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 Dark Stars...8 comments
...and misfits. Asteroids, green beans, and lemonade madness. Lemonade!? Muskowskaya, Ice cold, on the rocks. +ORC! Lemonade to the bilges!

Lots of new & exciting things going on around here. All of them top secret. But at least Google has gotten a gem! Regina! She who created the hummingbird drone is a class act for the next phase of Google's take over of the plan-et. Though ET isn't too happy about that...

Now Ray Kurzweil has joined the Google Borg! Oh no!...  Read More

 Aho Mitakuye Oyasin25 comments


Before A Man Can Become Free, He Must Choose Freedom

“The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.”
~Stephen Biko, anti-apartheid activist tortured to death by State police (Derrick Jensen, Endgame, 2006).

"To what end, our mad destruction? How shall we live, if not by love? If by hatred and destruction, what then? We must let go of fear in order to love. It has been done. It can be done. Let us do it." - CMDR Jeff Knaebel  Read More

 10 Trends for 20118 comments
After the tumultuous years of the Great Recession, a battered people may wish that 2011 will bring a return to kinder, gentler times. But that is not what we are predicting. Instead, the fruits of government and institutional action – and inaction – on many fronts will ripen in unplanned-for fashions.

Trends we have previously identified, and that have been brewing for some time, will reach maturity in 2011, impacting just about everyone in the world.  Read More

 US Embassy Cables5 comments
Well, I guess Assange is out on bail now, though Pfc. Bradley Manning certainly isn't and never will be, and wikileaks has yet to cough up the promised $50,000.00 for Pvt Mannings Defense Fund, and, and, and...

The so called Secret Cables do make for some interesting reading. So I thought I'd put a few links up here at the old NCN where, as we all know, the truth is sacrosanct though it's methods are still very much in question.

Don't think for one moment that I believe in any of this State Department Posturing. To me it is all a Psyop engeandered for effect.

When you first enter truth's temple at Langley there it is, can't miss it:

"Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free."

Sure Julian, sure it will...

Global defense of sources and press freedoms, circa now—

Have documents the world needs to see?

We help you safely get the truth out.


PS: Safely? Wonder if Pfc. Manning feels that "safely" is merited now?

“Wikileaks is a big and dangerous US intelligence Con Job which will likely be used to police the Internet”….F. William Engdahl
“supporting WikiLeaks founder, Julius Assange and..calling for revolution due to government cover-ups are intended results of a counterintelligence reverse tactic”…Bob Levin, FBI whistleblower  Read More

 The Wikileaks PSYOP3 comments

By now I'm sure you've all heard/read about the furor over wikileaks. So I thought I'd pop this in here just for the fun of it. The wikileaks PSYOP, my opinion, isn't going to go away but I would caution that you look beyond Project Mockinbirds' MSM into the core of the presentation and it's intended target. YOU! ;)

How the Globalist’s PR Agents Use the Wikileaks Psyops Program: Assange partying at state dept... [link]

Ron Paul defends Wikileaks on House Floor
Friday, December 10, 2010 - 11:26  Read More

 Americas' Top 2011 comments
Yeah, just stuffing the 'Top 20 Facts of (Law)' here till I figure out what to do with it &/or if I even want to do anything with it at all. Like? Oh, get angry, cause a riot, go out and s***t someone... you know, slave rebellion.

One thing we can all do with it is have fun with it & imagine what must have been in the minds of the framers when they all framed us! I didn't sign any constitution...did you? A constitution is basically a contract & the rules of the Corporation.

What Corporation? Aha! The United States of America! Not a nation, as the liars in school - who preach the doctrine of the legal fiction called the Corporate State - would like us to be-lieve - but a bloody (very bloody) Corporation! Who owns this Corporation? Not the debt slaves, that's what they call us. that's for sure.

Well, with a little solid research you can find out... On with the game, then, but don't forget the rights of a Thetan:

1: The right to your own self determination.

2: The right to leave a game.

3: The right to create for yourself a new game to play, or not.

4: The right to the Omni experience (Stepping outside the game to get a looksee at the larger picture & where you may fit into it, or not.)

Shall we have a look then at the Top 20 Facts of (Law)?  Read More

 Rewire Your Brain12 comments

Let's start with this premise: The human brain adapts with astounding speed. We all know our thinking adapts quickly in order to deal with new input but what isn't widely recognized is that this adaptability goes further: Our brains can quickly adjust the processing protocol itself. Problem is, although it's an easy thing to do and positive results come quickly, most of us haven't consciously attempted to rewire our thinking for maximum efficiency.  Read More

 EARTH IS HIRING!17 comments
" It is a child's ultimate values of truth, beauty, justice, love and faith, which, when fully developed in his understanding, make him not only a citizen, but civilized and human. To the extent man believes in truth, beauty, justice, love and faith ~ to this extent, do we say he is truly man." - Dr Paul Brandwein
( The Permanent Agenda Of Man / Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich / New York 1971 )

Freedom's name is mighty sweet
And soon we're gonna meet
Keep your eyes on the prize, hold on

I got my hand on the gospel plow
Won't take nothing for my journey now
Keep your eyes on the prize, hold on

Hold on, hold on
Keep your eyes on the prize, hold on

Only chain that a man can stand
Is that chain o' hand on hand
Keep your eyes on the prize, hold on

Now only thing we did was wrong
Stayin' in the wilderness too long
Keep your eyes on the prize, hold on

The only thing we did was right
Was the day we started to fight
Keep your eyes on the prize, hold on

Hold on, hold on
Keep your eyes on the prize, hold on

[link]  Read More

 Read The Book13 comments

Whoever controls the image and information of the past determines what and how future generations will think; whoever controls the information and images of the present determines how those same people will view the past.1
— George Orwell, 1984 (1949)

Take at hazard one hundred children of several educated generations and one hundred uneducated children of the people and compare them in anything you please; in strength, in agility, in mind, in the ability to acquire knowledge, even in morality—and in all respects you are startled by the vast superiority on the side of the children of the uneducated.
— Count Leo Tolstoy, "Education and Children" (1862)  Read More

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