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 MAY THE 4th BE WITH YOU.11 comments
picture14 Apr 2006 @ 17:09
Time to stand up and be heard.
VOTE GREEN on May 4th.
UK local council elections.  More >

 Graffiti Conundrum24 comments
category picture31 May 2005 @ 14:29

category picture13 Jan 2005 @ 22:36
Well, just when we thought we maybe we've all had enough what with wars in the middle east and tsunamis in the south east, then what should come along, only global dimming that's all!

Well, for those of you fortunate enough to have ever come across a british science TV program called Horizon, you will know how well respected and researched this program is. It has brought forward many new and important scientific discoveries and news.

Well, tonight, the latest revelations have involved the discovery of Global dimming. In other words this is the dual effect of:
1) Heavy particulates and a variety of air pollutant chemicals which have been revealed as directly reducing the amount of sunlight reaching the Earth's surface by up to 20% in some area, by a 'screening' effect,
2) Clouds tend to clump these particles which have an effect of causing larger droplets of rainwater to build up the top surfaces causing increased reflection of sunlight back into space.

Both effects have been seen to have been the cause of reduced rainfall in certain areas of the tropics, increasing the incidence of drought in these areas (due to generalised climatic effects).

Nonetheless, and ironically, these limits to the sun's radiation have been realised, since the work done by scientists studying the reduced/ removal of air traffic over the USA from 11th - 13th Septmeber 2001.
They found that due the reduction of the air pollution tracks given off by aircraft, the land/air temperature increased by an unprecedented 1.2deg.celcius (not seen in 30years!) over the space of these 2/3 days.

This has now been linked to the effect of the already existing greenhouse gases being 'used' to trap this increases sunlight energy, thereby highlighting the fact that in REALITY the effect of the greenhouse gases will be magnified when the heavy pollutants are removed (unless of course we wish to choke ourselves to death!)

Hence, the undeniable truth that if we do not tackle these greenhouse gases pronto, the effects will be catastrophic, in the long term (2-5oC) in the next 25 years, causing 6-9metre increase in sea levels.
Despite the methane hydrates stored in the sea which if released as a consequence of these temp. increase will cause an unprecedented (in the last 100 million years, approx) increase in Earths temp.

What to do.
CAMPAIGN, CAMPAIGN against the governments releasing such ridiculous quantities of green house gases, before it is TOO LATE.
Get out and DO SOMETHING, whatever it is.
Please, you know it makes sense.

Love and understanding people.  More >

 The day the earth shook! Tsunami and Sumatran disaster.21 comments
category picture28 Dec 2004 @ 19:40
It is somewhat wierd that the Tsunami / Sumatran earthquake should happen exactly one year to the day after the tragic earthquake in Bam (Iran)!
I dont believe it is some strange conspiracy or anything like that, but I wonder if anyone can hazard an explanation?

Furthermore, I hope you will join me in prayer for the dead and dispossessed at this awful of times.
God, give them strength.

Us, all we can do is continue to strive in order for the poor people of Southern Asia to have nearer the quality of life we have. Plus, the arrival of some early warning system of Earthquake / Tsunami monitoing-warning equipment, such as is in existance to the west coast of USA!  More >

 To anybody that is interested.8 comments
category picture23 Aug 2004 @ 02:50
This is a brief account of events over the past few years!  More >

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We are fighting the UK local council elections on May 4th. People of this 'Green and Pleasant Land' stand up and be heard.

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