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If you administrate a website with similar content or aims as NCN, you might be interested in making a section on one of your pages that shows an automatically updated listing of the most recent news items posted here. That can be done relatively easily, because the content here is syndicated through a mechanism called RSS.
(Note: this is only for the more technically minded readers who already are fluent when it comes to webpage design and CGI programs)

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary and was originally developed by Netscape as a format for "channels" on the Netscape Netcenter site. Since then it has become a widespread standard used for syndicating news headlines from a number of sources.

You can read more about using RSS here.

If you don't already know how to access RSS channels, you can pick up a program here written in either Perl or PHP that you can integrate into your site.

If you want to use Perl, be aware that you need a couple of library modules you might not have as described in the article above and then you need a program like You would call it from a server-side include, or something similar, to include the segment of HTML it produces into your page. You give it the parameter of the RSS specification on this site, which is You would then get a segment on your page looking something like this.

If your server has the PHP scripting language you can use a program like this which uses an RSS library that looks like this to produce a result that looks like this. The main thing to customize would be the location in your file system that it stores a temporary cache of entries.

Another PHP solution is php-rss. One example looks like this.

For web surfers who have set up a free account on my.netscape, you can add the New Civilization News to your custom page there, by clicking here: