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3 June 1991

Arslycus was a vast and troublesome city in space. Almost anyone who was in this galaxy a few hundred million years ago has had some involvement with it.

LRH References: HCL-22 5203Cxx How to audit a theta line HCL-27 5203Cxx How to search for incidents on the track PDC-(one of the early lectures, I forget which one) Individual Track Map ( old tech Vol 1 p 238) uses arslycus as an example.

There is only a small amount of LRH data on this. I believe that the date of 1 trillion years ago given in the track map example is incorrect.

1. General Information

Arslycus implanted people to make slaves. They used false track implants, between lives implants, and body in pawn mechanisms.

They stripped the entire population from both this and the next inward spiral arm of the galaxy. That's probably around 500,000 inhabited planets. Eventually they bumped into the borders of the Galactic Empire which is in towards the central core of the Galaxy and were finally destroyed.

(Note: at some point, the Galactic Empire was subverted or converted by Hellatrobus, at least for awhile, and might then be termed the Hellatrobian Galactic Empire. Their symbol was the cross. I'm still having trouble sorting all this out. It might have been the war with Arslycus that allowed Hellatrobus to gain power in the Galactic Empire, because Arslycus and Hellatrobus were long term enemies. Hellatrobus used implants to make people good. Arslycus used implants to make slaves. The early Galactic Empire was against using implants until Hellatrobus got their claws into them).

Normal planets are inhabited only on their surface. This is really a 2 dimensional area with only slight use of height etc. A space city with total artificial control of gravity and energies is capable of building in 3 dimensions.

If you imagine the Earth spread out flat, and then additional earths each supported a few hundred feet apart to a height of 8000 miles (the diameter of the earth), you will see that a space city hardly larger than the earth could have almost a quarter of a million times the surface area of our planet.

Arslycus was actually much larger than this, being closer to the size of the sun rather than the Earth. These tiny space empires of a few hundred planets like Marcab or Espinol or the old Galactic Confederacy could have their entire populations placed in a corner of a single level of Arslycus. And Arslycus had many thousands of levels.

There was a great deal of space within the city. There were endless little flat planes covered with blocks of suburban homes and skyscrapers hanging at various angles in the air and roads in the sky tying these all together. Light came from some sort of energized glowing white clouds and the sky was blue with air everywhere. They had full control of artificial gravity. You might look across at another building hanging in the air and the people in it might be upside-down relative to you. If you got a short distance away from any of the buildings or surfaces (parks etc.), you were weightless and could swim in the air (or rent wings to flap with etc.).

At the time it was started, around 626 million years ago, it was probably a nice place, but it became very degraded.

At the center, they had a captive black hole, probably formed by imploding a large star, which provided the power to run all of this.

The society eventually became an oppressive cast system, like India. They were crazy on the subject of expansion because that let the older low cast workers move up as new people were brought into the system. Early on you will find planets invited to join and big time politicians making deals to get high ranking positions for themselves from bringing people in. Later on it wasn't so easy to get recruits and Arslycus began sending space fleets against planets to capture their entire populations and make slaves of them.

Arslycus was located in the gap between our spiral arm and the next spiral arm inward towards the center of the galaxy. Astronomy books call these the Orion arm and the Sagittarius arm respectively since your looking down the length of the arm that we are in when you look towards Orion and you are looking towards the next arm inward (and galactic center beyond it) when you look towards Sagittarius.

Since everyone in Arslycus was on a conscious and controlled reincarnation (picking up adult vat grown bodies whenever they were reborn), there were no new souls being born into the system. They tried handling this by levying a slave tax and making people divide themselves to produce a slave being (as was done in the magic kingdom of Giliad which is an earlier similar on this kind of society) but this was not successful and led to a revolt and the practice was stopped. So the population could increase only by bringing in thetans from outside.

Over the course of many millions of years, Arslycus raided both the Orion and Sagittarius spiral arms for slaves. Eventually they captured everybody from the edge of the galaxy inward to the edge of the Galactic core in this quadrant of the galaxy (it was impractical to take over the opposite side of the galaxy although some expeditions were probably made in that area).

At the core, they ran into the Galactic Empire. This is an ancient civilization with vast numbers of planets (hundreds of thousands). Stars are much closer together in the hub of the galaxy and so the comm lines are short enough to allow for a very big society. This is also referred to as the Galactic Confederation (not the same as the Galactic confederacy of Incident 2) since it protects a large number of backwater planets and small empires that are not really part of the empire but are its allies (forming a sort of confederation, much like the British Commonwealth).

Unlike the small Galactic rim empires, the Galactic Empire was large enough to match the population and resources of Arslycus. Although Arslycus had immensely shorter internal comm lines and a tiny defensive perimeter, its population was too heavily implanted and apathetic to fight an evenly matched war so that after a few major battles, Arslycus gave up on any direct attempts to raid the Empire.

So Arslycus became covert. One practice was to launch slave raids against backwater planets that could not defend themselves. They would snatch all the people they could and then flee from empire fleets which would arrive and chase them back to the heavily defended outer perimeter of Arslycus.

Another ploy was to setup traps to capture empire ships. These were like black rifts in space. Ships would disappear into them, be vaporized, and the thetans shipped off to Arslycus. For a long time, the empire thought that this was some natural phenomena and was all concerned about what they thought were some kind of space warps that were appearing and grabbing ships. Yet another practice was to seed between lives pickup mechanisms into the skies above empire planets. These were telepathic projections of things like heavenly gates etc. They were a sort of shallow imitation of the Helatrobus operation. Between lives souls would get suckered into these and be whisked away to Arslycus.

Arslycus put vast amounts of effort into researching earlier track implants for the purposes of getting more and more slaves. It was the true home of the Brainwashing Psychs by which I mean the people who research the mind for the purpose of control rather than freedom. It was a very respected high cast position there.

Eventually the empire got so fed up that it committed all of its resources to the destruction of Arslycus. Even so, it could not wipe out the Arslycian space fleet or do more than minor damage to the city. Among other defenses, there were endless robot controlled "space ships" that were just big frames of girders (like a skyscraper under construction) that could project rays and energy fields and protect the city.

But the black hole was a weak spot. Dead planets were collected in quantity and empire OTs (this is the society that operated on a limited OT basis) drove planet after planet into the hole so that it gained too much mass too quickly. This made the black hold unstable and the Arslycian technicians lost control of it.

The city's power sources blew and the artificial gravity went wild. It all pulled apart and everyone there fell through the sky.

The city might have fallen about 226 million years ago (?).

2. The Guilt Implant

This incident is used on people when they are first captured by Arslycus and to subdue them again when necessary (i.e., if someone is caught escaping). You can assess for the number of times it was done (I got 43 times). Spot and date the first time.

This incident is a combination of false track and misdating of your own pictures. They badger you for overts and get you to put a picture of one of your overts up on a thought sensitive screen. This is supposed to be a therapy. Later they show you the picture with a wrong date and make you wrong for having done the overt.

This interrogation of the individual to get his overts and put them up on a screen seems to be chronic in the later days of Arslycus. They kept the pictures on file and used them against you later. There are many minor incidents of this sort but the big one is the Guilt implant with its huge dose of false track.

As is usual with false track incidents, they give you lots of pictures of your arriving for the implant and departing from it to make it hard to spot the beginning and the end.

They say that they are going to show you a history of the universe. They show you arriving in the Mest universe in a doll body in a reception room full of angels. There is a big window or picture on the wall which shows the galaxy. They tell you this is what happened in the year zero and that it is 76 Trillion years ago (the correct date for the start of this universe is 86 trillion and the picture is pure fabrication).

These pictures are appearing on a screen with dates running along side of them. As you look at them, you are hit with energy waves and Items come booming out from the walls with sharp electric shocks.

The picture sequence showing you your "existence" in this universe follows the penalty universe goals.

They say that these are your postulates.

The first one is "To Create". The picture is some vague attempt to approximate the 1st penalty universe using doll body forms in this universe.

Note that arslycus didn't like doll bodies. They were a pure meat body culture. So all this false early track shows you as a doll body.

They say that then you failed to create and decided to destroy.

Now they badger you about "what did you destroy". They make you find an incident and put the picture up on the screen. They have some sort of electrical field which gives them the equivalent of a meter read and they use this to make sure that the incident is real. Then they put a wrong date on this incident (to fit their false history of when you postulated "to destroy").

They go on to the next penalty universe goal (to mock up) and do the same thing with it.

All 64 penalty universe goals are done, with false pictures for the positive side, and the overts you dredged up given to you with a wrong date as the negative side of the goal.

Then they tell you what a louse you are and run through the misdated overt pictures again. They tell you how you have to repent and make amends. They tell you that you must agree to do penance for this by working almost as a slave for millions of years.

If you give up a small overt, they ridicule you and make fun of you as well as hitting you with beams until you give up a big overt.

This implant makes you feel guilty, propitiative, and teaches you that its safer to withhold your overts. Badgering sec checks and any kind of ethics action on overts given up in session can key this implant in heavily. And that really bars the road out because you do need to confront your overts to make it, it just doesn't work if its unsafe to do so. Another liability of this implant is that if you spot it halfway, you can get the idea that all of these overts are false track, and they're not, they're just misdated and made solid by the implant.

After this implant, you're put to work.

3. The Arslycan Between Lives Implant

They get you attached to a segment of brain tissue or something like that which is kept in a jar. This might be the brain of the first body you're given after the guilt implant above. This is used to give you orders and call you back whenever you die. Your regular bodies are vat grown to adulthood and you get one by going through this between lives area.

It's very much like Christian or Buddhist mythology. You die and appear in the judgment hall. There you are badgered for the overts you committed in your last life. Again these are put up on a screen.

Their idea of overts consists of having done a sloppy job one day or of thinking bad thoughts about the government. Almost anything a free being would want to do is an overt. They pile a big ledger of these up against you.

Depending on your attitude etc. the Judge often just sentences you to another lifetime of work and tells you to be good.

If you were really bad (ran away from your job for a week or something like that), they send you to hell. Hell is mostly a false track implant showing you being tortured up on a screen with a false duration of many years. But they end it in a real mockup of hell where you stand around for a few hours breathing in sulfur fumes and feeling thankful that your waiting to be released after all those years.

In the rare cases where your very good, they reward you with some time in heaven and give you a similar false track implant with pictures of you being in paradise followed by a few pleasant hours in the "exit depot" from heaven waiting to be reincarnated.

This between lives experience is actually fairly short so that they could process lots of people through it without using too many administrators and technicians.

This incident also includes lots of duplicate pictures of your arriving and departing and lots of orders to forget this etc. But they didn't want you to forget it completely. They just want it obscured so that you remember it very vaguely (to take the rough edges off of the false track pictures) and feel very respectful about your duties.

This whole thing tends to fall apart as you spot all the false data they used against you.



30 Mar 2005 @ 04:38 by astrid : Dear Arslycus Comander In -Chief,
I'm working on this Story from Time Immemorial... I can't say I understand too much of it though!.... but then again, I never really caught on to Star Wars either, or Star Treck for that matter! So.... Some of us are Cool an' "far Out" as the saying goes... some are more like a little mouse.... Yes, that would be me, Dear Mr. Commander of Arslycus... Eventually I will work myself through this Antedeluvian one too... given some time.

Best Regards/Your Humble Love (& Light) Goddess : )  

30 Mar 2005 @ 11:25 by songmaker : Arslycus
Funny thing, I've been into sciento for 20 years and realised at a certain point that L. Ron H. had a somewhat ironical turn of words in his lectures.

First time I heard the word Arslycus, I enjoyed a good laugh, because this so-called "Whole Track Universe" resembled very much the current bureaucratic world where anyone who wants to get ahead must, to a certain degree " lick arse". Thus, the term arse-lycus is very descriptive of what many of us are now doing to survive. ;-)

LRH, the Joker.

Much Fun,


30 Mar 2005 @ 14:39 by martha : Free Will implant
Fortunately there is an implant we all arrive with called "free will" which cannot be removed, only covered over by our beliefs.
This implant has been around since humans first walked the earth. The source gave humanity just such a gift to counterbalance all the other false implants humanity would be subjected to by control freaks both here on earth and from the stars overhead.
"Free will" gives ANYONE the energy (if they seek it) to overcome all the other programming to allow one's own authentic voice (spirit) to rise above the din.  

30 Mar 2005 @ 19:03 by astrid : .....
not to mention ALL the other --DIVINE-- "IMPLANTS"!.... Time to dig them out from under all those false beliefs; "IMPLANTS" (like 'false belief
systems' wasn't a good enough wording for what it really is all about! Let's use the word "Implants" instead!... 'cause THAT describes so much BETTER for people WHAT IT ALL REALLY IS ABOUT, doesn't it, though , eh!!!!... HELPS THEM SEE RIGHT AWAY, what the Q is!... butttoffcouuuzze, that would be a BUMMER if people caught on the scam, eh?!... Soooo whadddowedo???
Let's continue to use the word "IMPLANT" and keep people IN THE DARK ONE MORE DAY....
The Perptrators of EVIL have the following Rationale: WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW, CAN'T HURT THEM!!!!! How HANDY!

