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 who wants to play scraps? game#1
category picture16 Nov 2001 @ 17:01
the point of SCRAPS is to make up poems without rules
the point of SCRAPS is to make up unruly poems
the point of SCRAPS is to have fun

anybody who wants to play SCRAPS, here's the rules
(whoops, i mean suggestions):  More >

 ggurdjieff::see st. hick::in the::opening the zendor::newslog
picture14 Nov 2001 @ 20:38
georges i. gurdjieff >>>

i first encountered gg in a story published in zendor's newslog, opening the zendor. the story, saint hick, proved worthy of it's curious title & not only that, inspired me to pursue gurdjieff. you have to read the story.

the picture came from [link]
about gurdjieff: [link]
some info about gurdjieff as musician at
[link]  More >

 sometimes when you love me (mother earth) it hurts
picture13 Nov 2001 @ 19:51
sometimes when you love me (mother earth) it hurts
by merilene m. murphy ( )  More >

 where i get my photos
picture12 Nov 2001 @ 11:35
i have found some great photos
online  More >

 bill says ms started the open source movement
picture11 Nov 2001 @ 22:55
yup, indeed. you gotta read this!  More >

 dear new civilization friends
picture10 Nov 2001 @ 13:30
dearest vibrani, energy, kay, ming, bushman & all my other newciv friends (old & new):

i am writing this because i hung out late last night in the welcome lounge & was actually there when in the wee hours it was renamed club lounge. there had been a horrendous fight earlier before i arrived. as the new name was being hung on the lounge, a few of us talked, sang, shared apple pie & tried to set the vibes back to welcome. today i see the same dialogs trying to flare up again in different ways, in different rooms & so i am writing this message so that i can have some peace with the way i feel about what's going on. there are three parts to this message: 1) the lyrics to imagine; 2) we've got baggage; and 3) what did i come here to new civilization network for?  More >

 it seems
picture29 Oct 2001 @ 11:34
it seems
by merilene m. murphy (  More >

 forward & unbroken
picture29 Oct 2001 @ 11:32
forward & unbroken
by merilene m. murphy (  More >

 never on a full moon
picture29 Oct 2001 @ 11:29
never on a full moon
by merilene m. murphy (  More >

 my first religion is eavesdropping::letter to joseph campbell poetry contest
picture29 Oct 2001 @ 11:22
my first religion is eavesdropping (letter to joseph campbell 2001 poetry contest director)
written 03.31.01  More >

 as if we were dancing
picture29 Oct 2001 @ 10:58
as if we were dancing
by merilene m. murphy (
written 10.25.01  More >

 the garden we build is not far
picture29 Oct 2001 @ 10:39
the garden we build is not far
by merilene m. murphy (
written 04.19.01  More >

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welcome to my (a)linear dreams. these unravellings--these brainstorms, starbursts, intention streams--take on their word tasks as songs, mantras, poems, letters to myself & you. my (a)linear dreams are world peace writings. often they unfold off inspiration i get flitting about the newciv network.

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  • sometimes when you love me (mother earth) it hurts

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  • where i get my photos

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  • bill says ms started the open source movement

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  • dear new civilization friends

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  • it seems
  • forward & unbroken

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    ACKNOWLEDGMENTS from Under Peace Rising

    if mediocrity would let my life alone, i would climb up comradery and befriend myself to ride this one time love supreme with you in peace. i would trust the mind over any vehicle and get the roadmap language i use out to make sure the many paths i take all lead to our friendship.

    this book is a road companion for us who need to get to all the sweet places we have yet to get to together.

    if this book were a roadmap, it would be the english alphabet--variations of twenty-six themes of trust in human nature to rise up under peace and to go on from there.

    Los Angeles

    Under Peace Rising
    is available online