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picture11 May 2007 @ 18:44, by celestial

All Religious Writings (Bible, Koran, etc.) are the written word of God.

But I say to you,
YOU are the LIVING Word of God!
The kingdom of God is within.
What is that area of the head just behind your eyes?

"As one thinks in their heart, so they are."
Or to state it differently, "I AM that I AM" or
I AM becoming whatever I tell myself I AM!!!

(Keep your mind's eye, and ear, on your creator and everything will work out for the best.)

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11 May 2007 @ 21:26 by a-d : No.... I do NOT become
what I'm "telling myself" I BECOME MY ACTIONS!!! MY ACTIONS BECOME ME!!!
eh? Celest???? dontcha think? BY THEIR FRUITS (actions, behahiour, deeds ) SHALL YOU KNOW THEM! ALL Religions are nothing but "Cookiecuttied" psychology!
What makes a thief a thief? that he tells himself: "I think I'm a thief" -or the fact that he STEALS (your money, wife, time, health; life)

omniscient babies. THAT is my language! : ) THANKS,Friend!  

12 May 2007 @ 08:39 by celestial : Well,
Everything begins with a thought.
Actions become part of our character.
I do understand your logic. :{
What makes a thief a thief is intent; first he or she thinks "I AM going to take something," then follows through with it.

So...if some one (married) lusts after another person, are they an adulterer because they thought about it in their heart? Just having those kind of thoughts does affect a relationship.

Omniscient babies...A child shall lead them.  

12 May 2007 @ 16:27 by jerryvest : I don't want to get nit pickey, but
we are much more than our thoughts. Unfortunately, we have an Administration, the R's, and politicians generally who trust their thoughts and look where they have taken us. They also believe that God speaks to them so that makes them "right". There is a difference between thinking and reason. Religious zealots and much of humanity can't do either with dignity and self-respect.  

12 May 2007 @ 17:20 by a-d : Heyyy,
where's our Round Table????.... in Camelot, still... hmmmm. Celest, go & get it from there and let's just chat, chat, chat for a while, guys. Wouldn't that be FUN!?!?.... Ahh... Celest!... I can believe you! you know (and I know and you know that Adult/erer is much more than "just" "lusting" after someone's Partner... and besides, since when did Someone OWN another person??? ayayayayayyyy... hehehe we really "need to talk!" ; ) : ) gosh I sooo would love it!
Have a wonderful ALL-Mothers'-on-Earth- Day; WeekEnd; Mothers with feathers, scales, fur,two legs , four legs, wings, fens; whatever: ALL MOTHERS! Let's ACKNOWLEDGE their COSMIC RIGHTS and then celebrate them ALL! Like Jerry says: we are(ALL ) SOOOoooo much MORE!!! ALL! ( INCLUDING the so called "animals" )! I'm saying this more as an affirmation than a jump on anybody. I know, we all know this.
luvyahh! : )//A-d  

14 May 2007 @ 17:40 by celestial : A Round Table It Is,
Where is King Author and X-caliber? (spelling skewed) :}
Is Excalibur a sWORD or a scalpel?

Jerry...yes, we are much more than our thoughts.

a-d...Each and every one of us belong to our creator. My question is, "Will the creation attempt to overcome their creator?"  

14 May 2007 @ 19:31 by jerryvest : Celestial and a-d, let's chat...
I am reminded by one of Tarthang Tulku's teachings, while learning "Kum Nye" and acupressure "...when we touch someone we are touching everyone and everything whether we are aware of it or not." My goal and practice is to be conscious of my touch physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I believe that this is often referred to as 'mindfulness.' Thus, we are never separated from creation or our creator--we are living, doing, being and breathing together, as one body, mind and spirit. And, what affects one affects all.

A great mantra introduced in our Arica School that I practice regularly is "Awaken My Divine Consciousness." Or, collectively, Awaken 'our' Divine Consciousness.  

18 May 2007 @ 18:36 by celestial : All for one and one for all!
THREE OR MORE MUSKETEERS? certainly are correct about touch.

As a teenager in high school, I wanted to be on the football team but father said "NO." So I did the next best thing to be near the team, I became the first-aid trainer. Giving massages was one of my duties. The first year I was there, our team was undefeated.

The next year, one of the team members said something he would like to do to me and it wasn't good, to the point that I began to carry a weapon to school. That's when I threw a "monkey wrench" into the mix; I realized my position and caused them to suffer defeats. I did no violence to him but decided that they became too arrogant in the undefeated year and that's what brought on the statement from him. I realized then...what affects one affects all!

I still do massages for free (I am not licensed and don't care to be). If it were possible and I could have the lifestyle I choose to have, I would do it all of the time but people who need my service the most are unable to donate, so I end up working for a living.

While I have your attention, I would like to say this, the jackass has more patience than Job, it is the rider that I am worried about.

a-d..."since when does Someone OWN another person???" The husband thinks his wife is his and the wife thinks the husband is hers...that's when!!! :)

The master believes the dog is his/hers...BUT...the dog believes the master is his/hers...that's when!!! :)  

18 May 2007 @ 19:30 by a-d : I love that. Jerry!
hahahahahahaaaa I always get a good laugh from your comments, Celest!... Funny... U know; the dog is right: s/he owns' us! ; ) but as far as humans owning ea other...naehhh..... : )

This whole theme here: 'what affects one, affects all' is such a brilliant Cosmic Things, dontcha think?.... This is what enables us to heal for instance a sick political situation by US, ourselves, NOT doing the same Bad stuff in our own private lives, for instance: lie, steal, kill, bear false witness etc.etc..., but do what Jerry says: consciously focusing ALL aspects of our daily be'ingness on expressing our Divine Consciousness ('Co-creativity' w/Life/Universe/God) as it awakens ever more with each new increment! GREAT!!!

Where ever (under whichever Mission) two or more are gathered in My Name .... )
THAT is a GOOD "Round Table", eh?
Love yah guys!/a-d  

18 May 2007 @ 20:46 by jerryvest : Cellestial, let me suggest that
you join our global touch project and give our "stressouts" with elders in a senior center or nursing home. Our program does not require a massage license in most states that I have researched. Do visit our website if you wish and look at our "guidelines for safe, skillful and nourishing touch." We also have a certification process and an Instructional DVD available. I know that A-D has used it and enjoyed the experience along with about 15,000 others.[link]

My wife and I wouldn't allow our son to play football as well and he is now grateful because he was able to play other sports that are less harmful. When I was in high school, our coach came to our classes and said that if we didn't show up for football practice, we could wear skirts and hang out with the sissys. We only had about 50 students in our class so most of us participated in everything that was offered us. I had a 220# lineman jump on my back with both knees during one of our practice sessions in my senior year and I believe that is why I have had lower back problems. So, sometimes we can learn from our injuries.  

18 May 2007 @ 21:20 by jerryvest : A-D, I have to admit that "what affects
one affects all" is one of the principles of Teamwork that I learned in a training program designed by Oscar Ichazo. I love teamwork as everyone involved has a function and since all functions are necessary for completing projects, programs, etc., then everyone involved must be equally valued and respected. Anyway, I also like the principle that "The Team is Equal to the Level of its Lowest Member." I think we can see this in relation to Humanity as One Body and with other various sized systems. Obviously, our capitalistic system doesn't really accept this principle as there is an enormous gap between the haves and the "have-nots"--the CEO's and workers. Teamwork doesn't really work with trickle down economics and with master-slave relationships. Of course women have made less money for doing the same work forever and ever.

