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 Is Bush Cracking Up?12 comments
picture9 Jun 2004 @ 13:23
Is there any truth in this? What this author says doesn't seem inconceivable to me. Now this is not intended to be a jab at the president, George Bush. Nor do I gloat in putting this article up. It is because this man is so powerful that if he hiccups tectonic plates shake. That his state of mind is too important to the world for us to merely pity him if the pressure, which he himself created, is causing him to crack up. If what this author says is true then this is serious stuff.

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 A Good Painter and Two Composers5 comments
picture6 Jun 2004 @ 13:09
Those of you who are familiar with this site may know that my father was an artist. As a result of this, I have always had plenty of paintings and drawings to decorate my home with. My walls here are covered with my father’s art. (To see his work go to this [link] )

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 The October Surprise Watch45 comments
picture30 May 2004 @ 11:19
Has the time come to begin an "October Surprise" watch?

Would you like to join me? We could perhaps use this site, or another, as a "clearing house" for information. Just in case....

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 Al Gore at MoveOn4 comments
picture28 May 2004 @ 14:00
I kind of like Al Gore nowadays. And the speech he gave recently at MoveOn struck just the right note. "How dare they," he exclaimed, allow Abu Ghraib to happen. And all the rest. All the dirt which is immediately swept under the rug as soon as it appears. When Bush was elected president many of us knew we were in for an extremely corrupt presidency. And it wasn’t long before the felons began to appear in his administration: Elliot Abrams, John Poindexter, John Negroponte, [link] ,et al.  More >

 Will the US get out of Iraq?21 comments
picture24 May 2004 @ 12:11

First of all, I don’t believe the US wants to get out of Iraq. The US didn’t go in there merely to liberate the Iraqi people from a cruel dictator. If our leaders truly detested ruthless and cruel dictators then Uzbekistan wouldn’t have been allowed to join the “Coalition of the Willing.” For the so-called president of Uzbekistan is just as cruel and ruthless as Saddam Hussein was, and seems to delight in dipping his political opponents into tubs of boiling water. [link] So the US didn’t go into Iraq out of any form of moral indignation. Unless, of course, our leaders are very foolish and cannot detect those allies who are despots: those who treat their people cruelly and don’t believe in accountability or democratic institutions.  More >

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“In spring, the sweet young spring, decked out with little green, necklaced, braceleted with the song of idiotic birds, spurious and sweet and tawdry as a shopgirl in her cheap finery, like an idiot with money and no taste; they were little and young and trusting, you could kill them sometimes. But now, as August like a languorous replete bird winged slowly through the pale summer toward the moon of decay and death, they were bigger, vicious; ubiquitous as undertakers, cunning as pawnbrokers, confident and unavoidable as politicians. They came cityward lustful as country boys, as passionately integral as a college football squad; pervading and monstrous but without majesty: a biblical plague seen through the wrong end of a binocular: the majesty of Fate become contemptuous through ubiquity and sheer repetition.”

William Faulkner

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