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Indeed, before founding Ghost Troop, Capt. May began working on the prospect of an attack on the Houston Petrochemical area six months before the FBI put out its summer, 2003 warnings, by publishing an op-ed analysis of the attack scenario in the Houston Chronicle, Feb. 23, 2003. (it is one of five Houston Chronicle war essays by Capt. May at ([link])

Since his initial analysis of the prospects of a Houston/Pasadena strike, Capt. May has worked extensively in many areas military intelligence and media analysis, but Ghost Troop only returned to Houston/Pasadena target analysis after the Madrid bombings of 3/11/2004. They were very interested in the numeric oddity that there were 911 days between 911/2001 and 311/2004 - and that the media were not reporting it.

It was at this point that Capt. May changed his view of the 911 event, which he had previously believe to be a foreign terror event, and came to believe that it was a staged event, under orders by the Bush White House, intended to start the war in Iraq (and the Middle East at large).

This was, after all, the goal that Bush and the Neocons had the day they came to office - but simply had no excuse to enact. For confirmation of this view, refer to the same site of his five war essays, and read his July 8, 2003 op-ed, in which he quotes General Wesley Clark's comments, who expressed the same view on CNN Crossfire, June 25, 2003.

For an example of the US Government's willingness to do this in the past (1962, vs. Cuba), refer to the ABC News report on Operation Northwoods ([link])

Using basic numerological ciphering techniques, Capt. May and his associates, Ghost Troop (you can find them under the search phrase, Ghost Troop) alerted the FBI, Homeland Security Agency and many Houston-area police departments that there would be a terror event against a Houston-area petrochemical target on 3/31/2004.

After four conversations with three FBI agents, Ghost Troop was threatened with prosecution if it did not desist from its predictions. In response, Capt. May called several Houston-area media outlets, most importantly news radio station KTRH, which in turn called the National FBI. At this point the FBI issued a warning, carried in national media, on 3/25/2004 ([link])

They changed the Ghost Troop prediction by saying that there were "unspecified, uncorroborated, foreign reports" that Al-Qaeda was intending a refinery strike to interrupt the US elections, just as they had done in Madrid on 311.

The strike, contrived by the Bush White House, occurred in Texas City (30 miles from Houston) on 3/30/2004; the Capt. May/Ghost Troop prediction had been accurate to within one day. Although the FBI assured worried Americans that the event was not intentional, the world oil markets believed Capt.

May and Ghost Troop, and gasoline futures reached their highest level in history the next day. The news of a terror strike (and its prediction) became a major point of anxiety in the annual OPEC conference, according to Forbes Magazine ([link]) The international markets clearly thought the FBI story was a lie - and it was.

In an August 16 email (below) Capt. May explains to Ghost Troop why they were off-date by twenty-four hours in the email extract below, and makes a frightening prediction that the next 911 will occur on 9/27/2004 - the 1111th day after 911, and completely in keeping with the methodology of the time-schedule of the makers of 911 itself, and 311 in Madrid.

Please forward this email, with its analysis of the embedded code and its prediction of a 9/27 staged terror event, to all friends and family, and to all local police agencies and fire departments. The more people who are aware of the methodology of the faked terror events there are, the less able the Bush White House will be to carry them out.

We're either closer to a geopolitical adjustment (i.e., reducing our (sinking) Middle Eastern footprint), or just that much closer to 911 (the sequel), which I've been predicting as 9/27 (i.e., 9/9, i.e., 9=9=18; i.e., 1=8 = 9). Again, 9/27 will be the 1111st day since 911 (which was 11 years from the announcement of the New World Order by King George XLI).

I'm hoping and praying that the folks who were scared of the War Conspiracy are more scared of the War Catastrophe nowadays -- but I'm not betting on it. Believe me, Boy George (King George XLIII) has a hard-on for the numerics of September 27, 2004.

Now to the matters numeric for y'all to chew on. First, a rundown on the "elevens":

3/11 (2004): Madrid Al-CIA-Duh bombings, intended to send Spain to the right but achieving the opposite effect.

