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picture picture 26 Oct 2006 @ 02:18, by Heiner Benking

This is about Worlds Knowledge and how People are asked to get involved - Dropping Knowledge. Pls. see entries September 9, and October 26, 2006 entry in this Blog. It is about people using Ontologies developed the Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential, basing on Ozbekhan, Jantsch, Jungk, Welesly, and last not least Anthony Judge who made it it the streets and the internet.

or how to get from 1000 questions - to many like 10 000 Questions - to 1.000.000 questions but not getting lost in the answers.

A few hours ago Anthony Judge informes be about a very exciting outcome and somehow first practical result of the Dropping Knowledge (DK) and UIA co-operation. See BLOGs below.

Have a look not only into that the concept of "many" is different in different cultures *** more **** but that there is a breakthrough possible in "handling" such complex, and multi-facetted very high volumes of interrelated questions towards shared answers, and actions, options, and strategies. See BLOGs below from [link] and the links on the Problematique and Collections further down in: of [link], where I cover the Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential, which is now celebrating its 30 th Anniversary and provides the backbone, or grid, or scaffolding, some computer egg-heads think it si just an "ontology" (in their sense of the meaning of the word "ontology". In fact it is more, it is 30 and 100 years of experience with international, multi-lingual data repositories.

But getting back to the breakthrough I learned about yesterday evening: (now it is already Thursday and the sun is comming up soon...)

Sent: Wed, 25 Oct 2006
From: "Anthony Judge"

> Greetings
> As promised, we now have a database of one million questions online
> (see
> See explanation at:
> Generating a Million Questions from UIA Databases: Problems, Strategies,
> Values [link]
> A further product of our intense collaboration with DFKI !

for more see:
[link] and [link]

There is little more to write, except let us celebrate 30 years of Work for the Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential and that we need to combine the old and the new instead of always reinventing the wheel and getting lost and crying out in the dark, speeding up in unknown directions... More On Orientation later, today we should congratualte ANTHONY JUDGE, [link] and celebrate teh insights of Robert Jungk, James Welles-Wellesley, and and - not to forget Paul Outlet and Ingetraut DAHLBERG ( in this sequence! ) and celebrate 110 years FID and not to forget do the FID workshop from 1996, 10 years later, finally in honour of Ingetraut Dahlberg, as the workshop in 1996 in Graz was canelled last minute to mcuh regrete and with little understanding of organizers of FID's 100th of what it was about. This would be this month - little time left ! here is the 1996 Programme, let us see if we can get the contributors together again to look into the problems of social sciences, humanities, all sciences, and our cogitive, intelelctual one-eyed view onto "things" or subjects: [link]
maybe also look into the Publisher of the Encyclopedia Klaus Saur and another Encyclopedia's new edition which was presented last years thanks to Saur!: [link] helping us to look not only into complexity without perplexity (system sciences) but into the future of Encyclopedias and Atlases. [link] for mor "technical "people" I invite to see the workshop of ICSU CODATA on new Media from last year. The Organisers was just intersted into harnessing the inputs from some collegues and absolutely ignorant about the need to publsih for some younger scientific collegues !!
[link] see also: [link] and [link] NO COMMENT as thsi shows how knowledge is not used but hidden by some ! and so hindered to come to the needed sharing of wisdom and actions !

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