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 The Pussycat Chronicles: Ketsele Joins Avivi1 comment
picture14 Sep 2003 @ 16:38
Avivi has now been joined by her mother, a black beauty who we call Ketsele (pronounced Keht-zel-leh), Yiddish for pussy cat. Our friend Maura let us try out Ketsele , to see how things would be with Avivi, for a couple of days while Maura was away. After a few days of warily circling around each other, with a fair amount of hissing on Avivi's part, they now seem like the best of buddies. Ketsele is home.  More >

 One World Under Allah4 comments
category picture12 Sep 2003 @ 12:45
Islamists--the fundamentalist Muslim believers who interpret their religion as a political creed for creating one world under Allah--currently constitute the most widespread and serious movement for religion-based, totalitarian world domination.  More >

 The Present War Of and On Nerves2 comments
category picture7 Sep 2003 @ 18:07
In the current war against terrorism, actually a war with Arab-Islamist totalitarians, I opine that many more people need to understand more deeply and thoroughly what the Islamists wish to destroy and what we need to fight for, i.e., liberal democracy. A good start here would be to read Karl Popper's book The Open Society and its Enemies. We also need to understand the ways by which our enemies intend to sap our will to fight (the mechanism of terror) even before they send in the next wave of suicide bombers.  More >

 Fundamentalist Postmodernism0 comments
category picture1 Sep 2003 @ 19:35
I actually have met a few fundamentalist postmodernists who espouse the wooly, "whatever" attitude that their hard-assed "fundamentalist materialist" opponents seem to consider so prevalent.

 More >

 It Seems That The 'Left' Left Me1 comment
category picture13 Aug 2003 @ 17:21
A recent article, 'What is a neo-conservative anyway?" by Jim Lobe seems to me like a good piece in many ways, although it represents a caricature.

Remove the absolutism with which Lobe broad-brushes 'neo-conservatives'--e.g. , "all negotiation with opponents is appeasement," "all attempts at making peace are utopian and unrealistic," "the moral goodness of U.S. government policy is unquestionable"-- and Lobe might classify me as a neo-conservative.  More >

 The Tree Ripper1 comment
category picture10 Aug 2003 @ 11:14
Orlando, Florida—June, 2, 2000
In town for a McKenzie Institute conference on spinal therapy, I take an early afternoon walk outside my hotel. I sweat along International Drive about 3/4 of a mile up to where the sidewalk ends. Across the highway, I see something I’ve never seen before—a huge earthmover, a multi-jointed, tree-ripping tractor working the edge of a forested patch of Central Florida woodland.  More >

 Garden Haiku0 comments
category picture8 Aug 2003 @ 20:42
The boundary between
speech and silence: looking, see
purple flower bend.

 Guest News Analysis: Ariel Sharon Trips on the Road Map by Shmuel Katz1 comment
category picture7 Aug 2003 @ 14:02
The writer, a co-founder with Menachem Begin of the Herut Party and member of the first Knesset, is a biographer and essayist.

"Arafat remains in his compound at Ramallah, laughing his head off at the stupid Israelis - who are unable to learn, even from 55 years of experience, that the Arabs do not intend to make peace with a living Israel."  More >

 Iraqi Thirst for Israeli Beer2 comments
category picture5 Aug 2003 @ 09:55
"Truck convoys loaded with Israeli products roll through Jordan into Iraq night after night opening up a new, semi-secret Middle East trade route."

Read about the new Iraqi thirst for Israeli beer in a DEBKAfile Special Report at [link]  More >

 Reading Lolita in Tehran0 comments
category picture5 Aug 2003 @ 09:21
"The streets of Tehran and other Iranian cities are patrolled by militia, who ride in white Toyota patrols, four gun-carrying men and women, sometimes followed by a minibus. They are called the Blood of God. They patrol the streets to make sure that women like Sanaz wear their veils properly, do not wear makeup, do not walk in public with men who are not their fathers, brothers,
or husbands" --Azar Nafisi, in Reading Lolita in Tehran  More >

 Review: Hatred's Kingdom: How Saudi Arabia Supports the New Global Terrorism6 comments
category picture3 Aug 2003 @ 18:48
In Hatred’s Kingdom, Dore Gold, a former Israeli ambassador to the U.N., presents a sobering look at one of the main state powers behind the current Islamist terror wave in the U.S., Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. I highly recommend this book.

Apologists for the Saudis may be quick to jump at Gold’s Israeli background, but he firmly grounds his narrative in historical fact. As Gold carefully points out, the problem is not Islam per se but a narrow, fanatical version of it, Wahabism, born in Arabia in the 18th Century.  More >

 General Semantics On One Foot5 comments
category picture3 Aug 2003 @ 08:43
Rabbi Hillel was asked to state the essence of Judaism while standing on one foot. He replied "Do not do to others what you find hateful to yourself. The rest is commentary. Now go and study." Can I give the essence of General Semantics while standing on one foot? Not as well as Hillel did with Judaism.  More >

 Memory4 comments
category picture2 Aug 2003 @ 10:13
Are my memory problems improving? I can’t remember what I can’t remember.  More >

 Demarginalizing General Semantics20 comments
category picture1 Aug 2003 @ 13:25
Copyright, Bruce I. Kodish, 2003

When Alfred Korzybski's Manhood of Humanity was published in 1921, it had great popularity and widespread influence. Korzybski's Science and Sanity, too, was widely reviewed and respected when it first appeared in 1933. Now, in 2003, formulations originating from Korzybski's work often remain unacknowledged as such or have gotten watered down in various ways. This seems due not only to ignorance of their source or through misinterpretations of it (which can happen with the passage of time), but also from fear of being associated with general semantics (GS), the discipline he founded.  More >

 Emerson On Blogging To Purpose4 comments
category picture1 Aug 2003 @ 10:33
"All writing should be selection in order to drop every dead word. Why do you not save out of your speech or thinking only the vital things—the spirited mot which amused or warmed you when you spoke it—because of its luck & newness........"  More >

 Avivi Kodish9 comments
picture1 Aug 2003 @ 09:44
Our new kitten, Avivi (pronounced "uh-vee-vee"). Her name, a Hebrew word, signifies "springlike" or "dewy."

She springs and bounces like Pepe Lepeuw and already seems like a formidable leaper and jumper. What energy! For a 2 1/2 pound ball of fur she sure can make a loud meow and put up a vicious fight when we try to clip her nails. No declawing for her—but we do want to do what we can to save our furniture!  More >

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