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picture picture 9 Sep 2006 @ 06:56, by Heiner Benking

This is about Worlds Knowledge and how People are asked to get involved - Dropping Knowledge. Pls. see entries September 9, and October 26, 2006 entry in this Blog. It is about people using Ontologies developed the Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential, basing on Ozbekhan, Jantsch, Jungk, Welesly, and last not least Anthony Judge who could not make it to Berlin, but was the nucleus and milestone of the enterprise, at least as see it....

ATTENTION - please see the second part towards "pracical wisdom":
and the update January 2011: [link]

Dropping Knowledge Moves Towards Sharing Wisdom and Action !

See what is going on today in BERLIN!

Maybe go here and come back soon!

This is the PRESS RELEASE by the UIA about the Living Library:

Please see also the PNYV! Editorial at [link] and [link], so I can come directly to what matters most.

Thanks to DROPPING KNOWLEDGE, we have since last Saturday a broader and controversial discussion in the media about the "ontology" of the LIVING LIBRARY, about what "is" or "is given" and needs to be talked about, beyond the narrow old paradigm of the materialist thinking, which omits anything on other scales, in other cultures, times, languages, and frames.

Challenges are paramount as you can see from the work of Anthony Judge ! [link]
who with Robert Jung and James Welles-Wellesly, who as Mankind 2000 started to build the Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential already 30 years ago and based it on the treasure and experience from now 99 years of the UIA looking into international exchange between civil society and International Organisations (GO's and NGO's).

They were at the times of MANKIND 2000 in contact with Erich Jantsch, Hasan Ozbekhan, Alexander Christakis, ... - people who concerned themselves some decades ago with the "Global Problematique" and drafted outlines which later were initial for the foundatiom of the CLUB OF ROME (see my BLOG below about the "Problematique").

Dropping Knowledge intends/is about to create a major media event, but the question remains whether top news are good news, especially when the organisers announce they were finally making use of the data of the UIA by connecting, networking and visualizing, when – in fact - most is done already by an underpaid NGO - doing the Clearinghouse for the UN and the People! As many times before, it appears that money is only available for the surface and the hype, and not for the work done over generations.

I feel it is time that the work of Robert Jungk, Hasan Ozbekhan, Erich Jantsch, Margaret Mead, Mary Parker Follet, ... brought to the “table” long ago needs and issues to be revisited. Time to "Harness the Wisdom" of all Stakeholders so we can think now in new ways with new means - but we should not forget the old, and to include the concrete and solid how intangible it might look like.
I propose to check out the work of Anthony Judge and the work on metaphors, models, signs. This may be a good start for looking at different models and metaphors:
and on dialog and decision culture here:
[link] and [link]
and see this summing up on democracy and conversations, dialog and discussions:

Enough of dropping names and sharing links. Let’s think about sharing meaning and orientations, and use Spherical Roundtables if we can: [link], as an example to show that the world is not flat! We need approaches that are dynamic and deep as well, and not oversimplified and put forward with much overclaims and ignorance: [link]

I recommend to visit one day these articles on depth and orientation, about Literacy and Ignorance - flat- and deep-worlds” [link] and the article in Dialogues of Civilisations, struggling for "unity in diversity": [link]

I am holding here an internal document: "Preliminary Attempt to Generating Questions from UIA Database: Problems, Stategies, Values -- proof of a concept exercise -- of Dec 12, 2005. UNFORTUNATEY INTERN - BUT RELEVANT, EXCITING AND IMPORTANT - so please check later.. !!

Fortunately: (30th October 2006) this is available | Draft - Generating a Million Questions from UIA Databases, Problems, Strategies, Values is now available as a DRAFT, check it out and come back later as the DROPPING KNOWLEDGE exercise is really a thrilling and important exercise: [link]

I want to give credit to the great and deep work done in the UIA, in the Lovers of Democracy design team, and the people supporting the Dropping Knowledge event - and I want to thank for the beautiful artwork and visualisations - making use of the exact and fine arts ! they have created and shared so I am happy to be able to show the figures above and below.

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