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 Establishing truth by intimidation2 comments
7 Aug 2002 @ 19:45, by cho. Counseling, Psychology
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 A Communication Model10 comments
picture31 May 2002 @ 03:21, by ming. Counseling, Psychology
I believe that one of the major obstacles humanity collectively needs to overcome and master is communication between people who are different, have different ideas, different priorities, different backgrounds, different cultures, etc. In other words, how can two people who are wearing different colored glasses still share a meaningful experience with each other. How can there be meaningful dialogue between fundamentally different world views.

Below is an article from one of my processing facilitator training manuals, which tries to break down the process of communication so that it might be understood better.  More >

 Relationships17 comments
15 May 2002 @ 19:45, by ming. Counseling, Psychology
I just realize that I'm not talking much about my counseling practice here. I suppose that's in part because I mostly talk about things I haven't quite figured out yet, and the focus of my learning is nowadays mostly in other areas.

And I can't really talk too specifically about the juicy details of my client sessions, because they're confidential. But at least I can talk about some of the principles at work once in a while.  More >

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