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 what would I do0 comments
picture Tuesday, May 8th 2007
without my kids? Here are two of my sons and the eldest's wife and their daughter at a park near Irvine CA.  More >

 garden., step two4 comments
picture Saturday, May 5th 2007
here is the beginnings of the Spring garden. As you can see the summer garden beyond isn't quite ready. These pics were taken by my daughter Krystal.  More >

 family and river0 comments
picture Thursday, May 3rd 2007
here are some of the American river near my home...and my kids  More >

 new pics 5-4-076 comments
picture Wednesday, May 2nd 2007
gift to myself yesterday was to go to the UC Davis Arboretum and walk around and take pictures. there.. got it in.. you may see pics I have taken out in my gallery.  More >

 a garden wild9 comments
picture Sunday, April 29th 2007
In my wild back yard grew an amazing assortment of things that 'volunteered' as my dear mother would have said. I made a passing wish that I had a fig. Voila...there is a fig growing...and I didn't even plant it. My Cherry tree is laden, my grape vines are meandering everywhere.  More >

 Wandering2 comments
picture Saturday, April 28th 2007
one for the road...

pic (c) by my daughter Krystal  More >

 Jelly Dancer0 comments
picture Friday, April 27th 2007
Who says we have all the fun?

 Slow down for the conehead zone0 comments
picture Thursday, April 26th 2007
yeah you heard me right... but how often do I rant and rave?  More >

 Paying No Mind1 comment
picture Tuesday, April 24th 2007
pic by my dear friend..William F.Glover  More >

 The Phoenix and the Dragon3 comments
picture Monday, April 23rd 2007
as they are the yin and yang of Asian tradition...  More >

 Earth Day revisited4 comments
Sunday, April 22nd 2007
At the close of the day... my thoughts creep into my mind when the house is quiet.  More >

 Poem: Between2 comments
picture Sunday, April 15th 2007
betwixt and between?

we are not alone .. perhaps?  More >

 Total Rubbish2 comments
picture Thursday, April 12th 2007
My son plays in a band called Total Rubbish, when he isn't saving some corporation from high tech problems.  More >

 Photography as art2 comments
picture Wednesday, March 28th 2007
Oh that glorious Springtime...when the youth inside is reborn.  More >

 Manifesting...oh yeah!1 comment
Tuesday, March 27th 2007
I was waiting this evening at nine thirty pm to pick up my daughter Krystal at her job at Payless Shoe source. It is located right next to a Walmart.  More >

 Antibiotics0 comments
Sunday, March 25th 2007
Did you ever feel suspended?  More >

 Today... 1 comment
picture Wednesday, March 21st 2007
I will be grateful...  More >

 Vision Board for the Secret0 comments
Sunday, March 18th 2007
I am currently collecting pictures to put on my Vision Board.  More >

 The Secret5 comments
picture Thursday, March 15th 2007
I finally had the opportunity to watch the movie "The Secret"  More >

 Golden Orb @Winchester house3 comments
picture Sunday, March 11th 2007
What do you think of this... I do not think it is a dust orb do you?

It was on inner doors.. just to let you know.. no sunshine accessible.. not a lot of sunshine that day in San Jose anyway lol  More >

 Rascal Story 40 comments
Thursday, March 8th 2007
A Rascal Story #4: Nas Disappears!

By Marissa A Spencer

“The Catlactic Empire my eye! Another boring mission for the Starship Nano Star.” , thought Capt. Rascal.  More >

 Parable of the Rock0 comments
Saturday, March 3rd 2007
The Parable of the Rock

The rock lay suspended in his home of dirt and roots from the grasses above. He wondered when it would rain again. He loved it when it rained. The droplets would run over his form and tickle as they descended into the depths of the earth.  More >

 Let There Be0 comments
Saturday, March 3rd 2007
Let There Be

we are close, you and I
but , lest we lose that which we love  More >

 The Curse of Nathaniel Granger0 comments
Friday, March 2nd 2007
The Curse of Nathaniel Granger
by Marissa A Spencer

There was a small dock that extended out into the stream. I remember dropping my fishing line into the water and watching the trout look at me. I had a feeling they would roll their eyes at me if they could have.  More >

 Old Man Winter0 comments
picture Thursday, March 1st 2007
One for the road... so to speak...  More >

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