skyHook: an intra-order uplift paradigm1 comment
picture28 Dec 2009 @ 09:53
“To the small terrestrial ambush-predator known as the preying mantis, the reasonably terrifying sight of a human finger descending from the sky occasionally represents a novel opportunity: direct physical contact with a more advanced order of intelligence. During such encounters, an intrepid mantis may do something that appears reckless: it boards the transport of contact.

This response has unpredictable results, and might seem suicidal on the mantid’s part, if only for the difference in size of the participants. Needless to say, it sometimes ends badly for the mantis.

Yet in other cases, that gesture of trust sets in motion a sequence of events in which multiple orders (and lineages) of biocognitive awareness and time come together benevolently, changing the local meaning and character of both — often radically.

Let me be clear: this event, in which two ‘distinct’ orders of anciently evolved terrestrial intelligence come together, warps time. I suspect we shall also discover that it creates light of a kind we are not yet equipped to understand. Nonetheless, many other creatures on Earth are profoundly aware of this warp time / create light game, even if they do not make science or language about it. Some of them even know where it leads...

With a thunderous hubris too shocking to admit were we not the source of it, human cultures strive to generate and sustain circumstances in which time cannot warp. Functionally, the outcome is simple: beings cannot meet.

To get beings meeting, time has to warp/light must be made - period.

As experienced time-travellers who are actively interested in making direct contact with other orders of intelligence, mantids are aware that interacting with other organisms modifies their relationship to temporality. Success in this endeavor often results in uncommon rewards.

Though few can admit it, these and related opportunities have long been forbidden to us by various authorities who would have us believe many nonsensical ideas; including that time cannot warp, that other orders of intelligence do not exist, or that even if they do we have no access to them.

Ideas such as these are the result in part of cryptic damage to survival-critical root elements which comprise the very foundations of our representational intelligence. These elements must be repaired.

Even insects know better than this.”

skyHook  More >

 New Ways of Knowing4 comments
picture19 Apr 2005 @ 07:49
Something we Overlook

Suppose there’s something essential about how our species relates with knowledge that we overlooked. Something so essential, that it would change what it means to be human very rapidly were we to discover this hidden thing. Say for example that the modes of relation we use with what we understand to be knowledge are only a tiny portion of what is actually accessible — and the modes we’re familiar with block access to these other potentials.

Since we’re being imaginative, let’s suppose there are two basic sorts of learning-ways. One way is very self-important, and likes to make endless copies of itself, which acquire the title ‘knowledge’. This way of knowing is the source of what we call machines.

Another way doesn’t care about itself at all, but instead actually serves as a transport — its mission is to lead those who interact with it to a direct experience of its sources, and then dissolve to make way for a far faster and useful transport to arise.

In other words, our toys of knowing will generally lead to ‘more knowledge’, or they will lead to ‘experiential access’ to new ways of direct experiential learning.

‘Access’ tends to enhance and celebrate our potentials of human unity. ‘Knowledge’ tends to accomplish the opposite, while pretending to be a unifier — in other words, our common form of knowledge is a predator masquerading as a hero.

I suggest that a different way of relating to knowledge is a big part of what is missing from our human lives and history, and the fact that it’s missing has been the primary source of human atrocity for over 5000 years. And it’s the primary source of terror, despair, suffering and peril in our own lives and families.

What would happen on our world if this other way was suddenly commonly accessible again?  More >

 Misdefining ‘Normal’: A Cause of Atrocity2 comments
category picture23 Jul 2004 @ 11:22
There are some terms whose function belies their appearance as ‘regular concepts’. Consider the term and concept ‘separation’. Without this concept — there are no terms, or concepts.

For human beings, one of the most deadly terms ever invented is ‘normal’. Without this term, we would not be able to endlessly invent utterly fictitious reasons to attack each other and our world. What could such a term possibly mean?  More >

 A Game that Saves Worlds1 comment
category picture3 Mar 2004 @ 16:50
In heartful games of unity and exploration played by 3-5 participants — lie potentials of learning and mutual uplift that grant access to skills and abilities more profound than the sum of human storying...combined. Some of these games are stronger and faster than governments, nations...war, and 'school'. And they offer us the potential to be living on another world, not in 10 years - but in 12 months. Right here.  More >

 A Child, an Angel, a Gift1 comment
category picture9 Sep 2003 @ 22:58
A call to unity, celebration, sanity, and survival...  More >

 Updates at Organelle1 comment
picture9 Aug 2003 @ 14:46

I've been off the air for a while, working to recapitulate what I learned when my visitors were present with me more clearly and carefully.

Organelle has been largely re-written, and is still undergoing constant revision, as I get closer to a cohesive and useful presentation.

I welcome your questions, interest and participation. If you enjoy Organelle, please check back often — i'ts changing inside, all day long :)


Cognitive Activism for Sentient Rescue

all blessings to you and those you adore,

sevenLamb  More >

 Black, Red, White all Over : Race?4 comments
category picture27 Feb 2003 @ 03:29
Why do we bow to, and cataclysmically serve, absurd ideas and classifications relating to templates such as race and class?  More >

 Cepahlopods, Crop Circles, Infants, God1 comment
category picture25 Feb 2003 @ 19:36
We tend to believe our species 'advanced', but by any reasonable standard, a species infected with 'ways of knowing' which breed biospheric omnicide, in scalar waves of increasing velocity, such that it will erase its resource-base and potential in a geological heartbeart...cannot really be said to be advanced, especially when such a species cannot admit the problem, or the presence and activity of species which are -actually very advanced- right here next to's some further speculation on the topic. By the way, the animal after the 'beast like an eagle in flight', in the book of Revelation? It's a black octopus, with eyes before and behind, as the others, and with seven wings, filled with eyes. We are now moving from the phase of the last creature in Revelation, to the un-named (until now!) next creature. Each one is a model of our species' powers in the cognitive moment, and the conserved history, as well...but...that's another story...  More >

 Deer in the Headlights: A new perspective0 comments
category picture24 Feb 2003 @ 06:30
One of the most terrifying and agonizing things I've lived with throughout my life is the atrocity of animals, people and ecosystems (as well as my own life) being destroyed by machines, cars in particular. As a young child, seeing a dead animal in the road, or seeing an animal struck and killed by a car, was a moment of shock, disbelief, species-shame, and pain for me. It still is, though I've learned to back down some of the over-reaction, or perhaps, become cognitively desensitized by over-stimulation. Regardless...a deer recently struck by a car, was able to clearly communicate some things to me as it lay dying, and I touched its mind...of course, it doesn't use words, and it's hard to make words out of things humans have no metaphors for. One of those things is called 'the way of animals moving' or 'how an animal decides to move and then moves'. This is a sketch of my attempt to metaphy this conversation, I'll correct and reWork it over time...right now it's very raw and inaccurate, but I thought a few people might be interested in seeing the precursor to the more polished translation that will later accrue...  More >

 It is Light3 comments
category picture20 Feb 2003 @ 00:57
The very -source- of terrorism - at last revealed!  More >

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