Much love to all....Jerry  

19 May 2007 @ 04:37 by a-d : Life Itself
is totally based on "Team Work" & Sharing/Symbiosis. If this wasn't the case we would cease to exist within five minutes!.... our very body uses these Principles in EVERYone of its myriad of activitys! How could Team Work & Sharing not be of utmost importance to sustaining ALL life on Earth, then, and indeed in ALL of Universe/es?!?...
That Mainstream Science and Politics don't acknowledge this and quickly change course will be its own downfall!
We, who know better, go with Universe, thus always staying abrest with Its Vibrational frequency, hence we will not need to be destroyed by these energies!
How hard can this be to understand for the Man-on-the-street, so to speak?

Though this statement :"The Team is Equal to the Level of its Lowest Member." Hmmmm..... I wonder.... It doesn't seem quite right... Because we are -all- together what in Physics is called a Communicating Vessel... That means that all our dark side is put together and the light is put together , so one with the lowest dark side of 2x and one with 4x's, ; a total of 6x's -and median of that is 3 x's. Now the Collective Dark side is indeed HIGHER than its lowest Member('s personal dark side), which means we have -as a Symbiotic Unit- raised his/her Low Level to one step higher for that particular one (in this example of mine the group is only two persons, but the mathematical principle is the same: add all "lows" together, then divide that number with the number of participating individuals) and this very real Physics is what enables us to HEAL to some extent the sickest sick to a slightly higher level of (Mental/Emotional; Spiritual) Health than they would be on their own, so to speak.
I hope I am making sense -even if my thinking were to be incorrect. : )
Jerry, did I get what this quote of yours was trying to tell -or did I misunderstand it?
But by more & more people today, healing the dark side faster & faster is what makes us from blowing ourselves up "in a Heartbeat", even though it is still quite hard to really "get flying" with the Iron ball attached to our Common Ancle... -just like you said here, Jerry- with this sick System still in But see, the beauty of this Physics is that by US going with the Universe& Mother Nature, we say NO to the Dark and join the Light and they are now being challenged by the Light and their darkest Intentions can never manifest quite as dark as they would want it to!  

19 May 2007 @ 14:21 by jerryvest : For sure A-D....the key to the
equality of a team is that no one wants to be the lowest level. Unfortunately, in this country, right now, our governmental officials are the lowest level in the world and don't know it. Their image egos are attached to the dark side as you indicate and they can't extricate themselves from our inhabitants--war, greed, power, ignorance, fear, prejudice, etc.

And, as you state, Astrid, all of life operates within the teamwork principles, with the exception of the human being.

I am attaching an outline that we used in introducing "Teamwork, Cooperation and Interaction" with several organizations, corporations and universities in the early 70's. We were very successful in creating some changes in bureaucracies; however, generally the CEO's became very fearful of losing their power and influence. We now know if we want to improve our lives, health and relationships, we must make a strong commitment to change our patterns of conditioning. We can then open our minds--to All possibilities. I believe that unless or until we create an open mind, loving family and integrative society, we will continue to suffer with fear, ignorance and prejudice.

Much love to you,



19 May 2007 @ 19:32 by celestial : WOW!
You both said a lot.
F.D.R. said, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

I've found that overcoming my fears is a difficult thing to do.
Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't, but I keep trying and kick myself around when I fail to overcome a fear.

"The Team is Equal to the Level of its Lowest Member." That has been said before, but differently..."A chain is only as strong as its weakest link."

Jerry, I checked out your link and I'm interested enough that I must now purchase a DVD player.

The main reason I don't care to be licensed is my attitude toward government. They want to license everything so THEY have control over one's life.

What's up with a marriage license...I've always believed that marriage was supposed to be about love, commitment, and becoming one flesh (HAVING CHILDREN...when two people become one flesh) with their spouse.

The government says "In God We Trust" but in reality they want us to trust in them. Look where that has brought us!

With Love.  

19 May 2007 @ 20:49 by jerryvest : I think that it is easy for us to have
negative attitudes about licenses. Now days, if we wish to have a massage, it can only be given by a licensed therapist. In other words, if you wish to be touched by a skillful person, you must pay the price. Also, professionals are licensed to practice medicine, especially psychiatry, psychology, social work, counseling, mental health, etc., yet every day they may cause harm to their patients or clients by labeling and drugging them. (Do visit my log on the DSM to see how dangerous it can be to get help from a mental health professional.)

Hey, we can trust ourselves once we open our minds and become compassionate, loving and reasonable human beings.

Best wishes,


20 May 2007 @ 16:32 by a-d : I personally
became acutely aware of Team Work during my years in the (Swedish-speaking) RN Institute (in Helsinki, Finland. Finland is Officially a Bi-lingual Republic.)The "thing" that was emphasized daily was "TEAM WORK", They really BEAT that in/to us! : ). Not only did the School do so, but the Hospitals really did PRACTICE THIS as a Way of Doing Business, so to speak. NOTHING was allowed to be done without reporting it to someone in the group and nothing was allowed to be written in the (Patients' ) Journals without been taken up in the Verbal Daily Report as well!
This was virtually a Life supporting/sustaining Military Drill, that went on daily -and practised -not as our "second nature" but our "FIRST" nature. It was quite incredible! I loved it!
I grew up learning the virtues of both Team Work and Solitary accomplishing, but this Team Work Drill at School/Hospitals was the Icing of the Cake!... I master both! I still feel so blessed, that I was given by Life, this wonderful opportunity to not just learn but become consciously aware of these two ways of Life approach -and when & where to use one -or the other!

Ohhh, Celest, you are such a darling, loving "Bleeding Heart"! ( Have you always been this Mediator-guy? : ).... I would guess so... but only you "know for sure"! : )
I just looked back again, at the very theme you put out here ( and we deviated from "a little"... : ) )) You say: " All Religious Writings (Bible, Koran, etc.) are the written word of God."

...and you also say: "But I say to you,
YOU are the LIVING Word of God!"

this is literally true.... as is this: "As as one thinks in their heart, so they are."

Our "religion" IS our PSYCHOLOGY!!! ... our PSYCHOLOGY IS our our religion and so it comes to pass that our "religion/psychologi" IS our DAILY BEHAVIOR!!!... how we meet & treat ALL outside our own skin!

What versions of "religious" writings a person adheres to tells us EVERYTHING about that person -and their Life- Agendas, whether it be their 'Hidden Agendas' or the most open ones: "Do No Harm" / "Be Kind to All" principles that the person follows: IT SHOWS ALL THE TIME!!!... We just have to learn to "read" people (= "The Book of Life", as it were) again!  

20 May 2007 @ 19:25 by celestial : Food for Thought.
a bleeding heart, eh? Please don't get me wrong; I do believe in being generous and liberal (live and let live) yet I am very conservative on other issues. I'm very down on OVERBEARING government but I do recognize that in order to have a civilization, WE MUST BE CIVIL and there must be rules for there to be order.

I'm very down on addicts who have to steal to support their habit. If some one chooses to use or be addicted to anything, I have no problem with long as they support their own habit and don't have to take my (or your) personal property. Their addiction is between them and their creator!

