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 Sweden's Socialist 'Paradise'12 comments
8 Jan 2004 @ 18:02, by Bruce Kodish

Socialism as a system-- reducing or trying to eliminate private property while nationalizing as much of the economy as possible in the name of all citizens--doesn't work.

When pointing this out I have often been told in response--"Hey look at Sweden and the other Scandinavian countries. Look at their wonderful standard of living. It really does work well there."

Yeah, right.

Here's a nice succinct article by Radley Balko on how well Swedish socialism has worked:The Swedish Invasion: Does A Mixed Economy Lead To Domestic Bliss?

Short Answer--Nope.

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10 Jan 2004 @ 15:55 by Bruce Kodish @ : ja, ja, god, god--tak!
Berlitz Swedish for "yes, yes, good, good--thanks!"  

10 Jan 2004 @ 16:00 by vibrani : Now let me grab my platforms
and do some disco! Bare bra, tak.  

10 Jan 2004 @ 17:12 by Bruce @ : Apology to Swedish Orthographers
Whoops! It's spelled "tack" not "tak." Sorry.  

4 Jul 2007 @ 08:39 by Mark @ : Sweden
I was in Sweden for a week last year visiting friends. I was not impressed with the country at all. I guess that I am used to all the conviences in America. Large families with only one car, and many times no one drives in the family. I understand that public transporation is a big thing there, but it is not the same as getting in your car and going when and when you want to. I missed the large grocery stores, stores being open later in the evening and all the entertainment options available in the states. The weather was freezing in June, and the food was awful. I found the people to be very reserved and unfriendly. It is also very expensive. When I got off the plane back in America, I wanted to kiss the ground. We don't know how good we have it here until we leave. God Bless America!  

5 Oct 2008 @ 20:32 by Adrianna @ : Marks Sweden visit
Sorry to hear about your negative Swedish experience Mark. Being a citizen of both "worlds" American and Swedish I must say that you don't learn much in one week. My very first experience arriving here to the states was the following. In Miami I would see these old seniors walking around with Publix Shopping carts pooking in garbage cans for food and other "valuables". I assumed they lived on the streets since they wore torned dirty clothes.
I also learned that more well of Americans lived in "secured" sub-divisions with guarded entrances due to the fear of crimes and burglury. News channels on TV showed that every day someone got shoot, robbed or raped in the close neighborhoods. Schools was not a safe place to be either. I am talking about all the school massakers here. "Only" 22 of them since 1966 which is more then the rest of the world together. Oh then the huge drug problem; over 2,7 million addicts, with 12.7 million people who have used some illegal drug in the last month. USA is number 1 on the list of all countries of adults prosecuted for crimes. With 2,019,234 prisoners...again number one on the list of all countries.

And the wonderful health care benefits offered here with over 45 million people not having any health insurance.
The public trasportation is very well developed in Sweden since the gas price is over $10.00/gallon. United States has finally realized that it can't drain the rest of the world on oil..being the largest consumer of oil the the world they now are learning that if this continues it will collapse the economy here...so eventually you will drive around in a small economic car too..and hopefully the public transportation will develop here too...you are just running a little behind the rest of the developed world.
In the United States youth knows everything about the entertainment world but have can not point out Australia on the world map. Education here is a disaster. You import IQ from other countries in the world. USA is only number 16 on the list. Sweden, Denmark, Finald takes the top positions on education.

Also those super markets here offering such a huge selection of junk food is one of the reason this country has a big problem with obesity. Again USA tops the list with over 30% of the total polulation being Obese.
So all these "goodies" you mention about USA actually are the reasons that make this country fall in many aspects.
Oh and last but most important for this country of democracy; USA is number 17 on the democracy index list...and guess what country is number one?

21 Oct 2008 @ 08:49 by teddy @ : pathetic
I think Americans are to afraid of each other to travel in the same vehicle.
Americans are afraid of everything. But I guess that is an effective way of keeping them under control, and moving them in the direction there sick government wants them.  

14 Jan 2009 @ 09:21 by Dennis @ : suicide rate
according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_suicide_rate the suicide rate in Sweden is not that extremly high that many thinks. Many contries are ahead of Sweden on that point. I would say Swedeen has an "normal" suicide rate!  

26 Apr 2009 @ 13:44 by Lars @ : Swedish Accounter
Sweden has the second highest tax rates in the world. Only Denmark has higher taxes. This is crippling our economy. Today we have a right-wing government that is trying to set things right but it goes slowly because people are used to get money for doing nothing while others pay so high taxes that working seems close to pointless. The mariginal tax rate for a self-employed shopowner is 66 % at its worst. On TOP of that, the shopowner has to pay 25 % VAT.

And this is AFTER tax reductions that the right wing government has induced.  

26 Apr 2009 @ 13:55 by Lars @ : A math example
Lets say I send out an invoice to a client for a consultation I have done.

Lets say this invoice is for 10.000 Swedish Crowns (approx 1.200 USD)

This is what will happen:

Government VAT 25 % (inverted calculation is 20 %) cost me 2.000 SEK
Government Social fees (for aid to unemployed, sick or just lazy people) will be 1.940 SEK. Government Income Taxes will be 3.515 SEK.

Left for me to consume with my family will be 2.545 SEK out of 10.000 SEK.

My share is 2.545 SEK. Government share is 7.455 SEK.

And I was the one working....

AMERICA!!! Do yourselfs a favour: Dont copy Swedish welfare system!  

2 Jun 2009 @ 17:48 by Pelle @ : Hmmm....?
So, you read one very subjective article by an obviously biased magazine and you know everything about the Swedish system? Yeah right...

I've lived here, in Sweden, for all my life, 30 years worth of it now, and I'm loving it. Maybe you should try to find some serious and objective sources and read the facts of the Swedish system or maybe you should go here, before you get such a strong opinion. Mörön  

29 Apr 2010 @ 05:32 by Erik @ : Oh wow
To above poster. I am a native Swede and have lived here all my life. First off, yes the crime rate in Malmö and every other immigrant suburb is skyhigh. The media in Sweden is incredibly Politically Correct. But one thing i gotta point out to you. The US has nothing that is better then Sweden. Look at the US murder rates VS Swedens. Second. Many americans are as stupid as a brick and doesn't know of any nation outside their border except for maybe Mexico. Now Sweden on the other hand. We are well educated about the rest of the world and national history is something that we learn at an early age. So no. That last part was just plain mud slinging. The mass immigration thing is a sad thing yes. Bye!  

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