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picture8 Jun 2010 @ 11:52, by Frank Astry


She withdrew into herself,
First writing just for one,
Then touching thousands.
She incarnated ghosts, hurt, and joy
Into paper-and-ink stories of wonder.

One author said, "I can get rid of anything by writing about it,"
meaning that the process of externalization could liberate him from the
pain in his soul. That realization produced a delicious dichotomy: to
free himself, or to hold on to both joys and tortures by remaining
silent about them.

Writer write because they must: They need to express something from
deep within themselves. They hear voices that others do not. They listen
urgently, and they must communicate what they hear.

People feel Tao in the same way that writers feel something unique.
In the process of listening for mysterious voices and expressing the
wonder that comes is a magic akin to the perfection of Tao.

365 Tao: Daily Meditations
Deng Ming-Dao

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