If I work for a week and earn $500.oo and buy a T.V. and a thief break in and steal the T.V., what did the thief steal?
The thief stole more that just a T.V. The thief stole a week of another person's life!!!!!! Then the thief goes and sells the T.V. and maybe gets $40.oo and buys drugs so he can "break into the kingdom of God" (inside the mind). Who benefits from all of this subversive activity? The dealer...that's who!


I'M VERY DOWN ON ABORTION. The way it is being used as a form of BIRTH CONTROL is purely BARBARIC. For our society to sentence anyone to death requires a court order but to kill a baby seems to be nothing at all. It is too bad that abortionists weren't aborted by their mothers!!!!!! I am still flabbergasted that any doctor can call them self a doctor and yet preform an abortion. They are nothing but butchers and they should be cut into pieces; THEY are the epitome of child molesters!!!!!!

How on earth can government justify such barbaric practices and allow them to keep their licenses in the face of these charges! STRIKE THREE...if the supreme court doesn't change their direction, then JUDGMENT shall begin in the house of justice. I highly recommend they move this issue to the top of their priority list and not wait to let politicians use it as a campaign issue in the next national election. The supreme court judges are just as guilty as the doctors who perform the abortions!!!!!!

I PRAY...LET JUDGMENT BEGIN IN THE HOUSE OF JUSTICE. It is definitely time to clean the house of justice.

A recent bumper sticker...


I had to get this off my chest. I realize it is strong language but it needs to be said.

With true love  

20 May 2007 @ 21:24 by a-d : Hmmmm
ONLY a man would say abortion is BIRTH CONTROL!!!..... Now, THAT is SICK THINKING, TOTAL LACK of ANY true Insight in how men rule the Womens' world!..... Come here and we'll talk some TRUTH here!.... NOT just some cute sounding propaganda!

The day the Society at large STARTS talking about Men's role in (UNWANTED) pregnancy and SERIOUSLY taking IT into account, can we start pondering what are the perimeters for "OK-Abortions" -and what not!... but until that day every person who sanctimoniously has any hard words to say about abortion (as if it was a womans Most Choice choice to have an abortion!... only IDIOT MEN CAN THINK SO! )annnn... besides: How'bout this kind of stuff???? u think this has stopped!?!???.... WHO IS DECIDING (in ) these cases????? and WHY???... [ [link] ]( thanks, Jazzo, this link arrived to me "At The Right Time", as you can see! Came very handy right away! : ) Thumbs Up for u, Hero! : ) )))

No, no, no sweet Celest... the subject matter miiiight require a LOOOT more SERIOUS study and -moral- Ponderings from your part -as from everybody's, who is more cute & emotional, than realist on how MEN live and treat (more)than HALF the WORLD's POPULATION!!!.... And hey, let's not forget all the rest of 'Sacred spaces' where Weeve('s) Wanderlust takes it, that don't risk end up in pregnancies, like THREE YEAR OLD Baby-Girls!.... FAIR GAME for their Daddy & Dads all Horny old Buddies (-ALL SANCTIONED /JUSTIFIED in the so called HOLY BOOKS. What did u call these writings again?... "God's Word"/ as in "This Is How I Want You All to Live" and "What I Want You To Do" of each these different goups of Peoples!...) up till these Girls are nine years of age, I think it was. "Ahhh... they all become Virgins again by morning!" .... THAT statement is what not just justifies, but SANCTIFIES this ongoing rape of Baby Gairls! NOW HOW HEALTHY and OK is this???????? But of course, before nine years of age, most likely no risk of pregnancy, hence no abortion needed to be even discussed here!.... You know what Celest, I have to stop here, because the EVIL you put out & forth with your sanctimonious attitude and ill thought-out opinions are making me nauseus...

There is soooo MUCH MORE THAT SHOULD BE DISCUSSED BEFORE THROWING those rocks of condemnation! Shows only bad judgment from your part, Celest. Sorry to be the one to burst your Bubble! ; )

I think a Bleeding-Heart-Person is sweet and -...a liiiiitttle on the gullible side, due to more INNOCENCE than Info & Facts vis a vis all they have "This FEELING" about "Things" -or "That FEELING" ... (= Emotional Opinions ... : )
These "Bleeding Heart-people" always have a Soft Spot for the one they think -or 've been told to be (wrightly -or wrongly considered as) "The Under Dog" .

ALSO said with true Love & a LOT of Understanding of/for ALL LIFE on Earth.... -not just Human Females,( that Men manipulate for own pleasures & profit-,) but also all Animal Females,( who are constantly forced into pregnancies they did not ask for -or forced to abort when THEY, the Female Animals, did NOT want to abort etc etcetc... Besides the fetus does NOT have own God-given life -as in/Spirit- until born and drawn their OWN First Breath of (own) Life = GOD-GIVEN BREATH!
Only NOW are they their own free-standing Individual, so made by God/ Life at the very moment of their first 'Inspire'. Up to that point they are an extended "piece" of their Mother: What happens to her, during all those two hundred and eighty days of the pregnancy, happens to the fetus as well! Abuse, war, poverty, struggle, illness... u name it; none of the Mother's own doing!... ( Of course, this is why all these JUSTIFYING so called "religious" Ideologies / Books were dreamt up, written and carefully spoon-fed to Humankind for eons! It's all about Hu-MAN PSYCHO/logy. ; )... u know; all that "Blame the Victim" crap; "they called it upon themselves"/"they deserve it"-sh-t.

So, the conclusion about this whole rigamarole here: NO, NOT ALL is God's Word"... certainly not MY God's!  

21 May 2007 @ 13:46 by jerryvest : Since this is a chat session, I want
to say that Astrid is so right about the abortion controversy. When you get to be our/my age, it would seem that wisdom would take the place of prejudice and ignorance regarding this divisive issue. I can recall when this issue first came to my attention in the late 50's when abortions in CA became legalzied to protect women as many pregnant girls and women with resources had to either leave the country to abort their fetus or those less fortunate would find themselves hiring some charlatan who claimed to be able to do it for a few bucks, using coca cola bottles, etc. Women were getting infections, dieing, being mutilated, and suffering for the rest of their lives.

Like Astrid points out, why are men even involved in condemning the women and creating such a hostile and dangerous environment for them to do with their bodies what they wish. I have always been a strong advocate for self determination and abortion is no exception. I don't see women demonstrating because men get a vasectomy or circumcism. I don't even see hardly anyone in this country getting upset by the way women are treated as sex slaves, raped, sexually harrassed, less pay for the same work, mutilation of their sex organs, publicly stoned for falling in love with a person of another faith, and the list goes on and on.

The religious right are wrong about everything, so why would anyone trust them about this issue? I know that this is not a very good argument, but we men ought not even be discussing what is right or wrong for women.

Celestial, don't take my remarks personal, as you have not lived long enough to know what it was like for women before family planning clinics were developed. Here in New Mexico we have one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy, poverty, school drop outs, gang violence, abuse, neglect, other health issues, etc and the right wingers still fight against teaching classes in safe and protected sex.

I don't think I would be proud to call myself a Christian when they tolerate all of these negative conditions and statistics. I consider most religions as hipocrites as they won't put their money, their compassion, their mouth or their values into practices and resources to improve the conditions of lives, health and relationships in our society and across all borders.

And, Celestial, I would say that one should keep their eye on themselves and how they reason, how they relate, how they behave and how they maintain an open mind.

