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  The Arcturian Facade4 comments
The Arcturian civilization was the first event which attempted to merge "imagination" and "reality" in covering up the redirection that was going on. Some previous researchers in this area came up with the expression: "When imagination and reality merge, you are there." This very aptly describes how to overcome the first of the blocks that were created.  Read More

 Detention Camps USA!2 comments
Detention Camps for US Citizens: Ashcroft's Hellish Vision

Attorney general shows himself as a menace to liberty.

by Jonathan Turley  Read More

 Ghost Troop12 comments
From an e-mail I received

Embedded Code Broken?
Next 911 On September 27?
From Eric May

The email extract below (More) was written by Army Intelligence officer, Captain Eric H. May, on a mission of conscience, in obedience to his oath to defend the US Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. The recipients are expert members or associates of Ghost Troop, a group of former military and concerned citizens who have been successfully picking apart flaws in the cover-up of 911 and the Middle Eastern War since April 5, 2003.  Read More

 Al Qaeda/The Base7 comments
Al Qaeda is "the Base"


There is no one, single, entity called 'Al Qaeda' in all of the Arabic world! This is a fantasy pushed by the 'Justice Department' in their endless creation of enemies and terrorists 'out there,' 'over there,' and so forth which enables them to 'hoodwink' the general public into giving them, and their cronies in other 'departments,' fantastic amounts of their hard earned bucks so that insiders 'in the know' can invest in burning buildings such as the twin towers.

Also enables them to cover up their part in the crimes they commit, daily, in the name of the 'ficticious' "people!" Interesting that all the scrap from the 'Twin Towers' was very quickly sold to Japan, is'nt it? That is to say before any 'forensic team' had a chance to investigate it! The dumb bastards that go by the name of 'we the people' in this nation are so used to being lyed to and so very well trained in the discourse of non belief that they believe anything their masters tell them. And slavery is illegal in the so called 'United States?' Hypnotrancing idiots apparently is'nt!  Read More

 The BABALON Working73 comments
"The Earth compels. Never forget that."

Isolation, denial, rebirth.

The courier from the stars
Brought forth that being
Whose countenance is
Brighter than a billion Suns...  Read More

 Goebbels Rallies VOLK!0 comments
It is happening here.

"Americans have already lost many liberties at home — as the President has decided he can cancel the right to a trial, the right to counsel, the right to confront one's accusers, the right to privacy in one's email, phone conversations, and bank accounts. And Americans have watched as the American military has invaded foreign countries — Afghanistan and Iraq."  Read More

 Stealth Cell Towers17 comments
I am not saying that I believe the following to be true however it is an interesting 'scenario' to take into consideration. As for cell phones being the source for numerous ill's I've no doubt they are but then so are automobiles, cigarettes, coca cola and any one of a zillion other 'mass produced' products which eat away at the brains and bodies of the enslaved (think they are free) citizens of this old, old, world. ;) Enjoy and remember that the next pine tree you see could be zapping those well protected 'family recipes' right out of that thing you call a brain.

Late last fall, I watched bemused as several plainclothes geeks installed a cell tower behind our N.W. Island's Masonic Hall. It went up quickly, and without any fanfare.  Read More

 The Civilization Game9 comments
The New Civilization Game DEFINITION: A CIVILIZATION is an economic engine that runs on ideas and whose products are:  Read More

 Models and Scenarios2 comments
Many of you may wonder why I have chosen to post these old articles of Captain Bill Robertsons. You may think that these are the express preserve of those who call themselves 'Scientlogists.'

I will tell you that they are not. That herein you will find, if you bother to look, some pretty advanced thinking and the application of a very advanced form of 'self dis-covery.' A technology of freedom which has nothing whatsoever to be ashamed of and can hold its' own against any of this planets vicissitudes.

My hope is that you will examine these articles from the standpoint/viewpoint that many New Civilization Members were and are Students of Scientology and life and that the New Civilization, per se, is a concept directly 'in line' with the real nuggets of Scientological study and the findings of experience therein which are applicable tools that can gain you thought full benefit in the here and now game of life.

I am not pushing 'Scientology,' as you've come to know it through the RTC in LA or through what goes by the name of 'The Church of Scientology.' Captain Bill was Ostrasized, as were many other very good Scientologists, from that foundation. Basically for seeking the truth and knowing the power of the discoveries made by one Lafayette Ronald Hubbard. I thank him for what he gave us. But what he found came through many channels. He organized it and made it somewhat easier to use but he did'nt 'invent' a thing.

Well, enough of an Apo-Logei. Onwards to this article which is really about a very interesting subject. If the technical terms bother you please ask but also please try to see beyond the words themselves into the universals held therein. Hope you enjoy this and have fun with it. Take what vibrates to you with you.


"Whether we achieve the freedoms long sought - for so many millennia, or become the slaves of those who would pervert our dreams and future, depends on each of us. Individual responsibility and integrity is the key. In the past what was known to be right was forsaken, but at this point in the game we can now achieve our freedom for all eternity by following only the road to truth and justice. And the enemy will wither... - and blow away."--CBR  Read More

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