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 OYA Festival - work-netting and introducing the OYAnian Horse
picture picture 12 Sep 2012 @ 10:24, by Heiner Benking

To live the new Tomorrow Today !

Overexposed, just returned from the OYA FESTIVAL last weekend here my late report: [first picture selection]

The 3 days OYA Festival was a landmark of integration and community building, futures- and co-creation. See the programme (unfortunately in German) and check the locations in a village full of "OYA!".
We met at places of laughter, movement, story-telling, land-art, philosophical chamber-music, playing, silence, cooking and relish with enjoyment, and last not least networking. I helped a little in this work-netting group which was designed to give voice and invite collective planning and action. A special report will follow a.s.a.p. in the OYA magazine and on open-forum events.

At this point I only to mention that the OYAnian Horse was born, proposing surprise in disguise for futures creation, that we had outstanding worknetting and magic roundtables and magic flying carpets like in the PARADISE FESTIVAL 3 weeks ago, and as a pre-release a new book to be introduced at Frankfurt BookFair was aleady hitting our festival-village. Is is called: The Post-Collapse Society - how we can live with much less much better - and how we can get ready for the transition today ((roughly translated by me)) (Die Post-Kollaps-Gesellschaft - Wie wir mit viel weniger viel besser leben werden – und wie wir uns heute schon darauf vorbereiten können).
I feel me made at the festival an intrasting, lasting step, maybe a first step, but it will be remembered as the 2032 voices were telling us the circle in the final gathering....

Gratifying wsa for me the result of the performances of the "Places". I contributed in the networking performance where we tried to visualize dynamic networking of "peers" on "equal footing". This is also shown in the first responses to our roundtables.
Interesting that the words of Claus Biegert from 1995 and at this festival were nearly identical: spannend & surprisingly intensive. Please check the collection as most of the roundtables were done in English over the years. A very nice response was that participants, even wen into commons, could nato believe that they can apply the methods just like that, without okey, without certifications, ….. but with goodwill and empathy. I recommend this list of publications and background materials as the method developed over time and is even implemented for virtual conferences (Stammtisch 3.0) these days. Maybe see this 5 minutes YouTube clip from the Speakers Corner at the Brandenburg Gate and follow the links.

Well just peek into the pages on OYA and follow our growing Open-Forum events documentation and our PNW projects log! and this roundtable outcomes collection!

More to come a.s.a.p.

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