5/11 (2004): Beheading of Nick Berg (manifestly bogus and post-dated to achieve the date) by Al-CIA-Duh.

7/11 (2004): End of seven-year term (initiated 7/11/97 of George Tenet (not his real name, but the name in Latin means "George Holds/Controls"). Also the Sunday on which the two parties announced on Sunday morning networks shows that Al-CIA-Duh was preparing another strike, "most likely before or after the elections, as the did in Madrid."

8/11 (2004): CIA releases information that the next Al-CIA-Duh attack will entail "political assassinations." This is the Bush Boyz way of threatening the many politicians, military and media who have become aware of the Al-CIA-Duh hoax. "If you tell, we'll kill you and say it was Arab Terrorist!" is the gist of the 8/11 release.

9/11: The granddaddy number: 9/11, 1991 is the day King George XLI announced the New World Order, as we were preparing to attack Iraq in Kuwait (whither we had enticed them by promising that little prize for service rendered on behalf of Uncle Sam when Iraq fought a war against Iran -- yep, it was a set-up, just like Saddam said).

ELEVEN years later -- to the day -- it is the day of the domestic facet of the NWO. Nowadays all the media whores delight in saying "the post-911 world/reality" (meaning the police state/paranoid reality, requiring that the US dominate the world just to be safe in the world).

Bonus date: 6/11 (2004) when they buried Ronnie Reagan and Bush made his cryptic "western star rising" eulogy -- 1002 days after 911. The numbers were beautiful on that one: 911/2001, with the 911 "flipping" to 611 while 2001 (the year) reversed to 1002 (the ordinal since 911).

In summary, 911/2001 = 611/1002; that one took real manipulation, boyz, and I'm sure Ronnie wasn't present in mind when the SS (as in Secret Service) physicians and agents terminated his term of years in time for the event to take place.

He was an actor to the end, after, all, and his last act was to lie in state so that the New World Order could have it's black mass of a funeral -- a rallying signal for the last phase.

Oh, and a last things: I know now why the Texas City petrochemical explosion/fire took place on March 30 (2004), and must now admit that I was off by a day in my 3/31 prediction: 3/30 is the only day in the year with the supreme cult number (of the Masons, inter alios) of 33 (11x3).

It is, incidentally, also the date in 1981 when Bush buddy Hinkley tried to kill Ronnie Reagan -- as a Hinkley family member had dinner with Neal Bush -- whose marriage date was two or three years before on..., you guessed it, 3/30. I've got a feeling that Neal is heavy into the crime and assassinations end of the family biz, y'all...

OK, XO, Top, y'all can broadcast it as far and wide as you want -- all to support my prediction that we're headed for 911, part 2 on 9/27 or 11/11, depending on whether the Bones Boyz want to bother with the election (in which case they'll wait to see which King wins the contest) and make their move on 11/11.

If they've brokered a deal, dependent on a crisis before the election (and I'm leaning that way in my prediction), then they'll go with 9/27. That date is fresher, anyhow, and has a lot more numerological subtlety in it.

POSTSCRIPT: Two days after this email extract, there was an "unexplainable" event involving a petrochemical explosion, with a 1,000-foot pillar of fire, at Moss Bluff, Texas. Moss Bluff, like Texas City, is around 30 miles from Houston, Texas.

In Capt. May/Ghost Troop analysis, the significance of this event was to give the final signal for the follow-up to the foiled 3/30 event in Texas City. The date of the Moss Bluff "pillar of fire" was 9/18 (9/1 8=9, therefore 9/9) and 9 1 8 = 18; 1 8 = 9. These numbers are the signature of the embedded code.

Any Mason will be able to identify the Illuminatist numerology. IMPORTANT: Just as 3/30, the date of the Texas City event, was 930 days from 911 (9 3=12, the number of completion or perfection to Masons), the 9/18 Moss Bluff event is 39 (93(0) reversed) from the target date of 9/27, the 1111th day in the 911 sequence.