Thanks, Astrid and Celestial....much love to you,


21 May 2007 @ 19:58 by celestial : Response:
A-D...I'm so sorry for stirring up your anger...I will try to respond to each paragraph, here and now:

1. ("ONLY a man would say abortion is BIRTH CONTROL!!!"?) This is my OBSERVATION of how abortion is being used. When you say sick thinking, you imply mental illness.

A close lady friend of mine says that abortion should be used ONLY if the mothers life is in danger from the pregnancy or child birth AND these type of cases are not very frequent! If pregnant from rape and the mother doesn't want the child she should give it up for adoption but if she wants to keep it, that is her prerogative...but abortion should not be an option in her mind. I might add, she is down on organized religion, as I am, and apparently Jerry also.

She and I believe exactly alike even though we have NEVER discussed this subject until this morning. But I do have some thoughts on the rape part...If she wants to keep the child of a rape, then that is her business. If she wants to put it up for adoption, that too is her business. If she opts for it to be aborted, I believe that too should be her option...SO...if the rapist is proven by DNA to be the father, then he should be castrated if she choses to abort the baby. If he is right handed, then his right testicle to be removed, if he is left handed, then his left testicle to be removed, if he is ambidextrous, then both testicles to be removed.

As far as "how men rule the Womens' world", haven't you heard the saying, "She who rocks the cradle rules the world?"

2. I am unfamiliar with the term "WEEVE" but I believe you are referring to the penis. Are you uncomfortable with that word?. Why should just the males have their tubes tied, why not the females also? Then we can really get into some planned parenthood and I'm all for planning, but I've learned that even the best laid plans seem to go awry.

3. ("The day the Society at large STARTS talking about Men's role in (UNWANTED) pregnancy and SERIOUSLY taking IT into account, can we start pondering what are the perimeters for "OK-Abortions"")...Society does talk about this problem but it is just one of many problems that faces all of us; it is on the PRIORITY list. ("WHO IS DECIDING (in ) these cases?") Laws have to be written with every parameter possible so that the court has guidance in each specific case.

4. ("...the subject matter miiiight require a LOOOT more SERIOUS study and -moral- Ponderings from your part -as from everybody's, who is more cute & emotional, than realist on how MEN live and treat (more)than HALF the WORLD's POPULATION!!!") The subject matter DOES REQUIRE a lot more study and moral ponderings. WHAT GOD HAS PUT TOGETHER LET NOT MAN PUT ASUNDER. When a man and a woman become one flesh, it is at CONCEPTION, not at the birth of the child!

("...let's not forget all the rest of 'Sacred spaces' where Weeve('s) Wanderlust takes it, that don't risk end up in pregnancies, like THREE YEAR OLD Baby-Girls!.... FAIR GAME for their Daddy & Dads all Horny old Buddies (-ALL SANCTIONED /JUSTIFIED in the so called HOLY BOOKS. What did u call these writings again?... "God's Word"/ as in "This Is How I Want You All to Live" and "What I Want You To Do" of each these different goups of Peoples!...) up till these Girls are nine years of age, I think it was. "Ahhh... they all become Virgins again by morning!" .... THAT statement is what not just justifies, but SANCTIFIES this ongoing rape of Baby Gairls! NOW HOW HEALTHY and OK is this???????? But of course, before nine years of age, most likely no risk of pregnancy, hence no abortion needed to be even discussed here!") These writings are a guide of what not to do and how they got themselves into the mess they got themselves in...NOT how The Creator wants us to live. I cannot take responsibility for their actions and I certainly do not condone them at all.

I BELIEVE A MAN SHOULD HAVE CHILDREN BY ONLY ONE WOMAN AND A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE CHILDREN BY ONLY ONE MAN. Why do I believe like this? Why do you think the Arabs and the Jews hate each other so much? All this turmoil in the Mid East is over birthright because Abraham had children by more women than just his wife!!!!!!

5. ("...bad judgment from your part, Celest. Sorry to be the one to burst your Bubble!") It is not bad judgment on my part; I am just bringing the subject of abortion to the top of the priority list. My bubble is not burst but it was a very good attempt to poke a hole in it, if I do say so myself! :)

6. ("...a Bleeding-Heart-Person is sweet and -...a liiiiitttle on the gullible side, due to more INNOCENCE than Info & Facts...") Oh, yes I know I'm gullible some of the time. Innocent? When you've been drugged and raped you're ready to kill. Info and facts...I know I'm not fully informed but I do have some idea of what is going on.

7. ("Up to that point they are an extended "piece" of their Mother:...") Are you blind? The fetus is also a "PIECE" (as you put it) of the father!

("Besides the fetus does NOT have own God-given life -as in/Spirit- until born and drawn their OWN First Breath of (own) Life = GOD-GIVEN BREATH!") It is getting its oxygen from you. What came first...the duckbill platypus or the egg? :)

("...all these JUSTIFYING so called "religious" Ideologies / Books were dreamt up, written and carefully spoon-fed to Humankind for eons! It's all about Hu-MAN PSYCHO/logy.") I came to this conclusion a long time ago...these religious writings were written from a male's perspective and (being a male) I must factor that information into all that they wrote.

4. ("...the EVIL you put out & forth with your sanctimonious attitude and ill thought-out opinions are making me nauseus...") Once again, I am very sorry to have upset you so much. I am trying to bring the subject of abortion to the top of the priority list as it does concern the future of humanity. I hope you have a better understanding, now, of what I'm trying to do...get a general consensus of society to focus on this problem! I regret that you have perceived my stance as evil.

Jerry...I don't have time today to respond to your comments of May 21, 2007; I hope to tomorrow May 22, 2007.  

22 May 2007 @ 02:34 by a-d : Well,well, well.... : )
Ohhhh boy, did gloss you over Things!.... I am not angry at YOU per see: you didn't dream up all the evils (towards women) BUT you do think they are OK!....
.... and you were the one who felt violated by someone stealing your TV!!!...( yes... that OOOOONNNEEE WEEEEEK of YOUR LIFE!!!: the money the TV cost -or what ever... yet you still try to defend and justify this EVIL towards women!.... AND you think there is no injustice/ imbalance if they have to suffer for the rest of their lives!.... for violations done to them.
You do adhere to the Dark Side more than to LIFE's side and your religiosity is stupid conventional Mainstream POLITICALLY CORRECT "Religiocite` to cover up your Dark truths about you: Seems more like you are true Womanizer, hating women and their Inner Strength and connectedness to Life, Chauvinist, Fundamentslist and my gut-feeling tells me now that you feel secretly very lost and torn! Tossing those bible quotes around you, does only impress people who are in an even worse condition than yourself!... Why don't you instead grasp hold of YOUR VERY OWN Critical Thinking abilities, given to you as a Birthday Gift the day you were born, BY Life/"God" and start using them to make YOUR self(&life) happier?!?... I know, I've been there too!... blindly /naively = gullibly believing what I was told to believe!... Yet it never felt right, never seemed quite add up to the GOODNESS Life really wanted us all to have!...

I will not get into and take up all the new idioces you put out here in your response to me... just know, that one day IF -or to what ever degree- you will wake up to REAL Life, you will see Life for what it really is; all its ugliness -and, thank God, all Its Beautitudes as well.
You do have a Good Heart. Let your Heart lead you to Life; "greener Pastures" where TRUE JUSTICE/BALANCE, rules the day. As you stand today, your Dark side rules you more!... Your Political Correctness and Fundamentalism gives you away! ; ) Too bad...  

