Dare To Inquire: Next Steps in Arab-Israeli Peacemaking by Zalman Shoval    
 Next Steps in Arab-Israeli Peacemaking by Zalman Shoval14 comments
7 Jun 2006 @ 19:09, by Bruce Kodish

Zalman Shoval provides a fact-based reality check to wishful thinking about the Israel's battle of defense against Jihad.

Next Steps in Arab-Israeli Peacemaking
Jerusalem Viewpoints
No. 543 5 Sivan 5766 / 1 June 2006

* The U.S. military victory in Iraq did at first create a more congenial atmosphere among Palestinians for peace with Israel. However, the present situation in Iraq, as well as Iran and Muslim fundamentalism in general, have caused matters to move in the opposite direction. The Palestinians are further away from a spirit of reconciliation and compromise than ever before. Terrorists everywhere are feeling emboldened by what they see, at least for now, as an American failure.

*While pragmatic Westerners tend not to give too much weight to ideological statements by Palestinians, this is a mistake. Article 6 of the Hamas covenant says that the organization "strives to raise the banner of Allah over every inch of Palestine." Just like the rantings of Iran's president, this should not be seen as some bizarre religious, extremist oration, but as the concrete Islamist "roadmap" and action plan it is.

*There are those in the West who believe that once Hamas has had to face the realities of governance, it will moderate its intransigent views. But neither the Taliban, the Iranian ayatollahs, nor Saddam and the two Assads grew moderate while in office. Neither did Arafat.

*Contrary to what is often claimed, only a fraction of the Palestinians voted for Hamas because of its promise to clean up the corruption and inefficiency of the previous Fatah regime. Palestinians voted for Hamas because they identified with Hamas' aims against Israel - including terror. They clearly recognized that they were electing a party that ruled out any form of permanent peace with Israel.

*There is a growing tendency within the Palestinian body politic to de-emphasize the quest for separate Palestinian statehood, and to aim for a state in the whole of Palestine after having eliminated the State of Israel. Even prior to the Hamas victory, a two-state solution didn't necessarily mean that the Palestinians wouldn't continue to try to undermine the existence of Israel as a Jewish state.

*Unfortunately, experience has shown (and I was a supporter of "disengagement") that Israeli withdrawals and concessions do not bring about Palestinian moderation and reduce the conflict but actually create escalation.

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7 Jun 2006 @ 20:19 by vaxen : Did...
you ever hear of Birobidzhan? There will be no peace until there is a stable, not based on debt and not based on fraud, money system... worldwide. As long as politics is based on false money systems and all that entails (failed policy) you can forget peace anywhere. War is just too profitable for the real 'controllers/enslavers' of humankind who use the game board of life to exploit, deceive, and destroy for their own profit.

Get to the real core. It isn't really about all the facade of Palestinians (From the verb LiPhlosh) against the Israelis it is about 'profit' and loss. Commerce, pure and simple...  

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