Texas City is approximately 30 miles southeast of Houston/Pasadena; Moss Bluff is approximately 30 miles northeast of Houston/Pasadena; the next strike, 9/27, will be in Houston/Pasadena.

Just as the media struck itself in New York to be able to deny the 911 event, and Washington, D.C., struck itself to be able to do the same, George W. Bush will strike his adopted hometown to remove suspicion of the event from himself.

I predict casualties in the tens to hundreds of thousands, and an immediate willingness of the US public to stop investigating Bush and follow his insane plan to initiate the Third World War.

What to do? Please forward this email to all, or print and mail it to people with whom you don't communicate via email. Remember, once the secret of the embedded code is out, the war conspiracy collapses. If they had the power to effect their plans without stealth, outright, they wouldn't be using the code in the first place!

Down with the traitor and tyrant Bush! Long live the United States of America!

Captain Eric H. May, MI, USA Commander, Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cybercavalry Mission of Conscience



20 Sep 2004 @ 00:42 by spiritseek : 9/27
One of your articles a short while ago said that there would be another fake terrorists attack around 9/27,I see you removed it but it would show this may well be true.  

23 Sep 2004 @ 09:29 by vaxen : Yah...
In their universe it just very well may be 'true.' This gets me back to remembering the Arcturian Affair, though, and the postulate: "Is it real or imagined?"

You achive spiritual freedom by doing it. The illusion of power creates the illusion of existence.  

30 Jul 2005 @ 04:10 by Sam Houston @ : Where is Capt. May? 7/29/2005
Larry Bloom was interviewing Capt. May yesterday, 7/28. I saw the headline, "Capt. May and Ghost Troop saves Houston from nuclear attack". This was coming down almost in real time. A second emergency phone conversation between May and Bloom appeared around 7am. But before 9pm Houston time, all reference to this vanished from Bloom's web site, which is hosted on a German server.
I have emailed Bloom, and Capt. May, and others who know Bloom personally in Toronto, and have recieved reply from no one. Bloom has no voice interviews posted since then.
Keep track of this, anyone seeing. Where are Bloom and Capt. May? They were reporting LIVE the foiling of a false flag operation to detonate a 10 klloton gizmo, planted by CIA/MOSSAD SPOOKS, in Texas City, the refinery district 20 miles southeast of Houston. May believed he had gotten them to abort due to his exposure on the internet since Sunday of what they were planning.
May also said he had met with his priest for last rites baptism, believing his life in danger.
Bloom came home to his home being ransacked in Toronto last FEB on weapons search charges---a warning that his show is pushing some buttons.
Keep track of this, anyone listening. Where are Bloom and Capt. May, and for that matter, others I can't name here who've I've contacted to find out if they've heard from them.  

31 Jul 2005 @ 19:31 by Eric Rainbolt @ : Explanation of Freemasonic numerology.
Here is more info in alignment with the above, as posted to Dr. Henry Makow's

Explanation of Occult Freemasonic numerology throughout History

By Eric Rainbolt, Author's Blog:

Did you know that September "11th", 2001 was the 60th Anniversary of the Pentagon, the 30th Anniversary of what Time Magazine reported on its cover page as the "Shake-up at the Kremlin" over the death of Nikita Krushchev on September 11th, 1971, and the 11th Anniversary to the morning of a speech George Bush, the Former CIA director, Vice President for 8 years, and President for 4 years stated on September 11th, 1990 entitled "Toward a New World [Order]"?

Where were you? What were you doing? How did you react on that day? Is there a possibility that 9-11 was not organized by fanatical Muslims?

In this essay I hope to prove that The "Hidden Hand" London Bankers celebrate anniversaries of their intrigue throughout history. I will explain how the timeline of the coming New World Order has been and is being architected through the use of a highly regarded and occultic ( secretive ) numbering system. The rest of the proof is contained in my FREE ebook (adobe pdf) that can be downloaded here entitled Revelation 9:11

Possibly you didn't know that the 19th Anniversary of Mikhail Gorbechev's inauguration as the Soviet Premier was March 11th, 2004. That was the day 191 innocent Spanish people were killed by bombs. Surprisingly, at first notice, this was also exactly 911 days after 9/11/01.

