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11 Jul 2006 @ 20:56, by Bruce Kodish

Provided by the inner lid of bottle of Snapple Iced Tea (Ahh, how refreshing):

"The worlds termites
outweigh the world's humans
10 to 1."

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12 Jul 2006 @ 06:41 by bushman : Ya
If any one kind of insect turned against us, we would be doomed, lol. Man plays god, but hes nothing to an Ant. Mankind is probably the most frail beast that roams this planet. Kind of scary :}  

12 Jul 2006 @ 07:24 by enora : Well
it's a bloody miracle that this planet exists and we exist upon it - looking at the odds against it all.  

12 Jul 2006 @ 11:59 by jazzolog : Lonely At The Top (Of The FoodChain)
but are we at the top? Mostly we don't seem able to figure out even the basics of balancing in this Creation, of which most gods say we're supposed to be some kind of steward(ess). Can we even figure out what we're supposed to eat? What's the latest "healthy" diet?

I think we butt heads at cross purposes with so many other creatures (never mind each other). Take termites: if you telephone one of those mass murdering exterminators, yes they will rid your place of the ingenious insects...but at what cost and for how long? What is it termites do in this world? What they do is bring down dead wood or find it laying there...from underground, mind you---and then transform it into topsoil chopchop very quick. Not only that, by dragging wood particles down the tunnels they churn over the topsoil enriching it day by day and night by night. Like rust, they never sleep. They have one of the most efficient and necessary balances on God's green earth. Would that we could figure out something similar!  

12 Jul 2006 @ 16:20 by bushman : Well
The secret may lay in the tech, since we make plastics out of oil, probably no different than bugs that make semi synthetic building materials, spose we wouldnt have to worry about Termites if our homes were made of a safe non-toxic plasic building materials, that termites and others wouldnt have a use for. Seems pretty easy to me, to bring the human race into balance. We are at a point in time, that we could mine our own refuse at old landfills, recycle it into building materials. But again, it's an issue of conciousness, since some insects carry stuff humans get sick from if bit by said insect, and getting companies that chop down trees to realize that we don't need to be useing trees for paper and construction purposes and could over time transfer its mind over to recycling. Like they could just go in and clean out dead wood near towns to lower fire danger, and then turning that into a plasticised wood product. Does the destructive Javolina, know when it digs up an Ant mound or steps on a stink bug? And does the Ant colony or stink bug even have a clue to what just happened to them? Bigne existance, for us, would be building with stone or high tech plastics, we can make plastic logs if we want a log cabin. Of course as it is now, if the world was to come to an end for us humans, what was left, would be quickly and safely recycled by the bugs. :}  

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