22 May 2007 @ 05:14 by bushman : Hmm,
God gave us a choice, eat from the tree of life, live like the animals. Eat from the tree of knowledge, become civilized. So if God told us "not" to eat from the tree of knowledge, then we would be doing as the animals do, incest, rape, and murder. We would be breeding like rabbits and eatting each others babies. And life for humans would go on forever. Because we wouldnt know any better. And its what God wanted in the first place. Animals have no concept of good and evil, no concepts of morality.  

22 May 2007 @ 06:11 by vaxen : Actually...
it is God that is created, by us, in our image. Called Anthropo Morphism. In general, though, the above discussion hits on lots of very salient points. Thanks all...  

22 May 2007 @ 07:03 by skookum : we do rather limit God
that way don't we Vax

How can we.. merely humans.. possibly come up with an accurate comprehension?

If we are truly aware.. truly connected...perhaps we will make better choices.  

22 May 2007 @ 14:55 by skillz : Just buttin in here
Theres allot thats been said here and much of it i cant understand and is frankly not worth reading. In regards to the original artical, im not into poemy type phylosiphys that have a pleasant ring to them, im into hard facts and cold truths. Dont be taught by anyone except yourself. If anyone who refers to a creater or god as a man or spirit man(or woman) like creature are not using their brains properly and will never grasp an understanding of life or any real truths. Using 'ists and 'isms doesnt go any deeper than political jargon used by the dimmist of our nations - the politician. All of human actions some of which concidered evil are in answer to our sourounds and systems. People are forced into evils through our modern system. Abortion is not a GOOD thing, but in this system its money that rules our lives and thinking and actions. Young women usualy have abortions because of the finance and also social rejection from parents/people. And abortion is somtimes the best option in this system. Is it then the young girl who is evil? After all you dont hear of many wealthy healthy family's daughters having abortions. That does not mean that its right, it means the system aint right. For example drinking your own urine aint good but if you was stuck in a desert you may have to to stay alive. We cant think within the confinds of the system ('isms) to solve the problems created BY the system. You cant talk about god and love then call everyone thats different an 'ist. Politics is about confind thinking. Remember its the politicians actions that cause 'isms to start with. None of what im writing hear is aimed at or relating to one person here, its facts for everbody. Having a politicaly controled argument is not going to get anywhere. The truth cannot be argued with. Remove politics, you remove the arguements. For example, a person who may live in a poor high crime area with lots of ethnic groups hanging around their neighbourhood causing grief for the real residents will develop a disliking for these type of people, they may even unite in a group against them. Now these people would be labled racists by politicians and people who dont live in those areas and dont have to put up with them problems. Are people not allowed to feel their true emotions. And who created the term rasist? The very same people who sent these different races of people into these areas - THE POLITICIAN. Politics will never solve our problems because it is the creator of the problems. Politics is BULLSHIT and is the defence against the continuation of slavery. Without the bullshit slavery would stop, wars would stop, 'isms would stop.

To sum it up, this system brings out the worst in human behavour. Is it then the human species itself thats at fault (according to political thinkng). Are you going to live by other mans poliTRICKS or you own human mind with all its desires and needs?


22 May 2007 @ 15:29 by vaxen : God speaks?
Abolish the world - free politics. But, then, I'm all in favor of the Multics takeover. Too many unices in your multices? The word GOD, if you're interested, comes from the Sumerian HU (EA) and is an endlessly mis transliterated piece of amorphousness we like to call goo. You can trace it back to Lord EA if you wish but I've already done that so no need. Oh, others have let there be an end, once and for all, to this ancient bit of controversy. I'm all for aborting unwanted 'stuff.' In clean, indeed steril, antiseptic, sans proverbial coathangers, conditions...preferably with a loving, and well trained, midwife present.

And Matriarchy was just as bad, if not worse, than Patriarchy about ending them both on a via, by way of, labelled 'ending the trance' or: Trance Endence. So the trance endians among you please give us a hearty: Here, here!

Salud! Besides, dkill, when you get to Montana A-d can whop you up aside the head and teach you a thing or two about midwifery.

"London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down. London bridge is falling down my fair lady." - Voose?

"God save the adulterer!" - Queen of England

PS: And in China, especially 'south China' a very wholesome and hearty soup is made from the placenta so why not add a bit of aborted beef to the mash and really have a party we all can be proud of? ;)

Cho cho mu san gwai sue yao tan gwot miao...  

22 May 2007 @ 16:55 by a-d : Steve,
I'm right with you! You said it the very best ( that's what I like so much about you: You always hit the head of the nail right onnnnnn! : ) )))

Yeahhhh, vax.... I so wish we all, with a billion other friends, including our friend Celest, would just BE THEMSELVES. Like dkill say DROP THE POLITICS! ALL people on Earth have to work on being nothing but ourselves; Anarchists! =SELF governing, intelligent, loving Sisters & Brothers to eachother.
When we are truly healthy, no GOD-talk is needed (to show one's superiority or amazing godliness) no controlling of others is felt 'needed', no abortions (as birth control!...)no WMDs either!
We are all Loving and good as long as not destroyed by the System, created by people with control needs/= their own lack of TRUST in Life'S-Goodness....
Lack of Trust in Life's Goodness is the most serious of all ills & illnesses that can befall us.

ONLY HEALTH UNITES ALL LIFE! Quite frankly, that is what we all here are trying to do -in a liiittle twisted ways maybe, but everyone with genuinely good intentions. Too bad "Good Intentions" doesn't keep us away from disaster! : ( HEEEEELLLP! .... whattodo,huh? ; ) ...  

22 May 2007 @ 19:34 by celestial : Thank you all for your comments.
Jerry, is NOT pro life. This is not a religious issue with is a life and death issue. However it is justified, it does not bring forth life.

I am not condemning women and I am not creating a hostile or dangerous environment for them to do with their bodies as they wish. If the unborn have no right to life, then no one has the right to live. What on earth is wrong with having a court order to abort a baby? Murder is a crime and a court order is required for execution. There is a time for everything...including abortion. The issue seems to be when does a fetus become a human being with rights.

I remember when my first love wanted to abort our first child. My heart sank to the lowest depths I had ever experienced. But she decided otherwise and our daughter was born. About eight years later, she divorced me (she said life was passing her by and she wanted to party) and took off with our children. It was then I heard these words, "She took the children away from their father, I shall take them away from her." I never saw our children again. Ten years later (1988) my daughter died at the age of seventeen. Last month I just found out (19 years later).

As far as Christianity goes, I no longer buy into the immaculate conception or the resurrection as it is presented by the church. That's like believing in Santa Claus but when you grow up you discover the hoax. However, the CONCEPT of forgiveness is good to live by.

Jerry, thank you for reminding me to respect my elders and I'll be keeping a closer eye on this heart of mine.


It wasn't a T.V. for a week of my life, that was just an example. Actually it was my tools and other personal property and it was closer to three years of my life.

It is difficult for me to say "I love you" to people who embrace abortion or to address them as friends. Yet, I do love you all and thank Ming for creating this site.

Let us all keep working toward the New Civilization.


