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 Asia Pacific, SmartCities & Diplomacy, Foundations Week, PlannedCulturePolitics?
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Berlin is like a bees-hive these days. We have the Asia Pacific Week June 4-14 with the title SmartCities, meeting in the Princesses gardens as organized by the asbc (see more below) or the Käte Hamburger Lecture and Modern Diplomacy Handbook! The Foundations Week June 4-14, and lot of very special side-events, like the First Diversity Day, or the foundations presentations like in teh field of environment or capacity building, and besides there is for example the Kulturpolitical Federal Congress 12-14 With the title: Culture Politics as planned? - Kultur nach Plan ? Strategies of concept-based culture politics.
We are talking her about hundreds of Events and „Long Nights“ - it like the Roman Games and Circus as I feel these events had much in common. Exhausting.... but I will try to select some very special highlights, like the ones on Diplomacy or on Urban Farming, but also "Planning" and Cultural Policy - for me a very special and controversial theme - check out the Culture Politics Policy links and how we can cultivate culture and keep the socail and other sectores/dimensions in mind !!

So stay tuned and come back. Meanwhie check the diversity of events in the booklet available on the websites.

BOOK Presentation:
The Oxford Handbook of Modern Diplomacy [link]
Ramesh Thakur presenting in the 5th Käthe Hamburg Lecture: Global governance and the State of Nuclear Weapons. A very important book and a sobering lecture ! Check it out !! Ramesh Thakur-GCR

Gravel Pit - Quarry:
Urban Farming – Smart Cities – intelligent vertical gardens, Infrastucture, …. „my field for decades – will try to add here „smartly“ :)
asbc - German-Asian Community

see also:
Youth and Diversity Day ! And many more themes – stay tuned...

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