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 The End of Criminal Slavery Is At Hand
picture12 Aug 2009 @ 22:21



I am here to merely as a spokesperson of the Nebadon Council at the Galaxy Center, to inform you of consequences of your [NASA's] acts of violence namely:

* using space-based weapons and chemtrails to attack and destroy incoming ships indiscriminately.
* bombs and aggressions against the populace of Mars, your own Moon, Saturn and Jupiter;
* using biologicals against your own Asians and Blacks on your own world;
* using depleted uranium armaments in staged and serial wars against your own soldiers;
* using fluoride and chlorine against your own populations in human water systems;
* using polluted and genetically altered seeds and grains to destroy this planet's fertility;
* the methodical and premeditated pollution of oceans, skies, water tables and human families.

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picture29 Jun 2009 @ 19:35
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 The Mark of the Beast Comes Clear
category picture11 Jun 2009 @ 22:18
Just figured it out, with the help of prayer and the angels.

But I'll begin with an incident report, what happened to me about May 15th.

A burglar entered my home and stole my wallet, on that Thursday, with ALL my identification.

Passport, drivers license, social security cards, medicare care, debit card, etc., even my birth certificate. I live in an area where illegal immigrants predominate; and it never occurred to me that my wallet would be valuable to anyone.

Duh. Silly me.

So, I began praying to find out, what to do. It's $100 to replace the passport, $20 for a new birth certificate even before I can get a new social security card and drivers' license.

And I prayed and prayed. Nothing came back for three weeks, 21 days of asking, "What now, Lord?"

It comes to me. IDENTIFICATION papers *IS* the "mark of the Beast."

God gives us our identity as A SOUL with whom He may come into Covenant, WITHOUT PAPERS, WITHOUT CARDS, WITHOUT IMPRINTS, WITHOUT RECORDS.

Taking the mark of the beast means, giving in to the necessity to be marked by the Coverment, in which they mark everybody but they receive no marks themselves for accountability. They accept no judgments about effects they create; but they judge everybody else.

This is hypocrisy cubed: being marked by a Coverment which itself is unwilling to get marks.

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 IMPOSSIBLE PROOFS, by definition
category picture1 Jun 2009 @ 07:57

by Emily Cragg, Moderator, ETAnthropology

Today we the thought-full (who care about the Future for our children) confront a great number of INDICATORS that Leadership has gone awry, that our interest in Peace and Harmony is not being respected at the highest levels of Governance.

Courts and INDICTMENTS require positive proofs; and what we who watch our nation DO OBSERVE is that all positive proofs are now SECRET. So we have indicators of "lack of intention," but we have nothing we can take either to the Courts nor to the Banks to resolve problems once and for all.

1. We are prevented from knowing results, effects and outcomes of Official acts. Secrecy, "need-to-know," "compartmentalization," and confidential statutes prevent our knowing how are tax dollars are spent.

2. Anger is punished by HR and dissent is punished by Law Enforcement; not allowed to even surface. Indeed, anger is categorized along with mental disorders, officially.

3. The majority of citizenry are kept distracted and busy, and not engaged in truth-discovery or whistleblowing. Anyone so engaged is ridiculed and ostracized.

4. All the checks and balances established in our Originating Documents have been disabled; influence-peddling is normal; perjury is normal; bribery is normal.

5. At the highest levels of Governance, nobody is examined for insanity, toxicity or bad outcomes in their past. Thugs and thieves thrive in Leadership because NO RESUME is required for election to the highest offices and predatory behaviors are "normal" there.

6. The media are paid and required to NOT SEE burgeoning and castrating issues of Thuggery, Official Obfuscation and false Dominion (NGOs). Professional agents render arguments FOR CIVILITY (on-line) and REASON as worthy of contempt; these agents are called "debunkers" in favor of Official policy.

7. Responding to any communication has become "optional." No legislator need bother to answer, no webmaster need look at who's disaffected, no agency need examine its own competence. Just tally the opinions and throw the letters away. This is Not-See-ism in full bloom, where citizenry have no say at all.

8. Certain minorities get baited with technical language, impossible proofs, interminable waits and the false logic that an accusation of infidelity is the same as a criminal complaint. We're back to the Inquisition, in spades.

