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 Volunteers Needed for our NCN Global Touch Project7 comments
picture29 Sep 2007 @ 23:50, by jerryvest. Old Age, Retirement
We can create a beautiful universe. When our problems become our friends and supporters, like gifts or contributions, we no longer have any problems. Then we have freedom from inner conflict; we have inner peace, the highest freedom there is. (Tarthang Tulku, Openness Mind)

Volunteers Needed Throughout the World--Come Join our New Civilization, Global Touch Project - Humanity Needs Us Now!

Global Touch Program-
Our Las Cruces Health Promotion Team with Elders would like to introduce and teach you to give the 15-Minute StressOut Program with Elders—a program designed to give ethical, safe, skillful, and nourishing touch with elders.

Our StressOut Program Experience is often described as {link:

Using acupressure and other skillful techniques, coordinated with the breath to balance our body, mind, emotions and spirit, is a heartfelt or empathic experience for both the giver and receiver of this partner massage.

While systematically applying pressure points and introducing the 'laying-on-of-hands,' we ask that givers and receivers maintain an awareness of their breath throughout the activity. While we refer to our "stressout program" as a chair like massage, it may be more accurate to describe the mindful experience as a partner meditation - relaxing, yet energetic. (See 15-Minute StressOut Program - [link]

During this past year, our volunteers – seniors, NMSU social work, nursing and health science students, caregivers, in-home care workers, senior staff, and others gave over 3,800 “stressouts”(chair-like massage) in nursing homes, diabetic health clinics, day care and in-home care services.


1) Volunteer for minimum of 2 hours per week in one of the settings identified;

2) Participate in orientation and training session;

3) Administer (6)stressouts with friends, family, colleagues, others;

4) Report (6)evaluations of your work.


1) Free Instructional DVD, Protocol & Guidelines for the Ethical Use of Safe, Skillful and Nourishing Touch;

2) Partnership & Certification in our healthy touch organization committed to advancing the quality of lives, health and relationships of elders on a global scale; [link]

3) An exchange of energy, love, respect, and good will knowing that you have contributed through skillful touch to help support the basic human need requirements for elders and others to live a healthy, dignified and respectful life.


Jerry Vest, ACSW/LISW/LMT, Professor Emeritus, New Mexico State University, School of Social Work, (505)524-2379 and email:


Francesca Smith, LBSW, City of Las Cruces, In-Home Services Manager, (505) 541-2460 and email:

SEE ATTACHMENTSincluded in our Homepage – [link]

1) Protocol

2) Ethical Guidelines for Safe, Skillful and Nourishing Touch

3) Partner Certificate (example)

4) Good Samaritan News

NOTE:The American Diabetes Association selected our research article, "Alternative Health Practices in Ethnically Diverse Rural Areas," using the 15-Minute StressOut Program as the primary intervention, with diabetic patients and their families as "Best Practice Research" during the past decade.,(See Abstract No.8--point & click on this link)

Become a Global Partner-

If you wish to be a volunteer, schedule an in-service training program in your agency/community or know of care-givers and others who may be interested in learning our ethical, safe, skillful and nourishing touch program for all populations, please let us know.

We will help you develop your orientation workshop/training program and send you a free Instructional DVD and Power Point Program Outline. We suggest that our volunteers/givers, give a minimum of 2 hours a week of skillful touch-"stressouts." After meeting our requirements and submiting your evaluations, we will add your name to our list of Certified Team Members}. [link]  More >

 An Open Letter To The Bush Brothers: Erring On The Side Of Life27 comments
picture25 Mar 2005 @ 12:07, by jazzolog. Old Age, Retirement
Would that life were like the shadow cast by a wall or a tree, but it is like the shadow of a bird in flight.

---The Talmud

In other words, apart from the known and the unknown, what else is there?

---Harold Pinter

A hundred thousand words are flowers in the sky
a single mind and body is moonlight on the water
once the cunning ends and information stops
at that moment there is no place for thought.

---Han-Shan Te-Ch'ing

In the photo from the Tucson Citizen, Jill Gwinn, 52, and her 13-year-old niece, are detained in connection with an egg-throwing incident outside Tucson Convention Center. The two were cited by police.

Hey Guys!

I don't know what it is about George, but everywhere I go the dude shows up. Buddy, my trip to Tucson this week was supposed to be strictly pleasure---and mostly it was!---but the whole place got knocked out of joint, which is typical for your "events", by your decision to have one of your "conversations" with us. We all remember how much you love Ohio and all the times you breezed through last fall. The one time I actually tried to catch a glimpse in Parkersburg, West Virginia, you left orders to greet me with a helmeted, black-uniformed, fully-armed SWAT team ( [link] ). Well, I got the hint---so this time I checked my appointment book first---and, sure enough, I was not among the 1500 specially invited "guests" with whom you insisted on being surrounded at the Tucson Convention Center Monday ( [link] ). Let's see, is that taxpayer money that pays for Presidential appearances?  More >

 TAO for XMAS1 comment
13 Dec 2002 @ 02:57, by beto. Old Age, Retirement
To live is not to pursue the visible or immaterial fruits of this world, be them immediate – conquered to the force – or expected in any future, as a reward. To live is not to be subject to the wheels of a gear – mental or physic – where the wandering soul is arrested by some time. To live is to find the inexistent Tao and to let float with him, calmly, amid storms if needed.
The objective of life is not pleasure, nor power, nor wealth, nor erudition, nor the conquest of the virtue, nor spiritual evolution. The objective of the life is to discover the Tao of every moment, to smile, and no more permit you to separate of it. The objective of life is the encounter of the Self when navigating safe along the Tao River. The objective of life is to learn how to navigate in the great river Tao.
While you're still in the way along the little Tao, you must seek knowledge and wisdom by the development of the four fundamental virtues: Jen, the love-compassion born of honesty that allows to feel the difficulties and the happiness of others as if they were yours; Yi, that is the nobleman's feeling of his duty to the other ones; born of the altruism, it allows to act devoid of personal interest; Li, that is born of the adoration for the Sky and for the Earth, manifesting in the harmonious procedure in which living turns into a permanent ritual. And, finally, Chih, that is the wisdom able to understand everything and is born of the long experience and of the knowledge of the celestial road, where no longer disobedience exists. Then, in the great Tao there are not searches, nor virtue, nor objectives, nor obedience, nor any rule to proceed.  More >

 Cost getting you down?1 comment
25 Nov 2001 @ 18:01, by fleer. Old Age, Retirement
Cost of living getting you down? Maybe you just need to use some imagination. Beatrice Muller, 82, figured out that she could live a life of romantic luxury sailing around the world as a full-time resident of the famous QE2 - for no more than the cost of a mundane nursing home.
Retired Widow Makes Permanent Home On Cruise Ship
Found at
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