Ideas, Creativity
Germany arrived at the very last second of the match for the third place [link] of the Worldcup 2010 with a one goal lead and the Mexican referee granted a free kick [link] to the team of Uruguay.

I heard a scream in my head "Don't look! Don't look!". It was my mother, God bless her, who raised from her grave to give me one more advice. She was convinced that 'not looking' would help to avert such serious danger. And so it did! I turned my head away, and, and, and, Forlan hit the cross bar. [link]

It worked!!! Both my mother and Quantum Theory were right on! Thank you for all!

But then, some people do the opposite, they STARE at an event to make it work. Whatever the resulting eigenvalue may sum up to, that is the big question.

The property of non-locality of the 'hidden variable' postulated by Einstein, Podolsky (not the one in the German soccer team!), Rosen, Bohm, etc pp is still at debate for whoever cares to argue about.

Meanwhile our ancestors, riding the wave across time through our memories, are still acting up to lend their support to vital questions such as national honor and whether eggs should be fried with butter or with olive oil.

For my part I am convinced that the question of the 'hidden variables', aka Quantum Potential, has been solved thousands of years ago through the system of Ifá and its 256 possible potentials; 256 of them, not 242 as Alain Aspect and Paul Kwiat have counted [link] .

The proof is in the pudding, of course, as we all know (and our mothers, too): the moment you look, it already changes. And if you don't look, whoever plays Germany will hit the cross bar instead of making a goal! This is the crux of quantum events and Ifá alike: you can never prove it being correct using the established 'scientific method' [link], the Pater Noster [link] of Science, the post-positivistic religion of our times.

Well, I shall use the few hours before the final of the wordcup 2010 to meditate once more about the ancient Koan "are the hidden variables of Ifá (the 'Odu') local or non-local"? Please join me in my meditation! Dive deep into the morphogenetic field and the living memory of our ancestors to find the solution to all the questions that were never asked!  More >

 The Purpose45 comments
picture9 Jul 2010 @ 11:07, by Unknown. Ideas, Creativity
The Purpose of the Day

The purpose of the day is to meet our needs,
and then our wants,
and then our dreams,
and then I suppose all those vain and useless things we
are at liberty and foolishness to sometimes desire.
And then to rest and behold dawn breaks and we
find and renew our purpose once again.

A. G. Jonas
(c) July 2010
Canada  More >

 The Bicycle Paradigm29 comments
picture7 Jul 2010 @ 01:06, by Unknown. Ideas, Creativity

Well firstly my apologies perhaps, this is a rather long and perhaps absurd essay or comment of sorts but if you can stretch and grasp the thread or logic of it then perhaps it may indeed have some merit.

I'm not sure, what do you suppose "drives" the human economy to such seemingly destructive tendencies against or on the environment? Is it perhaps a flaw or quirk of some sort in and of human nature, that hampers us from being more aware or cognizant of the consequences of our behavior and actions?

Or rather, eureka, alternatively are we perhaps to smart or efficient at what we do and this over success and super predator status thus makes us to good at the job for our own and long term good? Well well, thus it may be our superiority then that is or will be our Achilles heel in the end but then granted the solution to such might then be as simple as engineering back some environmental slack into the global economic equation and system say to the tune of -10 to - 30 % say as a kind of "junk" economic data or inefficiency akin perhaps to the mysterious junk DNA found in the genome. We thus might achieve a more natural economic equation in the process by increasing selective inefficiencies akin somewhat to a kind of economic biomimicry status or model.

But true though its probably more complicated then just engineering in some haphazard inefficiencies but maybe more having some kind of selective inefficiencies that can afford some opportunities, benefits and advantages to many species other than our own in the natural dynamic, system and chain. It would be a most complex equation to design perhaps but could be assisted by reference to the field of biomimicry as a natural example or mentor of such. Such as a seasonal economy thus as well as a sustainable one.

Well glad you have humored me to this point but I will continue the case by saying that by using less efficient human labor then rather or other than machine labor such may in fact then have a basis in science and nature of necessary inefficiency, A good or simple model or example or compromise of such to grasp on to would be to take the lowly bicycle as a happy medium example of the proper human, nature and machine equation or construct to emulate further hence the title, the bicycle paradigm.

So basically then my premise is simply that maybe inefficiencies or certain kinds of inefficiencies are not totally all a bad or useless or an undesirable thing and may in fact result in a longer term, all around benefit not simply for humans but to the whole natural system of which we humans are only one part.

True I suppose it does seem somewhat counter intuitive at first glance to the logical and reasoning human mind but consider that the wisdom and logic of nature was not crafted in the machine or human time frame but over millions and billions of years and therein perhaps lies the subtle disconnect or defect in and of the humor or machine logic, sensorium and reasoning, that then, which seems to have eluded us somewhat till now.

Well maybe, seems possible if not probable or at least worth a discussion and or debate about or on perhaps..
ed Jonas
Tue., July 6, 2010, Canada  More >

 Summer Solstice 2010 - Sunset
21 Jun 2010 @ 23:38, by susannahbe. Ideas, Creativity
Magnificent and all aglow, the heavens are on fire with
colour and celebration
on this the longest day of the year.

Golden, I am golden,
a fiery sun burning with a never ending flame.

Red hot centre combusting,
radiating outward,
wave after wave fueled by a magnificient wind,
whirling, blowing life into the feeding flames.
I am alight, radiant, glorious.

Raging heat, the nucleus of creation,
throw me down into your molten heart,
transform me in your crucible.

Forged in the white heat to arise
a phoenix from your flame.

Base to precious,
lead to gold,

Photos and words - susannah bec

 Time to Shine. . .
4 Jun 2010 @ 21:06, by susannahbe. Ideas, Creativity

I think I swallowed the sun today
one gulp and it had gone
burning . . . fiery
all the way down
to my belly
and there
it sits


"Remember, you are constantly in the act
of creating yourself" - Neale Donald Walsch

"Even during your darkest night, the Sun within you
remains intact and luminous." - Aleyah Hart

"Every situation, seen rightly, contains
the seeds of freedom" - Joan Borysenko

"To solve a problem you have to go
to where the problem isn't" - Einstein

Painted Sun and Words - Susannah Bec

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