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 30 Things You Can Do to Change the World in 30 Seconds2 comments
picture1 Nov 2007 @ 05:23, by Frank Astry

Part of the reason so many people blog is to help change the world. So I’m starting a new competition. The reward? Convincing people to change the world in 30 seconds or less.

The task?

I challenge all bloggers to blog about 30 things that can be done to change the world in 30 seconds. Before you freak out, that’s 30 seconds for EACH of the 30 things. 30 for 30.

There is a lot you can do to change the world in 30 seconds. In thirty seconds or less, what are things you can do to make the world a better place through your conscious decisions not automatic behaviors and habits? Here is my list.

1. Smile at a stranger.

2. Hug someone.

3. Pick up a piece of trash and throw it away.

4. Let someone else cut in front in the grocery line.

5. Let a car merge in front of you in traffic.

6. Smell a flower, don’t pick it.

7. Put the shopping cart in a shopping cart receptacle or return it to the store.

8. Pet an animal.

9. Say something nice.

10. Gargle.

11. Turn up the temperature on the air conditioner and down on the heater by 1-2 degrees (saves electricity and energy).

12. Stop smoking thirty seconds at a time.

13. Purchase rechargeable not disposable batteries.

14. Buy fruit not candy.

15. Use your car blinker.

16. Park your car farther from the store and walk.

17. Choose NOT to park in a handicapped stall even if you are handicapped - leave it for the more handicapped.

18. Take your children to the park not the store.

19. Drop $5 on the sidewalk and walk away fast and don’t look back.

20. Don’t wear perfume or cologne.

21. Wear less makeup.

22. Wave hello to your neighbors.

23. Reuse paper in your printer (print on the back).

24. Give money to pet charities.

25. Turn off the television.

26. Shut up.

27. Tell someone “I love you”.

28. Tell someone you care about them.

29. Look behind you.

30. Tell someone when they have snot hanging out of their nose, their fly unzipped, food on their face, their shirt unbuttoned, or any other thing you wish someone would have said to you.

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1 Nov 2007 @ 13:57 by anniewarmk : changing the world in 30 seconds
Give a hug when the person you're talking to is grumpy (they need it)

Call up 5 friends and ask them all to drop that $5 on the ground and walk away fast ALL at the same time but at their own location

Sing to your dog or cat

Invite a stranger to have a cup of tea

For birthdays/holidays give the money to a homeless person and then send a note to your friend/family letting them know what kindness they have promoted

Play a gambling game but give the proceeds to a charity - not each other

Don't give gifts - give the money to a charity instead

Take control of your street or road - clean it up

Go meatless at least one day week

Fix a real meal out of locally grown food

Only shop at locally owned shops

Set the table for a meal with a real tablecloth

Refuse to use paper napkins - cloth ones are cheap at the charity shops

Hang your clothes out to dry

Get a milk goat

Make cheese

Make your own bread

Learn how to can food

Make homemade ice cream from fresh eggs

Get some laying hens

Share recipes with friends and family to encourage cooking at home

Invite someone you just met to eat with you

Start the meal by clapping your hands - instead of prayer

Decide that "just for today" you can offer a kind word to one person who needs it

Focus on the things you have in common rather then the differences

Invite your neighbors over for a game night

Have a family meeting and set some common goals for the next year

For the next year write on the calendar once per month something to do for fun with those you love

Educate yourself on healthy eating - not dieting

Attend a green living fair to see what the world could look like

Change all of your light bulbs to compacts

When you buy something then give away something  

4 Nov 2007 @ 10:42 by jazzolog : My World Was Uplifted
in even less time than that...when I saw that Anniewarmk has joined this site!  

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