9. What is unsafe and inappropriate in a civil society, now expands into all areas of life. There is no way to deal with chemtrails, DU, medical iatrogenic dis-ease, across-the-board corruption, bioweaponized diseases, serial wars, cruelty and arrogance at the level of State. Nobody is listening to you.

10. Data can now be erased, changed, altered, photoshopped; so nobody is safe from false accusations and no agency is subject to accountability statutes.

It is in this arena of total control of information that we find ourselves being programmed into passivity and complacency and non-alignment.

A person committed to civil principles will find him- or herself being nit-picked and excoriated for lacking tolerance for the acting out of human unsublimated urges (bad outcomes put to practice) especially sexual promiscuity and abandonment of principled behavior. Now, the civil minded are the hated minority for everyone else to ridicule.

In the field of EXO-COMM, we the researchers find that all data could be true or it could all be concocted; and there is no way for us to establish anything. We do not know how many abductions have occurred. We do not know how many humans are being held and used for breeding; or for eating; or whatever.

We do know the 911 network films were all cartoons or manufactured accounts; that a plane never did hit the Pentagon (just a white missile); that WTC7 came down in a normal demolition; that there may or may not have been any airliners involved; that Flight 93 disembarked in Ohio at a warehouse; that 1200 autos as far away as seven-tenths of a mile from the WTC were vaporized en masse. Okay, we so know we're being lied to big time if you really dig around in the evidence of those days.

But we don't know who did it; and we'll never have proof despite massive Occultic symbology and numerology involved in that event.

Our lives at present are out of our control. Welcome to the BORG, "You shall be assimilated" is the stated and unstated intention those behind the curtain.

"Over my dead body" is my retort. Living in a Barbaric, sacrificial caste system is not my cup of tea.

Emily Cragg

 Problem-Solving Requires True Information & DATA
category picture30 May 2009 @ 18:09
For EXO-COMM Forum Members @ [link]

Human Life consists of the ability to parse and judge Effects That Track BACK to Causes. We CANNOT JUDGE Effects until and unless we know what shows up. We are being prevented from knowing Effects, to the end that we are kept as cattle who know nothing about Causes in our Lives.

This is a barbaric act of betrayal, withholding essential information about Effects [and the Causes they imply].

What are we not allowed to know? NASA doesn't show us real photos of the Moon, of Mars, Venus and Titan. We cannot infer what is true from the photos we do get, because of alterations in skew, contrast, hue and scale which obfuscate details.

Keeping us in the dark about FACTS of our existence means we are powerless to change anything.

In order to continue to keep us "hue-mons" in the dark, even the distances between our planet and the Moon, the size of objects, distances between objects, spatial relationships on heavenly bodies are either recorded inaccurately or prohibited from being known. I estimate, based on my analyses of John Walson's video photography, that our Moon is only about 40K miles up there, much smaller than NASA says; and I speculate that it is probably IN FRONT of the Van Allen Belt, not behind it. Otherwise, our Moon would merely serve as a space station for Aliens, not as a space jump-off point for ourselves.

The only galactic history we have been offered has come from Pleiadeans through Alex Collier and Billy Meier; never have the Masons/Orions through the Annunaki/Mystery Line (the Fascists) given Humanity the dignity of a history. We are cattle to them.

Disappearances [and abductions which result in complete disappearances] are not discussed in the Fascist media. We have no way to really know how many human beings are being "taken," nor is there ANY MOVEMENT to prevent such abductions (such as exist on Mars and our Moon :: camouflaged and inconspicuous housing for people). Sprawling filthy and crowded cities do not exist on other planets the way they are allowed to exist here.

Carbon-based filthy energy profiteering is not allowed to exist on other planets, the way it is allowed to exist here. Money and usury finance is not allowed to exist on other planets for the exploitation of their peoples' labors the way these are allowed to exist (by SO-CALLED HUMAN LEADERSHIP) here. Indeed, Mars, Venus and Titan show absolutely no indicators of commercialization nor environmental degradation, as is allowed here.

Human leadership, top-down bureaucracy, isn't just BAD here; they're CRAZY by galactic standards; and they withhold information the way a constrictor snake will fool its victim into thinking it can get away. Human leadership is predatory and parasitic, top-down.

Did you not notice this somehow? Please do. We are not truly cattle, unless you all ALLOW IT.

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