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The Seelie Court rules half of the year, from Beltaine to Samhain, at which time the throne is turned over to the Unseelie Court for the second half of the year.

Both have their own ideas of how the Dreaming should be protected and preserved, or for that matter whether it even deserves to be. Some Unseelies "Ravage" the Dreaming, taking what they can get from it. As they believe that the Dreaming has abandonned them, they feel that they owe it no loyalty and seek to bring the Long Winter in order to get it over with as soon as possible. Most Seelies believe that the Dreaming must be preserved and that acting in its guardianship or even dying for it is one of the highest honors. Of course both Seelies and Unseelies are made up of unique individuals who each have their own perspective between these two extremes.

One's primary Legacy is that which coincides with one's current Court, whether it be Seelie or Unseelie. The other becomes secondary; but still has its affects on one's personality, asserting itself from time to time under certain circumstances.

Seelie Legacies fall toward the lighter side of gray. Although Seelie faes can be just as conniving and manipulative as Unseelies, they tend to have less selfish motivations and they definitely work within and bow to the authority of the Seelie Court.

Unseelie Legacies are the darker side of faerie nature. Being Unseelie is much more complex than just being "evil" or "vile". Unseelies can be equally as noble and honorable as their Seelies brethen. The difference lies in their motives and methods.

Sidhe are notorious for switching between Courts without warning---Sidhe live deeper in the Dreaming and are prone to fits of depression. The weakest of them can overcome these fits by changing their Legacies back and forth. Strong-willed Sidhe escape this mania by retreating further into their Legacies: Seelies becomes impossibly idealistic and Unseelies sink to the very depths of villainy.
Their great extremes can make them almost unendurable ;-)

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