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 AMEN or is it ATEN? (Divine Origins) part 28 comments
category picture31 Jan 2005 @ 00:36
What are the true origins of the stories we find in the Bible? There are numreous examples of evidence indicating that the stories of the Bible come from even more ancient sources, for example Egypt. As well as, strong evidence that the Bible has been modified to suit the intentions of the Roman Church Fathers. This is not to say that there are not powerful messages and good examples of how to reach higher levels of consciousness. Yet, there is more revealing hidden wisdom that can be discovered when one peels away the fabrication and views the communication as it was intended. This an excerpt out to the newly released book called the 7th Seal - Hidden Wisdom Unvield - A reflection of Self-Discovery. (  More >

 The Testament of Truth (Divine Origins Part 1)10 comments
category picture31 Jan 2005 @ 00:18
Where did the original idea of a covenant from God come from? Discover the mysterious relationship one man had with the ANCIENT OF DAYS. Where did the majority of information in the Book of Revelations come from, as well as the brunt of information and the idea of Angels. This is the first of three articles that shed vast light on the core of several religious beliefs systems that are limiting the expansion of consciousness today.  More >

 Enoch the Egyptian Scribe (part 2)33 comments
category picture3 Sep 2003 @ 12:04
Discover the deeper correlations and connections confirming Enochs direct interaction and reign in Egypt as the first steward/gaurdian of the wisdom of the Giza Plateau.

The rest of the story of the 7th Heaven (Part 3) can be viewed at  More >

 Descending Archangels32 comments
picture21 Aug 2003 @ 20:35
Are Archangels continously dipping into our level of reality? In the Distant past did they make a major appearence here setting the stage for this entire duality experiment. There is evidence that suggest that this is exactly so, including many more startingly discovers unlong these very lines.

If you are interested in reading more about the creators and creation of Eden, as well as the striking correlations to the Giza Plateau you can find additional chapters/articles at  More >

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