22 May 2007 @ 20:07 by a-d : Abortion is not an
Easy Issue -for anybody!... That is exactly why so many here reacted so strongly (against you) because you sure made it sound as if women just arbitrarily have abortions right & left AS BIRTH CONTROL "Pills" because of their total lack of any feelings, responsibility and what not!
Nor did you like to discuss ANIMALS right to not have babies forever to satisfy the CROOKED CRUEL GREEDY Man/kind!!! Yes, I know, most of us have participated in the murder of animals right & left.... but shouldn't we all be working on improving OURSELVES to be in ever greater HARMONY with Life/Nature with and through our own actions etc, -instead of throwing rocks on (most often times on the) victims of our sick Society!? ( Violation = rape and ALL violations is a one form of "rape" or the other. Rape is NOT a sexual act per see. It CAN take the "Form" of a sexual act, but is not really such! )
I totally understand the bad feeling of being violated you have gone through in your life. I don't think there is one single person -nor animal- on Earth today who has had each our share of violations done to us!
The Society becomes healthier each time one of us makes any true progress in our own Healing Process! There is no other way to deal with many Questions that plight us still today!... "You can't legislate Morality" is an old Adage. ONLY Personal Healing one by one by one will do!... me thinks... *!*
[ [link] ]
[ [link] ]

Go to wikipedia and look up Psychopathy, Narcissism and look up other Serial killers as well. That will give an idea what womens' true situation is still today in our society!
Since most people, including the ones ending up in unwanted pregnancies are made victims by psychopaths it is important beyond anything I can say, for each and everyone of us to learn to spot a psychopath!.... Most of them are "Mild cases"...and they are literally Any person around you -or even 'you'!!!
See what Prof Robert Hare has to say about this! [ ] A quote from this link :
"That's the psychopath: somebody who doesn't understand what's going on emotionally, but understands that something important has happened." Hence these people cannot relate - and without ability to relate; no compassion. without compassion no Love/true acceptance of someone outside their own skin -- ONLY LEARNED -social-BEHAVIOR all between Prince Charming to the Good Citizen!.... all so that the psychopath can get HIS way! The mildest from of Psychopathy I would say is what we in daily life call "The Bully".

Here is a link about the Sociopath: [link] ]
To me it seems as if the difference between a Psychopath and a Sociopath is how important to keep up their own Social Image is. to a Psychopath it means "everything" while a Sociopath could care less about Political Correctness!... as long as they get what they want.
I would also argue -against- Prof Hare, that these conditions are definitely a RESULT of something -like SOME SORT OF abuse in the child's very earliest times. People still can't accept that putting a new born baby ALONE "in their own room", the lovingly put together NURSERY, is a sever form of child ABUSE; how sever can ABANDONMENT be at home???? How can parents respond to the baby's needs soon enough, so as to not allow for feeling of insecurity; not knowing if someone will come to aid -or not FEELING .... how long does it take for a new born to feel that insecurity??? two minutes, five, ten,an hour?.... How long does it take for parents to come and take care of Baby's Business???? Is it a wonder that TRUST is broken in 'EVERYONE' -certainly in the Western Society????
So, then these babies grow up -with all the rest of abusive input Humankind is so full of today, but ONLY broken people commit abusive acts!
All the rest, who have done sufficient Healing before they themselves (including myself) fall too deep into the negative frequencies, will not commit crimes; one form of rape -or an other!
I also am convinced that only 1 % of the very sickest individuals the core cannot be reached, but of all the rest I would think it is possible.

[ [link] ]On this link is another kind of rape-story, another kind of life threatening impregnation -that if not aborted would destroy a life, possibly a few lives! what about the cruelty -OR was it virtue- of this one?????  

23 May 2007 @ 18:52 by skillz : Very
unsetterling truths in those words astrid. It all stems from birth. We are all potential psyco/sociopaths its all about our upbringing. Parents are raping their children! Maybe not sexualy but mentaly. I talk about our own government being our (as adults) enermy, for a child the ones they should be most afraid of is their own parents! They are the force behind the creation of psycopaths. One dominating factor in the continuation of evil is that the victims eventualy become the perpertrators! If you have suffered from abuse from your parents then 9 times out of 10 you can be sure that the next ones to suffer will be your own children by your hand. This then becomes the victims dealing mechanism, by comiting the same crime that was laid upon yourself you take away the badness from the act. I see parents everyday happyly destroying they're infants lives and laughing about it. I believe that this cycle of evil eases the pain for traumatized adults, by turning the hidden evil into the everyday norm. It was all they knew as a child so it becomes all they know as adults. I know ive gone into detail on this but i dont want to be misunderstood. So in conclusion this means we cant allways trust the upbringing of our parents no matter how much we may love them. If they really love you then they would know if they've done you wrong and will be sorry and upset not defensive, angry, and rejecting if you confront them.

vaxen why is it that somtimes what you write sounds complete jiberish like you done i acid trip during a history exam. You are obviously a state institutionly educated man and that doesnt allways mean that your pretensious and dim but it doesnt win any browning points with me. STOP TALKING IN RIDDLES! And stop answering in quotes. If YOU dont have anything to say then dont say anything. I want to hear what -YOU- think, not what you think your suposed to think, to somehow reasure you faith to your intituations that programed you. You may have even been agreeing with me in your above statment but unlesss you write it in english i wont be able to comment on its content.

Thanx for you support Astrid, and i will support anyone who supports the truth.


23 May 2007 @ 19:01 by celestial : I LOVE YOU TILL DEATH DO US PART.
It wasn't intentional to gloss over certain subjects to AVOID them, I'm limited as to the amount of time I can get on the internet so I tried to respond to as many, as best as possible. I'm also working on myself, my writings, and speech so that I am not misunderstood from the first utterance.

Every day, the priority list changes as to the issues to deal with.

I've studied my mind from childhood and I'm still learning about myself. Personal discipline is one of them.

I do not have the "sheep skins" to prove it, but I do have the equivalent of a masters degree in criminal justice. It's impossible to tell by looking at a person whether or not they are a psychopath or sociopath or whatever. But there are ways to determine just how many cards are missing out of their deck, if any. If you need a quick indicator, listen to their laugh in response to a joke!!!!!! You don't necessarily have to be the one to tell the joke to them, someone else may do so.

Me? I do confess, I am a bully...I pick on people bigger than me and have more power than I.

I'm not sure how you arrived at your comments on raising babies, but you should be in charge of the nursery!!!!!! :) That is an immense responsibility and you seem veeeerrrrryyyyy qualified. Keep talking sweetie, you could end up as the queen of the hive!!!!!! :) I AM GOING TO USE YOU TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITY, IF YOU LET ME!!!!!!  

