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 lost track: between Warsaw - Berlin - VDW Goettingen !! & Hannover JAM !!
picture picture 29 Nov 2013 @ 19:42, by Heiner Benking

Climate Change / Sustainability and Cognitive Overload, SCIENCE RESPONSIBILITY and the SUSTAINABILTY JAM

I could not mingle this year at the COP 19 even when so easy to reach from Berlin, and besides I have never ever made it to Warsaw. I did not attend not because the outcomes were obvious and only few had illusions about the capacity to come to grips with the Climate Challenges. I had my learnings at the , Climate Summit in Berlin 1995 and in my eyes even the COPENVEGAN - Copenhagen Climate Summit activities we did were helpful and brought lasting results not only in the SURVIVAL ACADEMY !

But there were more important place to attend in order to possibly a difference that matters. See entries in this blog the last days, and maybe wonder what happened after the WFSF 40th anniversay this summer ! AND check for example the VDW event today !! SUSTAINABILITY - Responsibility in a limited World

How can we come to grips with the Problematique? I always cite Yehudi Menuhin at this point, as he presented us the Seven Deadly Sins in his forword of the book: Culture of Refusal, Saying No ! It was published in 1999 as KULTUR DER VERWEIGERUNG, Das konstruktive Nein ! - but the translation is still „in progress“... This only to assure you that we do not believe that there is PANACEA, a quick-fix, a unique, universal methods, which helps us to solve the dilemata. (some people react like this when I highlight, introduce the SDP – see interview I did for Europe'sWorlds: 40 years Problematique or a recent contribution like: „Collecting, Connecting,... (PDF) S or check the 21stCentury Agora website:

I believe instead in view of the nightmare of predictable results in Warsaw, it is time to halt, „subsume and resonnate“ as I learned from Ralph G.H. Siu see the PANETICS Speakers Corner!

Some traditions teach that to be able to solve a problem requires to take a certain, typical the personal viewpoint out. So what is the viewpoint of all this Climate Negotiators? Can they consider co-existent positions and perspectives? We tried to outline what I mean here: various models: [link] and WeTurn: [link] and different perspectives or "Eyes": Landscape of Eyes and House of Eyes

Maybe these people consider climate as the Center of the Universe. Climate Change is very central and critical, but maybe we need to see it in perspective and context to be really able to address it. We can not predict weather nor climate, a look into historic records shows us that climate was unstable even when no Humans were around ! And that might the only thing we can say: Tipping Point with feed-back loops in highly complex, dynamic, even dissipative environments can go off like a loose canon. It might get very very cold, when all predictions tell us it will be getting hot and hotter. It all depends where you are, if you think episodic or epochal, wether you consider Ethics and Responsibiltiy with Space and Time Horizon, check Hans Jonas - Principle Responsibility - with Space and Time Horizon !! and Alfred Wegener Foundation at geotechnica 1991 and his hall-mark contribution: Charles Francois and his Encyclopedia of Systems and Cybernetics and the PDF: article (PDF)

SORRY - my mother is in hospital - undergoing another operation - so no updates for some time...

But is this enough to say, forget about all this CO2 discussions? No, we can as Humans mess uo Natural Systems, yes we can !! We dynamics, proportions, and consequences are far beyond out capacities to master. I can only recommend the book „Against the Gods“ - The Remarkable Story of Risk“ There is a lot of hybris and ignorance of how we "master" risks out there and we are shock-frozen in view
UNREALISTIC OPTIMISM, checjk How unrealistic optimism is maintained in the face of reality, ways how we survived extreme short term emergencies, but left aside the bigger picture or long view !
My concern is to make a difference with shared realities... but this needs to be explored elsewhere .. bit if you check the multiple Eyes and Models link her you might get what I have in mind...

Group IV, Futures and Economy , Robust Paths to Global Stability: Tough but Feasible, H. Benking (a), G.W. Brauer (b), T.M. Fliedner(c), C. Greiner (a), P. Malaska(d), K. Morath (e), R. Pestel (f), F.J. Radermacher (a) Group III, Eco-Philosophy / Environmental Ethics, THE OPTICS OF ETHICS - Scales Horizons, Proportions, and Consequences in Perspective, Heiner Benking (a) FUTURES BEYOND POVERTY, Editor and President H. Odera Oruka, Nairobi, July 1995

Union of Concerned Scientists ***

Ge-Engioneering and Fracking … PANETICS ****

So let us talk about leverage points instead of staring a tipping points ****, let us check our footprints, but also our handprints and mindprints !! ***** description

group – clan link Think and description EPE Dye ****

MDGs SDGs description

Common Frames of References 1994 description

So today we are not only confronted with the Warshaw outcomes, but also with VDW outlooks !!

see DAHRENDORF **** above **** check **** close tom SDP !?? Marcus Hedahl !? *****

Transformation ***

Ambassador John McDonald *** Multitrack Diplomacy and Peacemaking

Formal ONTOLOGIES **** description Herre etc...

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