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Thursday, September 18th 2008, by Marissa A Spencer

Shamanism: Working with animal spirits.


I have in the last few weeks had unusually frequent contact with a high number of Praying Mantis...

Two times, two different ones landed on me . One in my bedroom.. one in the front yard. I rescued yet another one from the cat. I then last night watched a large female lay her eggs on the tomato cage.

I figure.. ok.. I will bite.. (yeah.. perhaps a bad choice of words). I decided to look up the spiritual meaning behind such encounters.

ON the website shown above I found this..

Mantis's Wisdom Includes:

* Ability to manipulate time
* Power to move between moments
* Understanding of the circular nature of time
* Power of stillness
* Female warrior energy
* Attack strategy

on yet another site..


The Praying Mantis

The praying mantis has a great deal of myth and lore associated with it. Its name comes from the manner in which they hold up the forepart of the body, with its enormous front legs, as though in an attitude of prayer.

Martial art forms in China have adopted specific movements of the mantis into their practices. These movements help the student reconnect with their personal chi or energy. The discovery of how energy moves through our body, what it is projecting and where energy blocks are located can be a great aid in healing ourselves. Those with this totem would benefit from prayer, meditation and martial arts.

These amazing creatures serve the earth and her people in various ways. They consume large amounts of insects helping to maintain ecological balance. Excellent hunters with an efficient attack strategy the praying mantis always knows the right moment for attack and for retreat. Time in the linear sense is irrelevant to the mantis. They move according to their inner instincts and remind us to do the same. Moving effortlessly between worlds the mantis is associated with time travel.
They help us break out of linear time and move according to our personal bio rhythms.

The praying mantis can remain motionless for an indefinite period. This ability helps them blend with their environment becoming invisible to predators. They hold the secrets of materialization and de-materialzation and awaken this ability in people who hold this medicine. Perception through stillness is part of its teaching.

Patient, perceptive and focused this little totem holds a powerful message. When it appears in your life it is asking you to direct your energy, your thoughts or your actions in a different way. Asking the following questions can give you the insight necessary to motivate appropriate changes. Have I lost patience with a particular situation? Have I been too patient, and if so, has this had a detrimental affect on me? Is my perception correct regarding a situation? Have I become narrow minded? Am I focused on my objective?




18 Sep 2008 @ 17:09 by martha : Hi Marissa
And lets not forget this little goody

Maybe there is something going on with the man in your life.
I like the female warrior energy concept. Reminds me of the...oh never mind. Enjoyed your article.  

18 Sep 2008 @ 19:44 by skookum : interesting
I have been separated from my wasband for over ten years...though he did make me very angry recently. Perhaps he should watch out? lol  

23 Sep 2008 @ 16:18 by jazzolog : Pickpockets
I love mantises, everything about them except the eating-the-husband thing. Those guys even wrestle each other to be next in line. She can take 6 or 8 at a time. After the lovemaking, each dude just rolls into her arms and she chomps him down like corn on the cob. Other than that, they're delightful. The last one I met was lying on a sidewalk just outside the Union Street Cafe where I'd just had breakfast a couple Sundays ago. She was in some kind of distress, so I picked her up and walked across the street to put her safely on a bush. When I got in my car, my check for the church collection plate was missing. Two hundred smackers. Never "lost" a check before. Backtracked and everything. No dice. Had to stop payment. That mantis was the only creature around.  

24 Sep 2008 @ 15:40 by skookum : She musta taken it.. the hussy!
Surely this is proof man cannot trust the female of the species... :-)  

28 Sep 2008 @ 14:11 by Heather @ : praying mantis
I sat on the back porch reading a book on soul recovery. My mother in law came out to join me in the fresh early morning air. We chatted for a few minutes. She went back inside the house. Not a minute later a praying mantis dropped from nowhere to the exact spot she was sitting. I came inside to look up the significance and found your web site. Thank you so much for the information. I have been struggling with the question of paitence. Specifically, have I been patient for too long and to my detriment. No asnwers yet from my totem--that is still sitting on my bench.  

29 Sep 2008 @ 02:29 by skookum : Heather.. they seem to be everywhere!
Never have I seen them in such numbers... and others reporting seeing them also.  

30 Sep 2008 @ 17:51 by Theresa @ : Me too...
I saw one on the bus stop bench and watched it and wondered what energy is attributed to this insect, wah lah... your article or searches hit home... not in the man department... but maybe.... I am single and drop them after a few dates, am I to picky... started a new job and things move slow here... am I to impatient????????  

1 Oct 2008 @ 05:40 by skookum : Think of harmony
going with the flow and not stressing. Just is enough for now.  

23 Sep 2010 @ 05:12 by moose @ : ?
Just yesterday, I was out with the dogs and I saw a Mantis on the outside wall of the house. I went to my meditation session for a couple of hours, pulled my truck up to the house opened the door and a Mantis jumped off my shoulder onto the car door........ any thoughts?  

15 Oct 2010 @ 16:38 by skookum : I would say..
the power of stillness... what better way to describe meditation?  

22 Sep 2012 @ 01:32 by Adriana @ : 3 out of no where
I was about to open the door to my apartment when I saw the 1st one on my window then out of nowhere a 2nd appeared almost close to the first one. Then I was taking pictures of them when a the 3rd one appeared I didn't know what to think of it I mean seeing one is good but 3 of them at the same time right next to each other has to be some kind of sign right?  

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22 Jul 2015 @ 18:28 by Terry @ : A lot of praying mantises (?) showing up
I have had a number of these creatures show up in my bedroom- no screen on the window. When making the bed, I took the quilt off, folded it and put it out of the way. When I picked it up again, there was a huge mantis, cream-coloured on top which surprised me. I didn't know they could do this...
The question, "Have I been too patient?" struck a chord, so I'll go sit with that idea.
Thank you for this article.  

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