23 May 2007 @ 21:35 by a-d : Heheheheh..... : )
you guys, you crack me up! : ) THANK you all for that! See, we need the Round Table, indeed a really cozy, comfy lounge ("Cosmic Connections"... but a physical/geographical Place, somewhere, where we can hang out and just share thoughts as they come up! Psychology is after all the only true religion out there -or in each of us...and our Psychology/religion changes as we see more of the Divine Truth again; the one that the Wounded Ones do NOT want us to see/get in touch with again!... Steve, you know I'm sending u a thousand XOXOXOX's,doncha? ; )

So much, I would like to say and if you Celest and all the rest of you were here next to me it wouldn't take more than ten fifteen minutes to finish this all really nicely... but writing...
ahhh... Celest... I know what you mean!... "time"..."duties"...etcetc; the whole nine yards!
You have already taken up several HOT words: Resurrection, Discipline (drop that one and replace it with the next word/s) Priority -and add some Enthusiasm and Perseverance to that mix and now you have a Divine Concoction, to give you all the strength and wisdom needed to take you where you want to go -which ever route! Working on this one maself. Sometimes it takes me days to find all these Ingredients from the Cosmic StoreHouse ( but there's been times when it took me months!)
A little cosmic quickie here:(This is a conclusion I have to this far of my trip: ) Resurrection is not supposed to be a Q of "believing" as much as it "should" be a Q of UNDERSTANDING the energy process. Think of it this way, Celest; Mankind does not know "how/why" the Oceans are salty, but they are!... that much we know!... but the rest.... Mankind don't know the Hows and Whys to hardly anything created (by Nature/God) We only have theories, pretending they are facts... NO ONE knows for sure (except Bushy!.... ; )We pretend the RESULT is the the How&Why-PROCESS which it isn't!... nough said bout that.
WHO is "bigger than you" ????... Answer: NOBODY!!! some might be nastier! : )... Yes... but, do NOT give your power away... together with a billion Like minded Life Loving friends we will all over come the evil, put forth by the nastier ones!... THEY are in truth soooo small and helpless and poverty stricken that they have to leach on the rest of the world!...Parasites are never bigger than their hosts, are they?..hehehehe.

Raising babies: RAISING HUMANS!... Raising the next generation!... Me raising babies... I have never been good enough to qualify for such gargantuously huge Cosmic responsibility!... On the other hand, people around me have from my young teens reffered me as being the Universal Mother. But you need to talk to them - or Adi!... (he says the same thing about me)But I, maself have no clue how this could be. (I don't have the patiense, when kids become unruly!... as in trying to bullying me. Never in my life have I tolerated bullying/ manipulating!... )
But the troubles and ills of our Society; ALL of them stems from the relationships babies are offered by the people around them!... jsut like Steve says here in the comment above.
Gotta go... too bad... would love to chat...REALLY CHAT...around the round table...hehehe...
We are all "Bare feet Angels", aren't we?
an... remember: Death is OPTIONAL!!! : ) NOT mandatory... made by god... NOT TRUE!!!... but a result of our own WRONG (way of ) LIVING!  

24 May 2007 @ 12:23 by skillz : heuuj daeokf ne idwmm qode?
Just a little somthing for vaxen there.

Well the table im sitting at aint round but its starting to curve out the more i chat. xx back at u 2 Jo xx

celestial - do u feel that u r above the average person because u have this masters degree? Being a master of babylon thinking is as bad as it gets. I think you've got allot of unlearning to do. And the fact that you say u can tell a pyscopath from telling him a joke says it all. What if the joke aint that funny? What if it is but your just crap at teling it? What if the person who is telling the joke have a booga hanging? Is the person who is telling the joke a friend or a stranger? What if his mother had died earlier that day? I could go on, you get the picture.

A criminal is a human, a human who is alive. Its not a malfunction its life. The truth is criminal in this system. Most criminals are smarter and more alive than any institionalized educated person. And im not talking about the fools in prison who got caught. These are people who are not afraid of life. Braking laws is what brings about change. If we all followed the rules it would be a sad existince for all of us (although we're not far fom that now). And remember that criminals only exsist within this system in place. As long as they create bullshit rules and take away peoples choices in life there will be criminals.

If you picking on people not of your own small size does that mean your get beat up allot?  

24 May 2007 @ 14:11 by a-d : we
need to know the how & why vis a vis oceans saltiness for it to be a good thing (for all Life, including us, -or is it enough that Mother Nature/Universe knows those hows & whys?.... I have no clue how the motor in my car functions, yet me and the motor together can get the car moving where I want it to go!...

Yup we all have a whole boatload to UN-learn! Un-learn, release, let go of old ponderings of people dead since thousands of years back -and on top of it all- their knowledge if it wasn't erroneous from the very get go, it certainly is totally erroneous in todays world, awareness & consciousness.
Why on earth would someone else's ponderings be of greater value for me & my life than my own ponderings???
If any 'knowledge is 'Time sensitive' ( and especially if also happens to be an Outside thing ) instead of 'timeLESS', 'Non-local', then I drop it, like it was a hot potato!  

24 May 2007 @ 18:44 by celestial : 2bee or not 2 be.
Off the subject a bit, did you notice that after the Queen of England left America, Tony Blair announced his resignation.

No, I am not over anyone because I consider myself to have the equivalent of a masters degree. Master of Babylon thinking?

Oh, you don't have to tell me that I have a lot of unlearning to do, BEING RAISED A PREACHERS KID!!!!!! I AM fully aware.

Listening to the way one laughs at a joke reveals so much about them. If you don't have a discerning ear, then you will miss the valuable information and you must suffer the consequences of not listening!!!!!! You learn real quick who the crazies are when you are in prison, but only if you keep your eyes and ears open and you mouth closed.

When I say I pick on people bigger than me, it isn't in a violent way; it is my mind against their tyranny. Violence becomes a learned response and tends to lead to greater violence. I was referring to President Bush and the company he keeps. Recently, he said, "Our patience has limits." Probably not in response to what I've been doing singly. But that does tell me they are getting ready to snap.

Well, it's time for me to go to channel two (2) and use plan b (be), as in
2B or not 2B! :)  

24 May 2007 @ 19:07 by a-d : I would agree with you, Celest,
on the laughing-"thing" -and I have -finally- learned the to discern the LINGO; indeed the whole language and word repertoire, that ALL Bullies adhere to! It only took me a hundred decades -and a lot of confusion, un-learning , re-learning and tears to do it.; ) But.... boy am I soooo much richer today!...Indeed!... To learn to a-maze the verbal, very abusive maze that the crooks/controllers have built for us through the ages to get lost in... ever since Babylon...hahahaa... : ). But seriously; this is why a statement that all bibles are "A Word of /from God" implying; nothing to do with humans BY whom all the writing is done...[and their healthy or not-so-healthy emotional / mental ="Spiritual" state and add to that the Times when those words were spit out, only to support the group that dreamt them up/uttered them -or if they on top of all this, carried a SEPARATING factor in them : us vs them idea, or maybe We are better = more "Chosen" than you, the rest.... etcetc...] is so "bizarre"!... to put it mildly! But maybe you provoked us a little, maybe played the Devil's Advocate, to get our juices flowing & us going! Uuuuuu little sneeeaky one! : )
These factors need to be discerned just like the laughter, you're talking about -to which I whole heartedly agree! ... but imagine how it had been if you've been the shoe-maker's kid!...; ) ( In Swedish we talk about the Baker's kid! :o )  

25 May 2007 @ 14:23 by skillz : At the end of the day
Why would we entrust our heart our mind and our life in something that we've read? Where did this trust in any book alegedly written by a non human never seen being come from?? For the record GOD, OUR LORD, JESUS CHRIST IN HEAVEN do not exsist outside of our minds fantasys. Jesus MAY have been a man who lived 2000 years ago but whats it got to do with your life now? The ORIGINAL bible and other religious writtings may have had good advice (for the time) contained within them, but unless you are as smart as the writer and speak the same language AND live in the same time in history you will never understand them. All of these stupid traditions that are practiced by many religious nuts around the world come from misunderstanding writings that are told to follow. These silly misenterpritations then become the excuse for wars and other pathetic nonsense designed to destroy any sanity out of their children thus continuing the madness. I believe that the misunderstanding of genesis has started the belief of an entity. FACT - the universe and all matter including physical laws and nature is god. The first line in the bible IS fact - "In the begining GOD created the heavens and the earth" That statement is fact. But what if the meaning of god is changed, then it becomes nonsense. Everything in genesis (near enough with its poor translation) states the begining of the earth as we know it today. Read it for yourself.

