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picture22 Jan 2016 @ 07:07, by celestial

This posting is about abiding LOVE.
L.T.R. (Life Time Relationship); marriage, and family.
Since matter is neither created nor destroyed (it only changes form),
Then death is an illusion. Choosing a mate is forever!

Queen of My Colony.

I’m looking for my Queen; one to bear my young;
One to fill the castle; one who guards her tongue.
I’ve built an empire grand and conquered several more,
But to find a Queen for me seems quite a different chore.
Just what I’m looking for is hard to put in "Word;"
Beauty alone won’t qualify; alone, that’s just absurd!
Instead of contentious noise and nagging agony,
I’d rather hear her lovely voice; singing my harmony.
So come, my dear, and let me hear your voice,
To analyze its content from which I’ll make my choice.
If you’re not crowned, please don’t you frown;
A place for you shall still be found!
Remember this, there’s one Queen bee to every hive;
The rest fulfil her wish and serve as her midwives.

Queen of My Colony
Written May 16, 1991
Daniel Paul Tibbs

Picture posted is of the late Queen (maiden name Yonemura);
Born in Kumamoto, Japan April 23,1942. Passed away May 23, 2015.
She departed in peace and contentment, not fearing death.
I hope she reincarnates soon!

She was the most grateful, law abiding citizen on this planet.
She had more common sense than ten (10) wise men.
I feel extremely fortunate, honored and blessed that she chose me as her mate.
I may ask every nation put her face on their currency.

This is a new picture of an advanced, newly designed and refined shrine.
Her cremated remains are directly behind her picture.

I was collecting free glass to build her a custom green house but never had the chance to build it for her. Thus:

No Farms? No Food!
Know Farms! Know Food!

There is a tremendous amount of symbolism in her shrine.
The watch draped on the flamingo's neck was her twenty (20) year service watch
from the company she worked for, Data I/O, in Redmond, Washington.
(I wear it now, next to mine as they are nearly identical).

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26 Feb 2016 @ 12:32 by celestial : Crying:
Crying is good for the brain, the soul, and your heart! It flushes toxins from the brain, the soul, and the heart.

Everyone needs to be in touch with their bawl bearings...and cry on a regular basis. Are you regular?
Most of you sit on the toilet everyday, but do you cry every day?

Be as children.

Look at yourself in the mirror when you cry; teach yourself to smile while crying.  

7 Apr 2016 @ 11:16 by celestial : France:

No prostitution.

Very good move in the right direction.
You earned 100 $ollars deposited in my private bank.
One dollar does not equal one $ollar.
The government of United States of America doesn't even have an account in my private bank.

Example: If Mr. Bill Gates of Microsoft were to liquidate ALL of his assets and convert them from dollars to $ollars,
Then he would have almost two (2) $ollars in my private bank
(he does not have an account I my private bank).  

12 Apr 2016 @ 12:52 by celestial : Spain:
Three (3) rings; you are the center one.
A flawless performance earns you 100 $ollars in my private bank.  

13 Apr 2016 @ 09:00 by celestial : QUEENS:::
I have three (3) on the board, you have one (1) AND you're about to lose her.

How did this happen? Well, you wasn't paying attention; that's how.
You're too poor to pay attention.
You're also three moves away from being in checkmate (with no moves available).

Every day, I cancel checkmate and let you live.
I AM MERCIFUL but I AM cruel to be kind, in the RITE measure...  

14 Apr 2016 @ 10:15 by celestial : Poor choice for a move, Sir.

Using your Queen to protect yourself is a desperate move; it's also not an honorable act for a king.
It not only throws her under the bus (so to speak), but also causes a Buss (w)Reck.

But thank you for giving up your Queen. Losing her will be humiliating. I know what you will be feeling in the days AND years to come;
it's a tremendous loss to experience.

APRIL 18,2016: I've decide not to take your queen (as taking her will put you in check-mate),
but instead let you just sit their in your self made prison.

In essence, it will be a stalemate, however, you will be the loser in
public opinion.  

19 Apr 2016 @ 01:46 by celestial : Saudi Arabia
Detain (not arrest) the V.I.P. when he lands and convince him he should go to
Japan and kiss the bare feet of the survivors of Hiroshima and

If you want to liquidate all American assets (be sure to get cash only).
Then you can earn six (6) $ollars in my private bank.

If you perform all of the above parameters (WITHOUT ANY BLOODSHED)
within six (6) days of his touch down, Then you shall also receive
a bonus of ninety four (94) $ollars in my private bank.

June 11, 2016:
This was a preplanned gamble; not mentioned was double or nothing!
You failed to convince the Black Boy in the White House.

July 16, 2016:
I'm not trying to be disrespectful to our president, Mr. Obama; I'm only using that terminology for contrast.
It seems that the role of elected officials (and all public employees) has somehow been reversed
so they believe they are our rulers and superior to the electorate.
They are entrusted with power and ANY ABUSE OF THAT POWER will bring the wrath of "We the People."  

13 May 2016 @ 18:14 by celestial : She Still Teases Me!
You was so beautiful, and perfectly pristine,
That deck was worth building, then your flash scene
Which you blew into our catcher of dreams.

How much longer before I give you my cream?
It's nearly been one year, I deem,
My hair, one full bag of wool, for my Lady Queen.!

Your word was sharp as my L.O.R.D.'s guilotine,
And you can make me believe in everything,
Even fall in love with the mosquito's wing....

I know you're stalking me, with all of your love,
If Cruel to be Kind, please use the glove,
But your gigglely face tells me you're a dove...
(to be continued)  

11 Jun 2016 @ 18:53 by celestial : Japan:
She was your Queen,
She still is your Queen,
She will always be your Queen!  

23 Sep 2016 @ 08:57 by celestial : She has Reincarnated

She entrusted me with her remains so that I could put her on the fast tack to reincarnation (as an early girl) which I did do.

She reincarnated (re-conceived) on January 22, 2016 eight (8) months.
I'm extremely excited to be reunited with her again!
She is indeed Royalty and she is my Queen Bee forever.


14 Dec 2016 @ 00:26 by celestial : Ah, This is Going to Bee so Good!

I know the Truth, and my Bay-Bee girl knows the Truth, and she is getting extremely excited!
Go sting Jezebel real good, girl; teach Jezebel the lesson she will never forget for the remainder of her life.
You're such a good girl!
My, Oh, My. How did you get so good?

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