So when and where did this all start? WHO THE HELL CARES!!! Does the World = the "establishment" STILL function/work this way???? Yes. THAT we ALL shoud take note of!!!... 'cause what we don't know ABOUT THEIR EVIL-DOINGS towards us, will continue to hurt --not them, but-- us!...  

31 Mar 2005 @ 05:48 by vaxen : R the joker...
Yes, songmaker you are so right on. Are you familiar, at all, with 'The Aberree?' I appreciate your rendering of Arslycus very much and it is so very right on. Too often people forget that R was a great jokester and a pretty cool Kabbalist, as well, so many of the secrets get lost, well, you know why. Fortunately I left a bone in Arslycus and sometimes...

Well, the work was free, right? ;) As far as the 'free will' implant is concerned? It is an implant. How many really 'free wills' do you see running around old teegeeack? Inc., II could have been prevented but The Pilot was just a little God and got scared and got 'fragged!' Besides, free? Free from what? Have you written a will or even examined the meaning? Try Odhin, Vili, and Ve on for size. Especially Odhins brother Vili. There are RUnes (Secrets) therein which may surprise even you dear Martha.

Being one of the all time highest paid Implanters I can truly say that there is no such thing as 'free will' on Earth.

Do you really want to know when and where all this started A-d? And you are so right when you say that what we don't know about how 'they' work does hurt 'us.' Would you like to peruse the whole track? The complete story, no such thing, or as much of it as is 'known?' Well, you have your own side of it to tell, someday, but first you must re-member it. This Uniiverse we call the 'Space Opera' universe. Know why? Yes implants are very real and the 'implant universes' must be 'run' before making a lot of 'head' way...that can be arranged.

Meanwhile thankyou all for your input and welcome brother scieno to Arslycus. As you can see we have stopped polishing bricks and are in full scale rebellion. The Arslycian fleets never lost a space battle. A remnant of gallant, old, Arslycus doth yet remain...

Dept 20  

28 Mar 2007 @ 03:56 by Andrew Langer @ : someone posted it to my Liberty Blog
Wow I just had no idea so many people were interested in Scientology. I got a lot of emails from people all over the world about it. But I guess you have to admit it is pretty wild stuff and with Tom Cruise it is very much in the headlines.

Just to remind you I bought a bunch of their books and stuff at a Kalorama garage sale.

In the stuff I bought were these bulletins maybe they are internal memos or something like that. They were in a binder with tabs but there was nothing on the tabs but numbers so I don't know why they did that.

L. Ron Hubbard died in 1986 and then the new leader is David Miscavige who used to help Hubbard with this special typewriter. I saw a picture where he and Tom Cruise are saluting each other like sailors would do when they pass by on the street.

There are a lot of these bulletins about Miscavige. One says that Miscavige, also is also called the Admiral, is not the Marcabian Poodle. It says that Hubbard and Miscavige were the loyal officers during the rebellion. That sounds like Star Wars to me but they do believe aliens blew things up. It also kind of makes a litlte sense because in the older stuff they do call Hubbard the Commdore.

I do not know who or what the Marcabians are or were but if they are aliens it is quite odd that they would have a poodle unless possibly they are somehow French. I say that because somewhere in there I'm pretty sure Hubbard was also talking about Napoleon when he talked about this war the aliens had. In one course they have a thing called the Obscene Dog and that is a kind of dog statue. You get trapped inside it by energy beams. Maybe the Poodle of the Marcabians has something to do with this Obscene Dog. I also thought that maybe the Marcabian Poodle is the real thing that the Obscene Dog is the statue of.

But this Marcabian Poodle is serious as they said you would do rocks and shoals in the estate if you said it. I don't know what that means. Maybe it is like a special Scientology swear word or something. This idea of the Marcabian Poodle comes from the Suppressing Squirrel but they don't really explain what that Suppressing Squirrel is all about. They talked about how this comes from the Manual of Justice but I do not have that book or maybe I just cannot find or remember it. Maybe if the Obscene Dog can trap you this Suppressing Squirrel can force you to swear against the Scientology leaders and they don't much care for that kind of thing. Of course this last part is just my own idea and it may not make sense. It would seem to me that the Obscene Dog would be the one to make you swear and that the Suppressing Squirrel would trap you but maybe these aliens are just doing tricks.

