Opening the Zendor....    
 Transformation on the Path to Fulfillment
picture2 Aug 2007 @ 20:14
I've quested for connection since early childhood and have constantly been reminded that intention brings us both deliberate and non-deliberate manifestation. Our thoughts and feelings can bring us together in a sublime experience or rip us apart through anger and depression... chaos in our internal experience. I was drawn to this web of life-giving support by that sublime experience we tend to call love. I'd like to offer an acronym that perfectly submits this understanding to our available cognition - Limitless Oscillating Vibrational Energy.  More >

 Master Teachers
picture14 Sep 2002 @ 18:14
Beloved Family,

In the process of our evolution we are being educated (information is drawn out) about our individual ascensions rising to the level of collective Beingness. Let’s look at the educational process for a moment while reflecting on our current affairs. We will be reflecting on this process from the ideal place of a master teacher, one who empowers the students to use critical thinking skills to self-assess and grow into the new living awareness that integrates the data of discussion, whether classroom activities or life in general.  More >

 Spin Doctoring
picture6 Nov 2001 @ 15:43
on another vein, artery or whatever stream of flow may be...

While meditating I was reminded of some recent discoveries that may be of interest. Many portals are opening now as we all are experiencing. Moving inward with the flow of introspection for integration, we often feel the swirling flow engulf us as we journey the rainbow matrix.  More >

 Its all about You...
picture6 Nov 2001 @ 15:41
I would like you to know that any communication I make to you is always intended to be in love. We use many words, some of them have many meanings. I seek to empower you as I do with everyone. If I offend, then I'm open to hearing it. I do my best to listen from a place of love too, even though I may not always hear perfectly. I can understand your workload and dilemma within/out your living experience. I'd like to share something as well.  More >

category picture5 Oct 2001 @ 12:23
The First and Last Freedom
To transform the world, we must begin with ourselves; and what is important in beginning with ourselves is the intention. The intention must be to understand ourselves and not to leave it to others to transform themselves… This is our responsibility, yours and mine, because however small may be the world we live in, if we can bring about a radically different point of view in our daily existence, then perhaps we shall affect the world at large.
J. Krishnamurti

 Saint Hick
category picture5 Oct 2001 @ 11:48
When I proposed recording the life and wisdom of this great teacher, he at first demurred. "Don't you dare tell the truth. I don't want to spend the rest of my life in jail."

Michael Valentine Zomorrow, aka Ed Ward, made his transition in the late 90s, after succumbing to diabetes, at 78. An avid nueromancer, his quest for zest inspired at least a few. Here you will find just a few tidbits as another attempted to chronicle his uniquely twisted life. Enjoy!  More >

 Has Your Data Been Saved?
category picture5 Oct 2001 @ 11:44
St. Silicon has been ministering to “the data distressed, the unwired masses, the D-based and D-filed” since 1984. According to St. Silicon, he was working at his terminal one eve when lightening struck his satellite dish and rendered him unconscious. When he awoke, the Keyboard Prayer was on the screen and he was given the name St. Silicon. The Giver of Data (G.O.D.) instructed him to start the Church of Heuristic Information Process (CHIP), the first user-friendly religion. Here, reproduced are some of his inspirational words to help you through your learning curve.  More >

 Limache, Chile... Waldorf School and Community
category picture5 Oct 2001 @ 11:34
Novalis Corporation
Limache Project General Presentation
San Francisco de Limache - Chile

The creation of the Novalis Corporation seeks to provide a space for human initiatives in the fields of: art, agriculture, medicine, education, architecture and overall to stimulate social, cultural and scientific awareness.  More >

 Be The Dream... Harmony Among People and Planet
category picture4 Oct 2001 @ 16:36
Obviously, there is a need for an integrated approach toward the 21st century and beyond. As vast as these needs may seem, they revolve around basic human and environmental considerations. For nearly two decades now, there has been talk of the global community yet, to date there has been no scale example, no working model of sustainable technologies that respect people and planet. Recognizing there are some efforts being made on the physical plane, we’ve globalized into cyberspace through the World Wide Web yet the physical example of infrastructure, physical plant facilities and working integrated programs has not been accomplished. It is time for us to create physical examples of what we hold so dear in our hearts: Unity – harmony of people and planet, demonstrated by the development of communities that put all our modern discoveries to work.  More >

It is my intention to keep you updated on journeys so that participation in gatherings can grow and we can continue to demonstrate Unity of Purpose... Harmony Among People and Planet. Please feel free to critique, comment or ask questions about this Work. Caring is sharing and there truly is no ego without Wego.

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