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 Release of the iviCivi Project0 comments
2 Oct 2015 @ 22:16, by guisingr. Economics, Financing, Banking
A campaign to create a civilitic framework for human provisioning (i.e. economic relationships), called the iviCivi Project, was released by the International Civilitics Institute (ICI) on October 1, 2015.

This initiative will design and build the framework to extend group support systems based on benevolence, gifting, and gratitude. As a system that is not itself exchange-based, the iviCivi Project relies entirely upon the gifts of those who seek a world where work is meaningful, productive, and benevolent.

The ICI is also accepting applications for fellowship positions in a variety of specialized fields needed to accomplish the goals. Please read more about this unique initiative and support the crowdfunding effort to build an equitable social infrastructure.

24 Jun 2010 @ 02:13, by erlefrayne. Economics, Financing, Banking

Bailing out ailing banks with people’s money (taxes) is immoral and criminal. I have already stated this contention in previous articles, and I’d re-echo it again in light of the financial fiasco going on in Europe right now.  More >

 Extirpating Capitalism15 comments
1 Jun 2010 @ 07:25, by vaxen. Economics, Financing, Banking

"The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the larger centers has owned the Government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson."

President Franklin D. Roosevelt to Colonel Edward House, October 21, 1933

From all available evidence * it's clear that the most compelling hypothesis explaining the interconnected crimes, lies, and human slaughter occurring in our modern world is that an international cabal took control of the United States in the early part of the twentieth century and is now methodically destroying American and world institutions and values. The main goal of the cabal has been to consolidate political, economic, and social power in its hands while obliterating the minds of the masses to establish a militaristic, imperialistic dictatorship.

By designating this cabal as "demonic," I do not imply that there is need for hatred, anxiety, or hopelessness. It is simply the situation that this cabal has seized control and we need to face it and get on with the business of overcoming this global cartel and bringing about fundamental change in our society. We should not simply sit about idly theorizing or smiling at the devastation of human beings in our society and throughout the world. Something must be done!

The purpose of this exposé of the cabal is to help American and world citizens see who is controlling events from behind the scenes, to assist in making clear just what kind of demonic forces are bringing about the destruction of American and world values and institutions. It's clear that many people are so conditioned by the current reactionary brainwashing that they will be unable to consider any of these ideas. But some people throughout the world are waking up to what's going on and they need to see behind the curtain to the real, criminal powers that manipulate human minds and destroy human liberties. We need to see the real face of our enemies.

I've chosen the word "demonic" 1 because it is most descriptive of the nature of this depraved coterie that's seized power illegitimately. They're criminals in that they commit outrages continually. But their misdeeds are more base than that; they are evil and wicked in the truest sense and therefore are best described as demonic.

This essay will deal with the broader aspects of the demonic cabal, referring to the incriminating details in the material referenced below. In this essay, we'll first review how cabals have operated throughout history, seizing power and manipulating the populace. Reviewing the American experience, we'll see how a wealthy plutocracy during the American struggle for independence from Britain devolved into a criminal cabal. Next, we'll examine Plato's concept of an intelligent, beneficent elite and how this relates to our American experience. Finally, we'll explore ways in which this current demonic cabal is being overcome as its brittle strength declines to the point of defeat.  More >

30 May 2010 @ 06:13, by erlefrayne. Economics, Financing, Banking
The events in the Eurozone are now getting to be more alarming. Forecasters are now claiming that another round of recession is in the offing, as the bubble burst that began in Greece will spread to Spain, Ireland, and other member-states of the EU.

Will liberal capitalism continue to live a life that seems to hang in the balance? Or will capitalism need to restore itself through totalitarian means? What’s so wrong with the system that it just can’t be sustained enough?  More >

28 May 2010 @ 02:27, by erlefrayne. Economics, Financing, Banking
Eurozone is burning. Before the flames would reach infernal levels, the contagion effects thereof burning the other regions of the globe, a global financial conference should be convened most urgently.  More >

 Did God invent natural money?1 comment
7 Jan 2009 @ 15:36, by niphtrique. Economics, Financing, Banking
The answer may be yes! As the current financial system is in collapse, the threat of famine, war and complete chaos in the world becomes a real possibility. Mankind is in a difficult position because war can mean a near complete annihilation of mankind. Also nature is destroyed on a massive scale as rainforests are burned down, sees are overfished and chemicals are spread. It probably is not a coincidence that the end of times is predicted to be on december 21, 2012. The good news is that the end of times can also be a new beginning for earth and mankind.  More >

 Borrowing money to a beggar13 comments
picture11 Dec 2008 @ 14:29, by jhs. Economics, Financing, Banking
There is POSITIVE proof that the current economical philosophy is fundamentally flawed.

Its called Grameen Bank and its founder was Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Prize winner 2006 in Peace (NOT in Economy, someone please tell me why!).

I call this kind of proof POSITIVE because Yunus philosophy of borrowing to the poor without any collateral or guarantees at ultra-low rates is considered crazy by common adherents of today's economical structures and yet he achieved a stunning, irrefutable success, and thus a proof of concept beyond the complicated theories of the 'leaders' of today's system.