The Space Shuttle Discovery now in orbit reminds us of the previous shuttle mission, which resulted in the destruction of STS 107 over the 33rd parallel (Dallas Texas was directly under the man-made comet) that took the lives of 7 astronauts, 1 from each of the 7 continents.

High ranking freemason Vice President Dick Cheney took the day off that day, and visited Dallas to watch the comet streak first hand. The mass media never reported this was the day of the 11th Anniversary of another traitorous "New World Coming" speech George Bush I delivered to the UN stating "It is the sacred principles enshrined in the United Nations charter to which the American people will henceforth pledge their allegiance", 11 years previous on February 1st, 1992.

The London banking Illuminati's UN puppet government 'leaders' were delighted to hear that America would eventually be militarily overthrown and forced to accept a communistic elite-owned world government they refer to as a New World Order, when the Zoo officially becomes a Prison.

What better way for the conspirators to celebrate the sacred freemasonic number of "11" than sacrifice the Columbia with 7 astronauts, 1 from each continent, on the "11th" Anniversary of that speech?

George Orwell stated "Who controls the past, controls the present; who controls the present, controls the future." - quoted from his book 1984 ( a book describing a time when a dicatatorship/corporate government would take over the planet. )

Are we there today in 2005? YES. Has the world been under the Conspiracy of London Bankers for hundreds of years? YES. Do they own and control the televised and print mass media and constantly manipulate your perceptions? YES.

See this David Icke forum thread for dozens more shocking anniversary examples in graphic format. ( Did the London Bankers recently use the famous Big Ben Clock to send an secretive terror event timing signal? ) ( conspiracy anniversary graphic #1 ) ( conspiracy anniversary graphic #2 )

As the events scroll by in time slowly, over decades, naturally we tend to be myopic (or short sighted) simply witnessing and reacting to certain events at any given time. However, when you examine history in terms of the occult (or hidden) numerology they have used in assigning the dates and times of the world's largest political and transitional events over the past 100 years, you will begin to look at the All-Seeing-Eye, or the floating capstone of the financial pyramid symbol on the back of the Federal Reserve Note, in a new light.

So who is this Lucifer, or "Great Architect" the conspirators are trying to please in architecting "history"? Look right now on a dollar bill and I will translate the the Latin on the symbol into English "Annuit Coeptis Novus Ordo Seclorum" translates to "Announcing the Realization of the New World Order". The bankers own us (and our pets) without our knowing about it. Imagine that!

What can you do? March to Washington DC? London? No, they control the militaries of the world who control the nuclear weapons. They are training the now federalized police to view all of you as potential terrorists. The military has new crowd control weaponry that uses microwave energy to singe your skin in less than 1 second before intense pain is felt - and much more.

Has the understanding of their numerology predicted or even prevented a future event? YES. There have been three major instances of this:

1) Sears Tower prediction made in March 2004. The end result was police discovered and thwarted the plot to destroy the 110-story Sears Tower with explosives. Examine each of these links closely: 1. (The March 2004 prediction) 2. A shipment of BOMBS were found by British police being shipped to the Sears Tower right before April 19th, 2004.

2) Eric Rainbolt's prediction of the CDC announcement on 22/02/2005 of a coming global pandemic of deadly flu made in December of 2004. (see calendar of Illuminati events graphic.)

3) Michael Haupt's, of, July 22nd, 2005 prediction that came true. Surely the next large event, perhaps in America again, will be in line with freemasonic numerology.

The architects of our "history" proudly and covertly apply freemasonic numerology in: 'news' headlines (especially the number of dead/injured reported in each event), congressional legislation ( ie. HR 666, 418 ), and spacings between global events of 'history'.

