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category picture15 Jan 2005 @ 04:41
The Community category contains a series of articles on various aspects of communities.  More >

 Humanity's Final Exam13 comments
category picture18 Feb 2003 @ 20:20
This is a personal document, a record and companion of my journey toward understanding what I currently perceive to be (at this time) possibly the most urgent crisis for all of humanity, and what can be done about it (by me, and by “us”). I’m also writing it to an audience of others, some of whom I hope will help me flesh it out, and possibly lead to a group document.

Of necessity, it’s a work in progress, and will probably stay that way; that’s why I’ve added a version numbering scheme, inspired by my work in software development.

The crisis is triggered by the impending peak of petroleum production and its inevitable decline thereafter. The “short story” is that, according to several petroleum industry insiders (and their number seems to be growing), the peak is/will be occurring between about late 2002 and around 2010. After that, production will continually decline.

If this piques your interest, read the full document.

Note: It used to be posted here, but I recently noticed that the last of it was truncated. To view it in full, visit it here.  More >

I'll be posting irregularly; this is intended more as a collection of articles than a time-based log. Check the category list for topics of interest.

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