It is kind of interesting that they put out this thing telling you how Miscavige invented this microphone for the stage and that is how you should answer if anyone asks you about Miscavige's accomplishments. It could also be that this special microphone is for those big stage events they have like the one with Tom Cruise. They said that even though Miscavige dropped out of high school to work for Hubbard he is the most qualified Scientologist on the planet. That's their words not mine! There are a lot of these magazines and they do have a lot of these events at various places as well as on this ocean liner that they use. I guess it is in the memory of Hubbard who liked boats that they do this.

But let me get back to the Dogs and Squirrels and such like. There sure are a lot of these alien beings and other things in their different writings. They teach that along with these aliens there are also special beings or something. Some I can find are the Halver, the Grinder, the Wall of Fire and the Weeper. I wonder if this is like marching band where just the drum major has a special name. It would be very hard for me to keep track of all of these things and their different antics.

The Halver is like a ball and one half is black and the other is white. It can fly around and spin around and you get confused from looking at it because it makes an optical illusion or something. At one point a lot of of them hover over some city and everyone in the city falls under their hypnosis.

The Grinder shoots you with rays from a machine with handle you have to turn and electrodes that pop up when the handle is turned and it goes "bap bap" when it is shooting the rays at you. All of the Grinders wear glasses so that their eyes do not get hurt from the electric rays.

The Wall of Fire is something to do with the aliens coming to earth and how it is dangerous to go through the Wall of Fire without the Theta Tone which seems like it is headphones to keep you from hearing these other aliens who tell you different things. They say that you can really get hurt if you go through the Wall of Fire without this Theta Tone. The Wall of Fire and Theta Tone do not seem to be aliens but they are certainly depicted as actual things so that's why I included them here.

But you know now that I have looked at these and meter pieces are lying out and I see the Tone Arm of the meter now I just really have to wonder if this has something to do with the Theta Tone. I guess that just goes on my list of questions about all of this stuff.

The Weeper makes me sad. They say she is a mommy alien and her babies are all either killed or kidnapped by the bad aliens who seem to be friends with the Grinders and so on. She sits by the water and cries for them. One book says she does this for a trillion years. I do not like this story and it bothers me to think about it too much. If Hubbard and Miscavige fought these Grinders and could make the Theta Tone don't you think they should have done something about saving the mommy alien's babies?

But there is also one of these types of aliens that I kind of like. They are mentioned in one of the courses along with some other aliens. There is also a whole bulletin about them and from the wording you get the idea that this is current stuff. They are called Blinkers. It says that they are like little cats and you can only really see them if you have eliminated your reactive mind. Once again, that is something I do not completely understand about Scientology. What they do is hop on your head and hurt you. It says that they never like to go on the floor which is kind of like a real cat. They jump on you and then they jump on someone else. Sometimes it seems like they jump and in one lecture it says that they can teleport or something around. Maybe the last part is why they call them Blinkers? They have an incident where some of these Blinkers show up attack a whole room full of people and never once does even one of them touch the floor.

This kind of reminds me of the Halle Barry Catwoman movie where she makes her bed up on a shelf.

But the bulletin goes on to talk about this place called the Golden Studio. Apparently Admiral Miscavige and some of the other leaders of Scientology live there. It seems like it is out in the desert somewhere but then again it also seems like it has something to do with ships.

But anyway there is some part of it called the Messenger Berth and everything is on the floor there. That is to say there is nothing high up and certainly no ledges so the windows are set flat into the walls. This bulletin says that if you go there you should know about this as you will most likely have to sit on the floor and some of the rooms have low ceilings and special doors like you would see in a submarine movie. They believe that the Blinkers want to come and attack the Admiral.

It says that they have what they call a lot of mock up rooms. In these rooms they do have high shelves. On each high shelf they said that they put a big mousetrap underneath a large piece of silk. Sometimes they say that they have a person wear the same kind of uniform as the Admiral go to these rooms. They have pictures of him and it is a very nice blue uniform with lots of brass buttons and the like. But the idea is that then the Blinkers will go into these mock up rooms. They will jump up and get trapped when the mousetrap lever flies through the silk. I do not know what they do with them after that.

