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 Pixel Revolution II - Painting and Dancing in /with ? our mind/brain/thoughts ??
picture picture picture 19 Mar 2012 @ 16:31, by Heiner Benking

Brain Painting - next week Brain Dancing is on ! I already covered "Pingo Ergo Sum" last week, so please scroll down to Febr. 1st. [link]
At the weekend we had the opening of the exhibition and new and old ideas & realizations came up like a déjà vu.

Questions were not only about imagination and images and models, but who paints and sets the frames? Who creates and shares frames of references?, and why? What is outside of the ego-tunnel? and are there "others, us and they" having also "ego-tunnels" or share commons? See delibertation of shared "messes".

- See basic questions in the age imaging technologies and scopic media, radical constructivism and discussions of the virtual in colaborative environments and maybe some old theses and questions: 9 Points for Discussion.

I took with me an old booklet, 25 years old: "The Pixel Revolution. How the Computer Creates Graphics". [link]
It is from an Encyclopedia of Information Processing. I will add more on the Encyclopedia of IBM, the author Professor Rüdiger Hartwig and early days of vector and raster graphics further down.... check [More]:

THE THEME behind this little booklet of 200 pages? It is about what we call today computer graphics or infographics. The question for me today: How is the Brain creating graphics/visualisation and add-on? A Revolution II ? and what can we learn from these techniologies I witnessed "coming to age" in the last 40 years.

Interesting questions as I feel there we again come to asking basic questions, questions having to do with shared realities, ethics, awareness and consciousness. I showed the list of content of this 207 pages "encyclopedia" of information processing" as IBM called it, and maybe we have a research agenda on now only multi-modal and cross media research, but learning from cognitive sciences to help us overcome the "ego-tunnel" and share glocal - see development of the concept!! commons !

yesterday there was a deadline for this call:
Design and displacement – social studies of science and technology, 4S-EASST Conference 2012, Copenhagen, Denmark, October 17-20 2012
Deadline: March 18, 2012
Increasingly, many areas of social life are no longer characterized by face-to-face interactions, but instead by various forms of face-to-screen interaction: Video-conferences, augmented reality, telemedicine, military drones, and many other forms of ‘screen work’ are only examples.
.... [link]

But I felt we should do the exercises with Angela fist and not just build on the last decades but involve new people with new mindsets The old academic "eminences are gone and it looked very eciting to see what is up today...

The introduction to the exhibition at the opening by Maren Polte was promising. She has studied by some old buddies, so let us see how we can build on integrating and morphing scopes, senses and signs.... super-signs, super-structures and last not least models !
curious ? check: [link]
or maybe this article I will try to translate and polish a.s.a.p.: [link]

Let us grope, grock, fumble, guess, synthesise below at [more] what might be going here. Who is painting: Are thougths painting as we heard in television. Or is the brain or mind painting? and if - on what canvass? Is is virtual - even when printed?
Angela made it Sunday and Monday to Regional Television NDR and National Television ARD. [link]
Have a "look" also below and come to what is written about a new or other "kinds" of "spaces", "intentionality", media/signs, and "pragmatics" below:

Are we traking about imaging and scopic media ? (only) In German we speak about bildgebende Verfahren. So the Processes give/create teh images!? And where are they? In the mind, in imagination, created or co-created? Can the brain "hold" these images? Can it modify, create "extra" reality? and is this reality a model, is it embodied or synthetic? and what does that mean?
I opt we have another spacial "reality" here, a model reality ! as humans are model making ""animals"" !!
At this point I can only invite to check out the "general model therory" and systematic neo-pragmartism by Herbert Stachowiak and the work of Charles Francois and his International Encyclopedia of Systems and Cybernetics, last not least covered in there is the "cognitive panorama/spaces" and concepts/models and what we wrote long ago about "(externally-realted) workspaces of the mind" (Baars/Benking).....
More to come .... about co-creative co-working spaces as they are ""hip"" these days with the youth....

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