The 132 page Revelation 9:11 ebook (adobe pdf) explains the reverse engineered freemasonic numerical code:

(3,7,"11",13,19,39,93,111 - and multiples of each such as "666")

in historical context from 1900-2005. The ebook can be downloaded from Alex Jones' as well. Printed copies can be acquired from my online bookstore, the print-on-demand publisher (keyword search “Rainbolt”)

I believe if the Father/Creator who art in Heaven of the Old Testment hears from enough people, and they turn from their ignorance He will be more inclined to heal matters. (II Chronicles 7:14)

Eric Rainbolt, Researcher,
Author's blog:


Here is the terror outlook for the next 40 days based on the patterning:


8/3 (adds to 11 - full sum to 18) (3.5/5 stars)

8/5 (adds to 13) (3/5 stars - the freemasons put a plaque on the statue of liberty on 8/5 - and also groundbreaking of WTC complex was 8/5)

8/11 (11 and adds to 19) (3.6/5 stars) (they do love to use 11's visible)

8/13 (13 and adds to 21 and 28 (plus 2+0+0+5)) (4.1 out of 5 stars)

8/21 (21(3x7) and full number total is 36 - "666") (4.6 out of 5 stars)

8/22 (2x11 - full sum is 37(like 777)) - (3.4 out of 5 stars)

8/27 (27 and full sum - 42 (6x7)) (3 out of 5 stars)

8/28 (28(4x7) and day and month adds to 36(666)) (4/5 stars)

8/31 (day and month sum to 39 (13x3) (They took out Diana on an 8/31)

9/3 (represents 999 - inverted 666 - sums to 12 and full sum is 19) - 4/5 stars)

9/7 ( a 7 9x7=63(666)) - (2.7 out of 5 stars)

9/11 (an 11, sums to another 11 and 18, multiplies to 99 ) - (4/5 stars) - 9/11's are huge, pentagon anniversary, kremlin shake-up, 1972 olympics terror, and more - 4/5 stars

Forecast summary:

(12 candidate dates out of the next 40 - only 30% of all days)

Strongest candidates: 7/28 (tomorrow), 8/3, 8/13, 8/21, 8/22, 8/28, 9/3, 9/11

(8 out of 40 dates - 19.5% of dates)


Another David Icke forum member pointed out there is another candidate - and indeed there is - the 60th anniversary of the US dropping an a-bomb on Hiroshima - August 6th, 1945.

I really sent that 'forecast' as kind of an fyi - yet posting it helps explain the pattern exposed in the book.

However, this is just another fyi for the 8/6 date candidate:

8/6 - 8+6+2+5=21(3x7) This will be the day of the 60th anniversary of the US nuking Hiroshima, Japaese mostly Christian city on the 33rd parallel. Enola Gay's mission/flight number was "13" for that event. "3" days later on the "9th" they did it again to Nagasaki for no good reason at all (to additionally scare the rest of the world perhaps). (Would the global regime be arrogant enough strike more innocent people on this mournful anniversary of Hiroshima?) Perhaps this will be the day the LA ghettos or Cleveland Ohio, etc... will be leveled by the shadow government, followed by 'retalitory' nuking of Tehran. We will only 'know' in hindsight.

If you decide to insert that or not, it's ok with me. My intent is not to scare anyone - just to point this bizarre phenomenon out. What the exposure of this proves is that the NWO is a real 'global' problem and that they worship Lucifer - "The Great Archictect" who they are apparently trying to please by scheduling 'history' in accordance with 'sacred' freemasonic numerology. -EJR, reporting with Jack Blood and Dr. Henry Makow.

Please see and

-Eric Rainbolt
Self-produced Chemtrail awareness song:
Latest essay/teaser about occult freemasonic numerology used by the illuminati to manipulate and 'architect' "history" for over the past 100 years posted at Dr. Henry Makow's
My most popular forum post so far (includes many revealing graphics):
FREE book to google over examining occult freemasonic numerology in creating the last 100 years of 'history' (a shocking realization for the curious):  