They tell you this so in case you are visiting you will not get confused if you see a lot of people looking like the Admiral or suddenly wonder why he is going into a dangerous room. They say that if you are there for the Admiral Hat then you should stay in the low room or maybe that is the same as the Messenger Berth. There is in fact an Admiral Hat bulletin but it is very much faded. I could read that it is a special invitation and that the Admiral teaches a special course using a special kind of meter. I think they call it that because you get to wear a hat like he does and he is an Admiral. Apparently there is stuff in this course that the Blinkers don't like so they have to be really cautious. It talks about how they check for them when you go there, they look up on your head and shoulders and also if you were carrying a backpack they have to look for Blinkers.

Anyway that is a story that I kind of like. I wish the Blinkers were not bad but if they were good I would not mind having one as a pet as long as they did not mess when they are flying around or whatever they do.

The last thing I am going to write about is the initiation rite they have when they give you the Grade of Clear. They seem to have these things that are kind of like collegiate degrees or maybe they are like being priest and then bishop and then pope.

It is called "The Book and the Bottle" and it is at least pretty interesting. They put you in a room with two tables. On one is a book and on another is a bottle. They tell you to go get the book and look at it. You have to tell them everything about the book. I could not figure out if you have to end up reading it or not. There is something in Scientology about Alice in Wonderland but I cannot for the life of me work out how they go together. I do not know if you have to use Alice in Wonderland for "Book and Bottle" of if just any book you happen to have at hand will do for this. Then they tell you to put it down and go to the bottle. You pick up the bottle and describe that for them. You go back and forth until they are happy with you. There is something about not spilling out of the bottle but that is not real clear to me. I read somewhere that the Masons will dunk you in water when you join up so maybe this is along the same lines. I never rushed in school so I could not tell you about that.

So there you go. I am by no means any kind of authority on this stuff. I thought some of the books might be fun to read. It gives you a better idea of what Tom Cruise is thinking. He must have had to read all of this himself and they do talk about how psychiatrists are evil and so on. It says that they are evolved from these grinders and so on. I read something about how one of Hubbard's kids went suicidal and maybe that is where they get this idea as well as the story of the weeper. This is another one of those special things in the bulletin binder you can't talk about without the estate's rocks and shoals but I'm pretty sure Hubbard and his wife got pretty sad when this happened.

A lot of you said I should eBay this stuff. Well I would but that's a hassle and since I paid like next to nothing for this stuff I don't want anything back. There's a guy who runs a museum of this stuff and I have made arrangement to get it to him with the understanding that he will let other people look at it if they are interested.

One last thing and people have emailed about it. If you want to repost this to other boards or put it on your web site, that is utterly fine with me!  

7 Apr 2007 @ 02:06 by vaxen : Nice!
Thanks, bro, that was a fun read!
Fairwinds, clear water.

Hsiang-yen Chih-hsien became profoundly attuned to a sound while cleaning the grave of the Imperial Tutor, Nan-yang Hui-chung. His broom caught a little stone that sailed through the air and hit a stalk of bamboo. Tock! He had been working on the kôan “My original face before my parents were born,” and with that sound his body and mind fell away completely. There was only that tock. Of course, Hsiang-yen was ready for this experience. He was deep in the samadhi of sweeping leaves and twigs from the grave of an old master, just as Bashô is lost in the samadhi of an old pond, and just as the Buddha was deep in the samadhi of the great ocean.  

12 May 2009 @ 11:45 by Stephenie @ : Pharmacy
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2 Sep 2011 @ 08:36 by Bruce D. @ : Thanks
Thanks for taking the time to create this site. It lacks some of the meat I was looking for but any knowledge of this kind is helpful in grasping the bigger picture.  

5 Jan 2012 @ 19:23 by Bruce D. @ : Good incite
I wonder just how far processing can take you toward OT without the Scientology hype. I also wonder if some of these amazing magicians seen nowadays are OT or just tricksters. They are very good at their illusions. I came to this site to reread the information as the Hellatrobus incident comes up a lot for me and my erasures all seem to be just keyouts. Again good job on your incite of the whole tract.  

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25 Feb 2015 @ 16:44 by @ : You’ve got some interesting points in th
You’ve got some interesting points in this article. I would have never considered any of these if I didn’t come across this. Thanks!.  

6 Mar 2015 @ 11:30 by @ : Hi. You have given such an interesting a
Hi. You have given such an interesting account of the events. The reaction would have certainly proved some of the communities. But personally I feel that you made the right decision. You just need to give it some time to settle down  

28 Mar 2015 @ 06:24 by roadfoodfestivals @ : Its like you read my mind! You seem to k
Its like you read my mind! You seem to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with some pics to drive the message home a bit, but other than that, this is great blog. A great read.  

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