The first step to discovering life is to drop old lies. If you think about it, i mean really think about it, none of what religion teaches us makes any sense. Even the original writer of the material is not around anymore to have a say. Stay away from religion, but dont just take MY word for it, listen to your own common sense, i did. If anyone still wants to hold on to their "beliefs" then i suggest they read the articals at the WMS by Matthew Webb. But then dont just blindly follow that either. Smoke some weed, eat some mushrooms, get some psycedelics in ye system, then you'l see things clearer, thats what they're there for.

And on the subject on jokes n pyscos, well im laughing at (you in fact) that in itself in a chuckly kinda way. How do i rate on your psycopath chart? Assessing a persons mental state is not as clear cut as joke reactions. I can be told the same joke by different people and have a different reaction each time. Its a very judgmental and dangerous statement from yourself to assume that, and if that is what is being taught by the institutions then i doesnt supprise me.

Well if unlearning is what your aiming for then your in good company because im still unlearning every day. I was brought up as a jehovahs wittness, my mother was a baptized member, so im still trying to undo the dammage done from childhood. All my advice i can teach you will be to teach yourself.

A-d i couldnt have put it better myself (again).  

25 May 2007 @ 15:14 by a-d : Here is a wonderful
little video clip about "back to Light -Heartedness" :
[ [link] ]
Of course, it might not to 100% ring true to you, but even if "only" 50% of it feels good, then rejoice, my friend, rejoice! I personally liked this little clip a lot!  

25 May 2007 @ 19:14 by celestial : ASK,Seek, Knock...
Christians today cannot SEE that the book of Genesis presents evolution. God is WITHIN each and every human being; that is why I said, "You are the living word of God." For your information, the Book of Proverbs still has a lot of wisdom which can still be applied to our lives to day.

I'm glad you are having a laugh on me, but I would have to hear you laugh (in person) to decide if I should avoid you at all costs! You, too, have a lot to learn. Of course, a joke will be reacted to differently on different occasions, but the core of a person still comes out in the laugh. It's not being taught in any institutions that I'm aware of, it is something I have discovered, for MYSELF.

For your information, I used to smoke weed. The very first time, I heard and had a conversation with God. Two weeks after I started, that same voice said to me, "You are to stop smoking marijuana FOR IT HAS SERVED ITS PURPOSE." So you are very correct when you say "thats what they're (natural drugs) there for."

"...brought up as a Jehovah's witness?" Sounds like we're in the same boat, little brother!

"...but imagine how it had been if you've been the shoe-maker's kid!...; ) ( In Swedish we talk about the Baker's kid!)"
Aye yi yi, and all this time I've been told it was the preacher's kids who were the worst!!!!!!

Well, honey, you've found me out! Indeed, it is my mission-airy work to MAKE people think, use their brain. Let me tell you something, on occasion I really take a lot of flak for it. Sometimes I feel like a Shepard, sometimes I have to get in front of the flock and lead them, sometimes I have to get in behind them and drive them, sometimes I'll be in their very midst, sometimes to THEIR LEFT, sometimes to THEIR RIGHT! But my flock is going to well watered greener pastures. I'll do what it takes if that means I've got to get on the opposite side of the way they should be going and scare the living daylights out of them so they will RUN toward a better life!!!!!! In other words,
I WANT THE BEST FOR EVERYBODY, all mammals, all LiFe!!!!!!

"We are all "Bare feet Angels", aren't we?" Reminds me of the first sentence I uttered to my mother, when I learned to speak. I said, "Take shoes off."

Yes, it sure would be a pleasure if NCN members could get together occasionally, in person.

Your link to "back to Light -Heartedness" is very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, good!!!!!! I do believe that means 200%, young lady! :o)

A S K...........and you shall receive...
S E E K.........and you shall find...
K N O C K.......and it shall be opened unto you.




Can you find the double emphasis on "ASK?"  

26 May 2007 @ 14:05 by skillz : aSk? Take and you'll get.
Ive managed to sqweeze some sense out of you the real you. My work here is done.  

29 May 2007 @ 15:08 by celestial : Seek, and you may get lost.
Your work here is never done!

For some reason I knew I would encounter the "antonymic" mind.

Why not squeeze me, myself, & I some more, "since" I'm ready, willing and able?
Who "nose," perhaps it may turn into more "scents!"
I won't charge you a nickel, not even two "cents."

Quite right, "Take and you shall get."
(Depending on what you take determines the consequences you get, in the end)."

SEEK, and you may get lost, too.
KNOCK, perhaps the door was open but as soon as you knock it may be slammed shut.

I like your style. Please, pretty please, don't leave!  

30 May 2007 @ 17:51 by skillz : Im glad
you've filled in the bits i didnt say. It means what i knew allready like all of us, we allready know, it doesnt matter WHO says it its there for all in us all. Why are we so afraid to reveal ourselves as individual thinkers. If the whole world is honest with each other we may find that our true individual personality isnt such a lonely character after all.

Not all of these gay little spiritual phases are as black and white as we'd like them to be (for peace of minds sake). Every page has an overleaf, every coin has a flipside. I am i nice man.... until u piss me off then i'll probably brake ye legs. Im allways wide awake... except for when im asleep. I would invite you in for tea.... if i had my own house.

Ok iyl stay. But i only meant my work was done on this thread. tym 2 moov on.  

31 May 2007 @ 18:20 by a-d : Glad you're staying... : )
u got me scared too for a moment there... u sssshtinkerrr!hehehhe... we'got Work to do here, eh?....all of us!

Hugs to u both! /a-d  

1 Jun 2007 @ 19:20 by celestial : Thanks, C U on another thread.
I thought you had given up on me. Good deal, our paths may cross again on another thread.

On religions, my observation has been that they all have a little bit of the truth...but not all of the truth. Probably in part because of their leaders. So...I like to get into dialogs with them, hence my last post "Chastisement." It is intended strictly for them. Perhaps I should change the title to "A poem for preachers, priests, and popes."  

3 Jun 2007 @ 15:13 by skillz : True
the thing about any writtings like religious scripts is that you will only understand the truths you know allready so there was no point in reading them.  

10 Jun 2007 @ 02:10 by a-d : I don't know,Steve.....
I sure like to see My Truth reflected back to me in one form or the other- from Someone else!....(That is exactly why I wrote my book, as well, so people would get their truths -to what ever degree they matched mine- validated by me having found the same truth inside of me as they found inside themselves. Anybody who finds these Cosmic/Divine Truths within themselves becomes a Share Holder of those Truths. They are more valuable than any gold or geo-land or anything at all on Earth!... They are our ticket to other Galaxies plus a lot more!!.... : )  

12 Jun 2007 @ 17:23 by celestial : Yes,
a-d..."As iron sharpens iron, so one mind sharpens another."

dkill...Does lightning strike the same place twice?  

17 Jun 2007 @ 19:09 by skillz : Ur ryt
a-d it does still feel me with joy to read others that feel the one truth the same as we do, but i dont believe in using books to educate a person to life (indoctrinate) because people will allways missenterprete what they dont understand. This is why religions are so full of pointless rituals and practices. If you are on a mission to GAIN wisdom your not gonna find it in a book.

Yes lightning strikes many of the same places many times.  

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