27 Jan 2006 @ 19:00 by Roger Taggert @ : numbers & dates
Hi! "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free!" I was in US Army Intelligence, 7th Corps HQs, Stuttgart, Germany 1982 to 84 as an E5 as MOS 96D2-Imagry/photographic analyst/interpreter. Glad to see members that served in our armed forces involved and joining in revealing what is really going on! I salute you for your courage and drive! I am not surprised at anything these elitists (Illuminati) try to do, for they have sold their soul to Lucifer/Satan. Have you ever heard of "Prophecy It is a joining together of Christian Prophets, people who have come out of the Illuminati and now Christians, ex government people, scientists and investigators. Most have also done extensive research, written books or articles on what you are revealing to us. Their findings mesh with what the Christian Prophets have been prophesying for 30 yrs. Check out listen to some audios on numerics of Illuminati & Bible, upcoming nuclear bombings, overthrow of America, natural catastrophies and so on from some who have come out of the Illuminati and now Christian and others. Your the first I've seen with the military side of the revelation of what the Illuminati is trying to do, which is needed badly. Keep charging and the Lord bless you and your colleagues!  

27 Jan 2006 @ 19:13 by Roger Taggert as Fringe Dweller @ : Interesting Date Coming
You can post this comment as from Fringe Dweller. Thanks. I've heard the end of this age and the start of the Aquarius Age for the occultists-Illuminati-New Agers is SEP 22, 2006 (9/22/2006) a big day for them! You might want to check into it.  

29 Jan 2006 @ 09:47 by Secret Christian @ : Some Proof Neutron Bomb Used In Iraq?
At website listed below, Read "The health survey in ABU Ghraib" a district near where the Battle for Saddam International Airport was fought and where Iraqis said US troops were surrounded during battle. It talks about strange illnesses, dying chickens, a fence put up around the airport soon after hostilities, the ground around airport being dug up and trucking in of rocks and soil to cover grond around the airport. Also witnesses talking of a large fire ball (bomb) that incinerated 3,000 people!!! A neutron bomb was used as you reported? What do you think? Go read it soon, they might change article sometime.  

29 Jan 2006 @ 10:01 by Secret Christian @ : Details on possible neutron bomb used
In the article I mentioned called "The health survey in Abu Ghraib" by Jo Wilding where there seems to be some proof of a neutron bomb used during battle for Saddam International Airport... go to paragraph 5, 7 & 8 for details that a neutron bomb might have been used, but read overall article to get the whole story.  

12 Feb 2006 @ 13:02 by Captain May @ : Ghost Troop update
To verify the Ghost Troop prediction that there would be an attempt at another 911 on 9/27/2004, kindly refer to the article at: which shows that there was a freak petrochemical explosion (a signal for "abort") in the Houston area -- our target prediction -- on 9/27/2004 -- our target date. They're signalling with petrochemical events, no great surprise when you consider that they are a petrochemical-based cabal.

Next item: The Ghost Troop attempt to predict and warn against the "Nuclear 911" goes on. We made a January, 2006 prediction that there would be another attempt. We specified Texas City and gave 1/31 as our target date. The next day, the Galveston County Daily News confirms, US nuke forces were out in force in the area. The news caused a nation-wide stir, and has greatly bolsetered the repute of Ghost Troop. Here's a link to details:

Finally, about the neutron warhead at Baghdad Airport... Baghdad Airport was the beginning of the Battle of Baghdad -- a three-day fight that you missed because the presstitutes played propagandists by broadcasting the bogus story of Private Jessica Lynch instead of the brutal story of a battle that started out with US GI's getting wasted in large numbers at the airport, and then being ordered into cover while US commanders ordered a neutron strike on the airport.

If you want to ride herd with Ghost Troop, please join our group at If you want to contact me, write Regards, CPTMAY  

13 Nov 2006 @ 09:14 by RTO Trainer @ : Ghost Troop Update
After their repeated "swing and miss" performance in trying to predict terrorist acts in the US (self-inflicted of course), the Ghost Troop crowd disappoints by failing even to make an effort.  

13 Nov 2006 @ 20:36 by vaxen : Heh, heh...
Sure thing, Signaleer...

Thanks for the link.  

5 Apr 2009 @ 06:51 by Captain May @ : Texas petro-missions, article links  

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