Recently he started to borrow money to beggars (the title of this little article is no joke!), and with this he is shifting even more the entire cultural concept of an entire country, Bangladesh, considered one of the poorest of the world,

But Bangladesh is a special country. 1999 it was ranked number one in the 'World Happiness Survey' [link] . Even though it is dubious how 'happiness' can really be measured with a survey, it still gives a strong hint.

Helo and I tried to talk to Muhammad Yunus at the recent ExpoManagement 2008 in São Paulo, but, surprise, surprise, we were not the only one, and I guess our connections are not good enough (yet) to skip a line like that in front of us.

Still, at an event at which even I if jumped into a business suit and decorating myself with a Delaveine cravate, no kidding, Muhammad Yunus just walked around smiling in some Bengalese clothes. Sometimes he appeared scared for a short moment when some sudden sharp noises were being heard, a bit as if he lived in fear of an assassination, but for the rest he was...  More >

 10,000 "uninsured" depositors of Indymac Bank0 comments
2 Dec 2008 @ 07:03, by gsmla. Economics, Financing, Banking

I am a victim of the Indymac Bank Takeover.and I am now at a loss for a significant amount of my retirement savings.

As individuals we are being ignored by our government and the media.

How can the Federal government expect to restore consumer confidence if individual depositors are being robbed of their savings????....... No wonder that personal savings are at a historic low point.

The Federal government should take responsibility for not acting sooner to protect Indymac bank depositors.

The Treasury has a MORAL obligation to bail out the "uninsured" depositors of Indymac Bank. They should have acted sooner to protect the depositors.The majority were badly advised by Indymac bank and never notified that their funds were in jeopardy.

We are not people who made speculative investments - we are individuals who accepted lower returns on our money so we could feel protected by the federal government ....Now we are betrayed by the system.

Fat cats are getting billions 'bailout' funds while we ar left holding the bag.


LIVES HAVE BEEN RUINED,....and this terrible loss has been devastating to all involved.....We are living a nightmare.

I have found many internet postings from other depositors who were also deceived by Indymac bank..... all tragedies - College funds lost, retirements postponed, retirement nest eggs decimated, family homes in escrow now up in smoke..........broken dreams we have saved all our lives for.

I have literally spent nights on end looking for help, or even only recognition.

Major newspaper editors and reporters have cold heartedly ignored that we exist. We have no way of communicating with each other - we need a voice.

I would deeply appreciate all feedback !!!

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Life

 Important Notice Of Change In Terms28 comments
picture1 Dec 2008 @ 11:01, by jazzolog. Economics, Financing, Banking
In mountain light, all sounds
return to silence.
All that remains, the temple

---Ch'ang Chien

Unexpectedly you find it, welling upwards in the empty tree.

---Rainer Maria Rilke

The meadows were a-drinking at their leisure; the frogs sat meditating, all Sabbath thoughts, summing up their week, with one eye out on the golden sun, and one toe upon a reed, eyeing the wondrous universe in which they act their part; the fishes swam more staid and soberly, as maidens go to church,

---Henry David Thoreau

The Eye of the Artist, c. 1898
Victor Dubreuil, born in New York to French emigre parents
The administration of President Grant, who's on the 5 dollar bill along with the mysterious pyramid we stuck on our money, is remembered for its financial corruption.

There is only one rule of economics for me, and that is I pay my bills on time. I prefer to pay for anything at the moment I buy it, but that isn't always possible so I get bills. My wife and I argue about some things, but we seem to agree about politics and money. We don't borrow. There's a car payment and we have a second mortgage for environmental improvements to the house---which already are saving us money on energy costs. Ilona probably is going to college shortly, so we may need someone to make us a loan then. Otherwise we have lived within our means for 27 years---despite rocky times.

I've been broke and down and out in my day. I've had everything I own in my car, with nowhere to go. I've sat on a curb in New York City, without a job, and wept. I've been grateful for government programs. I support them gladly through taxes, now that I have some money. I celebrate economic simplicity in my life, which principles I probably learned through some hardship and a sound upbringing. I learned only the basics of how a capitalist market is supposed to work in theory, in the single required course on the matter in college. Quite frankly, I haven't been able to see that the market---take gasoline for instance---actually works that way. But then maybe, for the last 10 years, the market hasn't really been working at all.  More >

30 Nov 2008 @ 05:10, by erlefrayne. Economics, Financing, Banking
At this juncture, this economist, who is also a healer (pranic healer, soul healer, psychosocial counselor), will begin to articulate economic problems from a wellness vantage point. I will be calling the paradigm ‘healing economics’ as a fusion of wellness principles and economic analysis.

If we observe the ‘treatment’ applied by public policy experts on national economies today, we would see that the solutions to the problems are largely short-term ones that only mitigate economic collapse for a while. We can call them ‘band aid’ solutions to problems that are more of ‘cancerous’ in nature, and by common sense we know that band aid cannot cure cancer.

The economies of our nations have already been integrated over the last three (3) decades or so. This integration constituted the ‘global economy’ which is distinct from national economies and which manifest its own laws. National economies have become interstices or tissues of the global economy, and trying to cure ailing national economies without taking into consideration the wellness of the whole global economy will fail.  More >

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