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picture Thursday, February 12th 2004, by Amara & Thomas Alban

This is a Chuckwalla -- except when you put a "Fest" behind it -- then it's entirely different ...

It is much larger and can have a couple of thousand people on its back and it's what we'll be focusing on a great deal in the future. [link]

We're part of a non-profit, public benefit called High Desert Living Arts [link] (our humble website).

There's a tremendous amount of talent in this High Desert and we plan on stuffin' as much of it as we can into the Beltane weekend of May 1st and 2nd. Music, art, and good folks at one of the most interesting places I know of -- Mentalphysics [link].

What is now a spiritual retreat center, was, early on, a teaching center for Rev. Edwin J. Dingle, or Ding Le Mei as he was later known. Big, big "cult" in the 20's thru the 70's -- enlightenment by mail order as I understand it. All kinds of interesting story wrapped up there. Great breathwork classes at the root of it are still going on. At any rate, much of the center was designed and built by Frank Lloyd Wright and later, his son -- so it's an interesting landmark as well. Probably deserves its own future article.

More on the Chuckwalla Fest as it develops -- promises to be an interesting line-up.

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13 Feb 2004 @ 03:24 by jazzolog : Blown Away In Breathwork
What a delightful new Log! And these people: here they from a Chuckawalla Fest in Yucca Valley. Yucca Chuckawalla. I love saying that! It falls trippingly from the tongue. Welcome to the Logs, my day is set for sure (Yucca Chuckawalla) and what will they bring us tomorrow?  

28 Nov 2005 @ 20:54 by Charla Shamhart @ : Mentalphysics/ Edwin J. Dingle
Regarding Thomas and Amara Alban's comments that Mentalphysics was a "big, big cult" in the 20's thru the 70's -- enlightenment by mail order as I understand it" those who do not know about the teachings of Mentalphysics should not attempt to make assumptions. If these are "cult teachings", then so are meditation and yoga, core teachings of Mentalphysics.

Dingle, a very successful publisher, studied and worked in China for 21 years and in Tibet early in the 1900s. (see website) The breathwork techniques he brought back from a monestary in Tibet are designed to open the consciousness, clear the body's energy centers and reconnect the practitioner with their Higher Self.

A friend of Earnest Holmes, founder of Religious Science and Paramahansa Yogananda, founder of Self-Realization Fellowship, Dingle used mail order lessons written in 1927 to start students with consciousness development techniques based on breathing techniques. Students were then expected to come to at least one Convention retreat to fine-tune the practices and expand their understanding of their spiritual development. Our sister center in India teaches these techniques to 10,000 people a year.

The lessons are still being taught, and the Institute of Mentalphsyics and its teachings The Science of Mentalphysics have NEVER BEEN A CULT. I have used these teachings since 1968 and now teach at the Institute of Mentalphysics.  

5 Jan 2006 @ 18:05 by amara : Sorry for the misunderstanding
I suppose before using such a potentially volatile word, I should consider how my meaning might be misconstrued. I assure you, I meant it in the most basic way ... cult as in short for culture. It is my understanding that the teachings, in the first few decades at least, were highly secretive and required initiation. Perhaps just a matter of semantics and in any case, no disrespect was intended. Thank you for contributing and enlightening us! --A  

28 Nov 2008 @ 23:17 by rich fitzgerald @ : i,m coming  

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